These scenes below were all shot in 1992 on a bulky VHS camera. Amateur adult videos were very popular, and I used the camera I had gotten for writing and producing a radio jingle for a video store to film my first amateur porn videos.

The quality of these scenes is not great, and the intros are much longer than modern adult movies, but this was the style that was popular back then, the more amateur looking the better. Many of these scenes start with interviews, and many of these girls had never done an adult movie before. You can tell they were nervous, and being brand new to the business, so was I!

I found several boxes full of old VHS copies of his early shoots and will be digitizing and adding more of these early classic gems frequently. Again, bear in mind that these scenes are very amateurish, but that adds to their charm, and it was what was popular back then in my first year in the porn biz. I have resisted the urge to edit these scenes, so they may be seen exactly as they were seen back then! - Rodney Moore

Vintage VHS Trailers

Misty Lyn, Quinten & Rodney

Greta Carlson & Rodney

Vintage VHS Scenes