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Here's the Latest Rodney Moore
Scale Bustin Babes Updates

Sierra Sky & Rodney     "Club Rules"

Added March 21  

Sierra is sunbathing at a club, relaxing and drinking some wine. Rodney, the waiter, tells her that the club becomes private after 5, but she can stay if she abides by the rules. The first rule is that she has to be topless. The second rule is that she has to be bottomless. The third rule is that Rodney has to be bottomless too. Now he tells her that after 7 the club becomes a Masturbation Club. He demonstrates by stroking his own thick cock. She starts fingering herself and soon the waiter is offering her a free fat cock in her mouth. She sucks his monster meat until he's hard and wet, then takes him deep in her tight plump pussy. He fucks her hard and long then gives her a creamy, Rodney Blast on her face and tits.

Angel DeLuca & Rodney     "Helpful Chubby Exec"

Added March 14  

Angel DeLuca is a business exec who is in need of a foot massage. Lucky for her Rodney comes highly recommended and is put to work immediately. Seeing how sexy Angel is, Rodney can't keep his big cock in his pants. True to form Rodney has Angel help him get off quickly by revealing her huge tits and grabbing his meaty balls. Things move from Angel's desk to the couch where she gives Rodney a sloppy blowjob and begins to get completely naked. Soon Angel is getting her fat pink pussy fucked as her natural big boobs bounce. Angel's help comes to an end when she takes a creamy Rodney Blast to the face..

Genevieve LaFleur & Rodney     "Big Bang Boudoir Video"

Added March, 07   TRAILER

Sexy BBW Genevieve LaFleur stops by Rodney's studio to have him film a erotic boudoir video for her fiance. She let's him know up front that she only wants an erotic video of her masturbating, not a "porn" video. Rodney assures Genevieve that she'll love the video and then grabs his camera so they can start. He has her sit on the couch and slowly start to strip. Then she leans back and begins squeezing her full breasts before closing her eyes and fingering with her plump, wet pussy. All this erotic action has got Rodney really worked-up and he can't help himself so, he pulls out his big dick and he starts to stroke it while rubbing it up against her swollen pussy. Genevieve is shocked and pushes him away as, Rodney starts to apologize and explain that he just can't help himself. He tells her that, she is just so pretty and that she should think about doing an "erotic porn" video if she really wants to give her fiance something special. His little pep talk work and before you know it, Genevieve is happily chowing down on Rodney's fat cock. He gives her a good face fucking before sliding into her pussy from behind for some heavy humping. Then he pulls out and gives her a hot blast of boudoir goo all over her pretty face.

Ruby Port & Rodney     "Any Port in a Storm"

Added February 28  

Rodney is desperate for a rubenesque corset model, and finds Ruby Port on the street. He talks her into posing, but when he sees the size of her big boobs and bouncy booty, he can't resist stroking his big fat cock. Ruby gets excited as well, and before you know it, she's sucking his thick dick and taking it deep inside her plump wet pussy. Then Rodney rewards her with a hot, creamy load of goo all over her pretty mouth.

Izetta & Rodney     "A Big Gift for Goo"

Added February 21   TRAILER

Rodney gets a call from his twin brother Randall, who happens to be depressed because he's lonely. So, he decides to send him a big gift. Turns out Rodney's BBW secretary Izetta, used to be a stripper so, he asks her if she would mind going over and stripping for him to cheer him up, and that he would give her a big bonus if she does. She heads over and does a sexy strip tease for Randall and it cheers him up but, when she leaves he's still depressed. Izetta gets back to the office and Rodney tells her that he spoke to his brother and the strip tease made him feel a little better but, he's still in a deep funk. Rodney asks Izetta if she can go back over and maybe give him a hug to see if that'll snap him out of it. Well, it turns out a little hugging & kissing is all Randall needed because before you know it, his pants are down and his big cock is deep in her mouth. Then he gets her on all fours and starts pounding away at her plump wet pussy. He pulls out and shoves back in mouth to give her a fierce face fucking before unloading a heavy load of hot cum all over her pretty face.

