Like you, I love FOOT FETISH, and I've dedicated this site to you
and the hundreds of Pretty Girls on this site and they're beautiful feet!! - Rodney

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Alice Hodges

Get to Work

Hot hairy girl Alice is busy at work taking orders over the phone, but that doesn't mean she can't have her feet worshiped. She calls in Rodney and motions him to start sucking on her toes, then proceeds to ignore him. Suddenly, she's naked and he continues to kiss and lick her sexy feet.


Scarlet LaVey

No Business like Toe Business

Sizzling brunette Scarlet LaVey is a busy business woman. She is used to squeezing in time for herself to relax. She has her weekly foot masseuse, Rodney, who comes around and takes extra special care of this high powered hottie. Rodney knows just what she likes and when she demands he start using his tongue to massage those executive toes he gets to work right away. He licks and sucks those special feet and sweet toes and doesn't miss a thing. He knows he has to do an excellent job or he doesn't get his reward. Scarlet lets him have his reward and he whips out his huge cock stat. He has been waiting to slip his cock between those tantalizing arches. He can't believe he gets to rub his cock all over those hot feet. While getting his footjob reward, he wants to cum, and has to ask sultry Scarlet's permission. Will she ruin his orgasm like a classic dom or will she give in to her dutiful slaves request?


Tegan Mohr

Worship or I Walk

Tegan Mohr is Rodney's "French Maid" but her feet are sore from standing and dusting all day. Just asks Rodney for a foot massage but he says no. When she threatens to quit, Rodney relents and agrees to massage her cute sexy feet. But feeling the power, she now demands that he worship her feet with his mouth. She enjoys his tongue between her toes.


Dana Dearmond

Cocky Foot Massage

Dana Dearmond is laying naked on the couch when she has the urge to give Rodney's cock a massage. Not with her hands but with her pretty little feet. Rodney likes how it feels but Dana likes it more. Dana is doing such a good job that soon her feet are being rewarded with foot worship. She has her feet tongue bathed before she returns to giving her amazing foot cock massage.


Lynn Pleasant

Help Choose Shoes

Lynn Pleasant can't wait for your date tonight but before she can get ready she needs your help. Look at her sexy little feet in two different pairs of shoes and help her decide which ones to wear for her date with you.


Lux Adara

Last Chance

Lux Adara is growing tired of her foot slave Rodney's lateness. When Rodney finally arrives Lux lets him know that this is his last chance to do the best foot licking, toe sucking foot worship he's ever done or he's through.


Foot In Her Mouth

I love wearing big slutty heals! Everyone who does deserves to have their feet worshipped! I'm licking my toes and filling my mouth with them but know it would be better if you were doing it! Rodney even joins me to lick, suck and worship these gorgeous feet I have!


Never Have I Ever

Hi, I'm Siri and I have never had my feet worshiped before. I'm so not bullshiting you and what gets me more excited then I already am is that I hear Rodney is really good at it. That was pretty awesome and I'm glad I got to share the experience with you!


Feet First

Hi, my name is Riley and I've never had my feet worshiped. I'm super ticklish so join me on this journey and we will see how this goes.


Foot Release

Angelica loves having her feet worshiped but would rather have you start immediately instead of taking her time talking about it. Fill your mouth with her cute little toes; slide your cock between her soft feet, getting you closer to release.


2 Girls 1 Footslave

Charley and CeCe are hanging out and discussing all of the wonderful things about foot worship. Feeling a tongue sliding in between each and every toe, light nibbling and being rubbed until the stress melts away are just a few of their favorites. Watch as these two beauties play footsies before putting Rodney to work as their foot slave.


I Want More

Come here you dirty boy! I want to think you are looking at my pussy but we both know that you are gazing at my sexy sweet little toes. Do you want to lick each and every toe? Slide your tongue up my leg to hear me squeal with delight. If you want to stay for just a bit longer then put my whole foot in your mouth. Be a good boy and get on your knees and suck; if you don't I'll kick you out and call you a bitch!


Nothing Compares

Have you ever worshipped a woman's feet before? Nothing compares to the feeling. I have my foot-slave attend to me feet at least three times a day. It's so sensual and warm as his tongue slowly slides in between my toes and his mouth gently wraps around my foot. Practice makes perfect and the tickle I sometimes get sends a wave of erotic chills through my body.


The Fixer

Tiffany is on the verge of a huge real estate deal when she finds out one of her employees might have ruined everything. Stress relief is hard in high stakes situations but that is exactly why she keeps her foot-slave Rodney around. While Tiffany is trying to fix the deal Rodney sucks her toes, licks her feet and worships away the stress.


Virgin No Longer

Mia is about to lose her virginity. Today is her first time having her feet worshiped and while she is quite she enjoys it. While Rodney sucks, licks and kisses her cute little feet she gets a call from her friend telling her Rodney only gets to enjoy 5 minutes with Mia's feet. Sadly Mia has to stop Rodney but she agrees to have him back in the future because he did a great job of pleasuring her.


Real Estate & Feet

Camilla is a real estate agent who has had a long day and is trying to finalize a huge deal. Nothing would sooth her tired and sore feet better than attention from her foot-slave. He sucks and licks the stress out of Camilla's feet. In the end her deal is made and her feet are happy.


Eyes Shut

Zayda has just returned from a game expecting to have her foot-slave at her disposal to have her feet licked and sucked clean. Rodney shows up but because he is late Zayda starts considering other options. She talks to her friend and finds out that her friends foot-slave has a cousin. To entice the cousin Zayda makes Rodney close his eyes as she takes some revealing pictures. In the end Rodney is dismissed and left wondering if he has a job.


Its That Time

She's only 4'10, but 6'2 Rodney is still her foot slave. But no matter how hard he tries to please her, she's still less than thrilled with his efforts. She looks totally disinterested as he works to kiss, lick, suck and worship her tiny feet. Finally, she can't take the boredom and dismisses him. Poor guy, and she's so cute.

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