Zoey Savage & Violet & Rodney     "Fluffer, Stuff Her, Nutt Her"

Added February 14   TRAILER

BBW Zoey Savage hasn't sucked dick for 6 months! So, she's cum to Rodney to get her mouth stuffed! But before he lets her chow down on his big prick, he makes her rim his ass. Then, he calls out makeup girl Violet to fluff him. Zoey is so desperate to taste his meat that she can't help but start pinching her huge nipples and lick her lips while Violet swallows his large member balls deep. At last, he lets the jealous slut Zoey worship his huge shaft, and then the freaky girls team up to suck his cock and lick his ass at the same time. Now, Rodney's ready to bang Zoey's fat pussy from behind. Her huge ass cheeks ripple with each pump. Then, he makes her suck, fuck and lick him until he shoots his load all over her chubby cheeks.

Beverly Paige & Rodney     "Boobs Too Big"

Added February 07  

Beverly can't get a job as a bikini model because no one makes a bra big enough for her stupendous appendages, which are 100% natural. But Rodney claims he has one to fit her and can give her work. But Rodney has his own problem. Anytime he sees a pair of jugs bigger than GG (her's are HH), he can't help jerking off on the spot. She thinks he's a jerk for whipping it out, but soon she's happy to provide a nice warm home for his big fat cock between her huge boobs, her soft mouth and her tight wet pussy.

Joslyn Underwood & Rodney     "Rubenesque Submission"

Added January 31  

Joslyn Underwood is a sexy Rubenesque babe who's come to Rodney's studio for help. She discovered BDSM photos on her husband's computer and she wants to learn how to be a good submissive so she can please her husband. Of course, she explains to Rodney that she doesn't want sexual contact because she's very faithful. Rodney agrees to give her lessons. Right off the bat she misbehaves and Rodney has to punish her by spanking her plump chubby ass and her huge tits. Rodney convinces Joslyn that to be a truly good sub, she should suck his cock and she complies. She sucks his cock and sticks her tongue up his ass. Before long, she's begging Rodney to fuck her, and he complies. In the end he leaves her with a massive Rodney Blast to the face which she happily accepts like the good little submissive slut that she is.

Voluptuous Maddy & Rodney     "Maddy's Secret Lover"

Added January 24  

Maddy comes out of the shower only to find that her Secret Lover, Rodney, is waiting for her. Her husband could be home at any moment, but she agrees that there's time for some fun. She puts on her collar and leash and he leads her to his cock. She sucks it until it's hard, wet and ready for her pussy. He gives the big girl a big, strong fuck followed by a wet, sticky facial.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Step Dad's Home Gym Goo"

Added January 17   TRAILER

When sexy BBW Amy Villainous cums over to Step Dad Rodney's to work out at his home gym, she gets some bad news. Her boyfriend cheated on her! So, she's going to get revenge by sucking and fucking the first guy she sees. Lucky Rodney happens to be exercising at the same time, so she immediately pulls down his shorts and starts blowing him on the pull up bar! Then, she bends over the weight bench and lets him fuck her tight, wet pussy from behind. Her huge ass shake as he spanks and pounds her with his big dick. Next, he punishes his misbehaving Step Daughter by giving her a spanking. Her gigantic knockers ripple and she whimpers with each lash. Finally, he rewards his slutty princess by straddling her chubby belly and shooting a monster load of goo onto her tongue and tits.

Nina Rosales & Rodney     "Chunky Trophy Model"

Added January 10  

Pretty plumper Nina Rosales shows up to give out a Badminton trophy but Rodney tells her that she's a day early. Too bad, because she already took the day off from the stripper pole to be here. Rodney wants to compensate her for coming out anyway, especially when he sees her great big ass, so he takes out his cock and lets her suck on it for a while. Then he turns her around, spreads her cheeks, and fucks her wet pussy. He bangs her hard, then rewards her with a hot, Rodney Blast all over her round face.

Karla Lane & Rodney     "Big & Juicy Boudoir Booty"

Added January 03   TRAILER

Sexy and bubbly BBW starlet Karla Lane cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her husband on their one year wedding anniversary. She slips into a revealing blue negligee that shows off her curvy assets. He's a butt guy, so she is sure to shake her bountiful rump for Rodney has he records. When she starts playing with her dirty panties, Rodney can't help but start rubbing on his growing cock. She begs to get fucked, and he can't resist. He whips out his cock and rubs it against her fat pussy from behind, but she gets upset. It's not his fault she was so convincing! After a couple more "slip ups," Karla gives in and let's Rodney "slip in." He pounds her fat twat from behind before she sucks and deep throats his huge cock, even licking his balls at the same time! She gets super messy and drool leaks all over her humongous jugs. Her ass shakes as he fucks her sweet face, only stopping to penetrate her sopping wet pussy. Finally, Karla eats Rodney's asshole a for a few rounds before she sucking and swallowing every drop of his gigantic load.

Izetta & Rodney     "Don't Goo To Sleep"

Added December 27   TRAILER

Plump and pretty Izetta cums to Dr. Rodney because she has a big problem. Her boyfriend is going to break up with her if she doesn't stop dozing off during sex! So, Rodney prescribes her a new medicine designed to help her. And he's such a good doctor, that he's going to make sure it works by fucking her on his office couch. She strokes and sucks his huge member until he's hard, then he slides it into her thick, shaved pussy. Rodney bangs her warm and wet box until he's balls deep. He squeezes her fat rolls and her humongous boobs jiggle as he pounds away. Rodney concludes their doctor's appointment by administering a huge dose of goo to Izetta's beautiful face.

Ayla & Rodney     "What an Hour!"

Added December 20  

Ayla is a Scale Bustin Babe who needs a good workout. And that's exactly what Rodney gives her. She sucks his thick cock and he titty-fucks her. He then turns her around, spanks her fat ass and buries his tongue up in her. After he finds his way out, he decides to go back in with his big cock. There's a wet pussy in there somewhere and he bangs away at it nice and hard until it's time to shoot his Rodney Blast all over her plump tits and face.

Aleah Paris & Rodney     "Goo Grades - Bad Grades"

Added December 13   TRAILER

Gorgeous BBW Aleah Paris failed a college exam, and it's up to step daddy Rodney to teach her a lesson. He puts his big butted babe over his lap and starts spanking her fat ass. Her juicy cheeks turn red when he begins to use the whip and flogger. When Rodney thinks she's had enough punishment, Aleah drops to her knees and starts sucking his big dick-just like she did for her previous step dad when she got in trouble! Rodney can't resist her chubby cheeks and slides his fat cock inside her mouth. Her humongous boobs bounce up and down as he fucks her face. He squeezes them, and Aleah plays with his balls until he shoots a monster load all over her lips and face.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Busty, Bound and Banged"

Added December 06   TRAILER

Without a word, busty and bound BBW Amy Villainous serves Rodney a drink, and then waits in the corner. Soon, she's tickling his balls with a feather duster that's attached to her mouth in some wild BDSM contraption! Rodney hardly pays his slave girl any attention as she services his huge cock. Instead, he watches porn on his phone! She continues to bathe his nuts with her soft tongue before showing off her humongous titties! Then, Rodney eats her asshole and slide his monster dick into her fat pussy. She pounds her thick ass cheeks back into him doggystyle, and even gives him a foot job. He spanks and fucks Amy to ecstasy until he finally straddles her bonkers big knockers and unloads a gallon of goo onto them.

Doty & Rodney     "Slutty Fat Bitch"

Added November 29  

Doty answers an Ad for doing Blowjob videos for Rodney. When she shows up, he sees that she's actually quite a chunky girl. She tells him that her boyfriends call her a Slutty Fat Bitch. Rodney asks her if Fat girls can give good head. She says yes and then shows him with a nasty, drooly blowjob. He gives her a healthy Rodney Blast to the face.

Kimber Dean & Rodney     "Big Promotion"

Added November 22  

Kimber is cleaning the Stripper Pole after a crazy night at Rodney's club. While Rodney tells her about how one of his biggest earners quit, he realizes that Kimber is just her size. When he tries to promote her from Janitor to Dancer, she tells him she's shy. Unconvinced, he has her try on one of the outfits. Soon he's giving her some personal training with both the Stripper Pole and his own hard Pole. Then, stuffing his fat cock between those wide ass cheeks, he fucks her on the stage. Her big tits jiggle as he bangs her, so he has to bang those too. He fucks her hefty rack and then gives her a dripping Monster Facial.

Alexa Grey & Rodney     "Fluffy Balls Shell Game"

Added November 15   TRAILER

Redheaded BBW Alexa Grey is about to play a kinky game with Rodney. According to what ball she draws, she must perform a different sexual act. They start out with some sensual kissing on the lips, but next she gives him a big ol' kiss on his asshole. Don't forget to use tongue! Then, she must worship his balls and feet. She strips along the way, revealing her incredibly curvaceous breasts, tummy and butt. After some spanking and nipple licking, it's time for Alexa's favorite activity…sucking cock! She moans as she wraps her lips around his stiff prick until she chokes. Her expert oral skills eventually send Rodney over the edge, and he shoots his humongous load all over the desk. The sexy, big girl licks it all up.

Olivia     "Hot Property"

Added November 08  

Olivia is a buxom BBW real estate agent with a hot piece of property to show you. It's her first sale so she really needs you to buy it…and she's willing to do anything to convince you. Lucky for you, it's a hot day out and you're already out by the pool so, why not relax and let her do a sexy strip show for you. Watch in amazement as she fondles her swollen breasts and perky nipples. And then be prepared to squirt on the dotted line as she fingers her plump pussy into a thunderous orgasm.

Izetta & Rodney     "How To Get Ahead In Modeling"

Added November 01   TRAILER

Pretty brunette Izetta cums to Rodney to try out for a BBW lingerie modeling gig. She looks sexy and curvy in her photos, but she wants to do whatever it takes to get "a head" in the competition. So she strips naked and starts sucking on photographer Rodney’s thick prick. She squeezes his balls just right as he manhandles her massive mammaries. He fucks her chubby belly button and sucks on her huge jugs. Then, he slides his big cock into her fat pussy and pounds her hard. He spanks her boobies as he smacks his balls against her chunky box. Her belly rolls and breasts wiggle around uncontrollably as he lays his seed. Finally, he shoots his gushy load of cum all over her stomach.

Becki Butterfly & Rodney     "I Would Like To Suck Your Cock"

Added October 25   TRAILER

BBW Becki Butterfly wants to suck your dick! First she removes her bra and frees her humongous, bouncing breasts. Already on her knees, she slobbers on your huge dick, only cumming up for air when absolutely necessary. She licks his heavy balls while jerking his meat with her chubby hands. Then, she gets completely naked so he can fuck her jiggling belly button before plowing her fat pussy from behind. Her gigantic ass wiggles as he slides in balls deep. He pounds her doggy style and spanks her big butt. He fucks her beautiful face and shoots a monster load of jizz all over her lips and eyelids!

Bowie Monroe & Rodney     "On The Job Discipline"

Added October 18   TRAILER

Cute and curvy redhead Bowie Monroe screwed the pooch at work, and it's time for boss Rodney to punish her! She begs for him not to fire her, so he settles for just disciplining her with his stern hand. He bends her over his lap and spanks her juicy ass cheeks until they are red. Then, he smacks her some more against a wall using a heavy flogger. Now, it's time for her to reward Rodney for his good deed--letting her keep her job. So she drops to her knees--cheats on her husband--and gives Rodney a super messy blow job. She drools and spits bubbles all over his enormous cock. He fucks her mouth good and hard until he shoots his goo all over her pretty face.

April Flores     "Demons and Dildos"

Added October 11  

April Flores is a chunky Dom with a need to exorcise some personal demons. These demons take the form of bound-up Slave Girls. She whips their big asses and smacks their perky nipples. Then she makes them suck her big blue dildo. When it's soaked with their drool, she slides it in and out of her plump, wet pussy, making her slaves watch her as she masturbates herself to a hot, sticky orgasm.

Jules Casper & Rodney     "Cock Hungry Chubby"

Added October 04  

Jules Casper is a shy BBW who has never done an adult film before. After being asked questions by Rodney it is clear that Jules is a chubby who loves nasty sex and having a big cock pumping in and out of her mouth. Rodney gets Jules naked, exposing her huge tits before filling her mouth with his fat cock. Jules first scene ends with her drinking down a creamy Rodney Blast!

Klaudia Kelly & Rodney     "Just A Little More"

Added September 27  

Klaudia Kelly and Rodney are late for a swingers party and he isn't happy. When they realize they won't make it in time Rodney wants to fuck Klaudia but she says no. Realizing that her BBW pussy is horny and really needs attention she just lets Rodney lick it. But that feels so good that she lets him do just a little more. Soon he's fucking her and making her huge tits shake. Getting fucked isn't enough for this horny chubby and she drops to her knees to suck Rodney's fat cock. Klaudia gets a creamy Rodney Blast all over her tight pussy which she then swallows from a spoon.

Felicia Clover & Rodney     "Legalize Sex Workers"

Added September 20  

Felicia Clover is a gorgeous chubby girl who is working to get people to sign a petition to legalize prostitution. She runs into Rodney who is so supportive that he invites her back to his place to write her a donation. He tells her he's in the adult industry and she instantly becomes fascinated. When she learns how big Rodney's cock is things start to heat up. What starts out as touching a cock leads to Felicia putting Rodney's thick cock in her mouth and then having her wet pussy fucked. She has huge breasts that bounce as she gets fucked. A Rodney Blast to the face completes Rodney's donation!

Alexa Grey & Rodney     "Too Late, I Gotta Masturbate"

Added September 13   TRAILER

Rodney cums to Dr. Alexa Grey to treat his masturbation compulsion. But when one of his uncontrollable fits happens, he convinces her to help him jerk off. He sucks on her humongous boobs while she strokes his engorged cock. She drops to her knees and blows his giant schlong. He fucks her fat pussy from behind while spanking her bodacious booty. Then, Alexa gets down and dirty by eating out Rodney's man hole. He returns the favor before pounding her doggy style and giving her a huge creampie. His jizz drips out of her chubby box as she shuffles him out for her next appointment!

Bunny De La Cruz & Rodney     "I'm Fucking Bunny De La Cruz"

Added September 06   TRAILER

Rodney spots BBW superstar Bunny De La Cruz relaxing by the pool, and you can't help but say, "Hi!" He convinces her to cum up to his room for a quick autograph, and before he knows it, she lying out on his bed in her bikini. She flashes him her humongous jugs, and he can't help but whip out his dick and jerk it. He even convinces her to stroke it for him while he handles one of her huge tits. What starts out as a sweet little kiss on the tip of his shaft turns into full blown licking, sucking and fucking. Her bodacious booty wiggles back and forth as he bangs and spanks her from behind. And her gigantic breast bounce up and down as she smothers his face with her asshole before he shoots his gallon of goo all over her chubby cheeks.

Christy Acklie & Rodney     "Christy's Rack"

Added August 30  

Christy comes up to Rodney's room to help him with the refrigerator he requested and he is immediately taken aback by her massive rack. She measures 32 Double I, which Rodney's never even heard of! Unable to help himself, he starts to jerk off. At this hotel, they pride themselves on seeing to the customer's needs, so when Rodney asks to see those naked tits while he jerks off, she obliges. Soon, Christy is on her knees with Rodney's Rod in her mouth. She sucks him deep and even takes his cock between her tits. Finally, he unloads a huge Rodney Blast all over those beautiful boobs.

Jessica Lust & Rodney     "Flight Delay Lay"

Added August 23   TRAILER

BBW Superstar--who you saw here in hardcore action first!--Jessica Lust's flight is delayed for two hours--the perfect amount of time for the horny girl to titillate sleeping stranger Rodney. She sucks his huge cock until he wakes up, then discretely mounts his big dick while still half-clothed. He bangs her fat pussy and smacks her humongous ass. He digs his nails into her enormous butt cheeks, while the bespectacled beauty moans and begs for more. Their public fuck gets super kinky when she sticks her tongue up Rodney's asshole and jerks him off at the same time. Finally, Jessica worships his giant dong and man cave until he shoots a super sized load of semen all over her cheeks and glasses.

Sky Jones & Rodney     "Faithful Slut"

Added August 16  

Sky's boyfriend has gone out of town and he's worried she'll cheat on him while he's away. But she assures him over the phone that she would never be unfaithful. So why is she chowing down on Rodney's fat cock as she says this. "That's just me sucking on a popsicle," she assures him as she slobbers all over Rodney's swollen rod. Finally he tosses the phone away and she gets down to some serious ball licking and cock sucking, culminating in a face full of sticky, hot cum.

Angel DeLuca & Rodney     "Face Sittin Stress Relief"

Added August 09   TRAILER

SBB bombshell Angel DeLuca can't wait to relieve some stress by sitting on her slave Rodney's face. She plants her plump pussy right down on his nose and rubs her wet juices all over his nose and mouth. She smothers submissive Rodney while he gasps for breath. He desperately licks her ass hole while she shakes her cheeks. Turns out Angel's stud--another guy--can't cum fuck her tonight. So lucky Rodney gets to pound the big boobed babe! Beautiful Angel sucks his huge dick and commands him to plow her fat twat. He pleases his Mistress so well she lets him shoot his huge load all over her hungry mouth!

Britney Wetts & Rodney     "Engagement Gift"

Added August 02  

Britney just got engaged and has come to Rodney's studio to make a sexy boudoir video for her new fiance. But her idea of sexy and Rodney's are a little different. She wants to stay covered, and Rodney thinks she show her boobs. Of course, he convinces her that his way is the right way. He also convinces her that his swollen cock should be in her mouth. And sure enough, she ends up on her knees slobbering and gagging on his thick prick before, swallowing a creamy Rodney Blast.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Scooby Booby Goo"

Added July 26   TRAILER

While Rodney is jerking off on the couch, he accidentally summons a voluptuous ghost! So who's he gonna call? Big boobed ghost detective Amy Villainous! She starts sucking on his huge dick, in hopes that the sexy spirit will reemerge. When that doesn't work, Rodney fucks her tight pussy with his big cock. Her librarian glasses slip to the tip of her nose while he pounds her hard doggy style. Her incredible ass cheeks jiggle with each thrust. Then, the freckled fatty sucks his long shaft and tongues his balls. And the only moaning they hear is Amy's while Rodney pinches and plays with her large nipples. Then, Amy rubs her gigantic knockers all over Rodney's swollen shaft and sucks some more. In one last attempt to contact the sultry specter, Rodney shoots his humongous load of man milk all over her glasses and tongue.

Mischievous Kitty & Miss Ling Ling & Rodney     "Big Titty Gym Goo"

Added July 19   TRAILER

BBW porn sensations Mischievous Kitty and Miss Ling Ling are working out at the hotel gym, when Rodney cums in to lift some weights. But he can't find the perfect barbell to pump! So, he asks Miss Ling Ling if he can try hers. Not the little pink ones in her hand, but the humongous breasts tucked beneath her athletic top. Then, Kitty helps Miss Ling Ling take a turn on Rodney's kinky cock workout, feeding her his swollen shaft with her manicured hands. The big girls take turns bouncing up and down on the exercise ball, making their gigantic knockers jump up and down too. Rodney even crawls up on the leg lift machine so the girls can suck him off and eat his ass at the same time! After side-by-side blowjobs, Rodney blasts buxom babe Kitty with a huge load of man spunk that she snowballs to Miss Ling Ling.

Alexa Grey & Rodney     "Blowjobs For Every Occasion"

Added July 12   TRAILER

If BBW Alexa Grey thinks that blowjobs should be reserved for special occasions, then why is she sucking off the dishwasher repairman? The submissive slut lets him put a collar and leash on her while he fucks her chubby cheeks! Then, the kinky girl bends over while Rodney spanks her with a flogger and digs his nails into her thick butt cheeks. Next, with her mouth stuffed with a ball gag, Rodney flogs her voluptuous breasts and pinches her nipples. Literally starving for sex, Alexa does the dirtiest of deeds, and licks Rodney's asshole from behind. Finally, she rides the monkey rocker sex machine, which pounds her pink pussy with a dildo each time she rocks back and forth. Then she fingers her clit until Rodney shoots a huge load all over her red lips.

Kacey Parker & Rodney     "Mop Topless"

Added July 05  

Curvaceous Kacey Parker comes to Rodney's place to mop up with her jugs hanging out. She's got massive 38 H natural tits and Rodney obviously wants to play with himself while she cleans. She lets him kiss the side of her boobs and spank her ass but Rodney needs more or he's going to explode in his pants. She gets on her knees and sucking and throating Rodney's Rod. Then he fucks her on his table and takes her for a ride in the Joy Rider. Soon, Kacey is back on her knees, taking his swollen cock from behind until it's time for Rodney to blow his gooey load all over her chunky face.

Samantha Bee & Rodney     "If You Flaunt It, I'll Have to Flog It"

Added June 28  

Samantha Bee has been sent to Rodney's Obedience School by her boss. Seems she's wearing her dresses too short and much too tight, showing off her very voluptuous body. She's also been caught smoking. Rodney spanks her big round ass, then makes her suck on a cigar, then of course, on his cigar. But he's not done, not with a fine big butt like that. Not only must he fuck her, but his big cock must be inside that round rump. In and out it goes, until he's finally ready to unloadsome hot cream all over her glasses.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Can I Look at Your Boobs?"

Added June 21   TRAILER

When Rodney's model for the day flakes, he's still horned up and looking for some relief for his blue balls. So, the thick and sexy makeup artist he's hired for the shoot catches his eye. BBW Amy Villainous has a pair of humongous breasts he'd love to jerk off to. Before he knows it, she's on her knees polishing his cock and licking his balls. Rodney buries his face, then his huge dick, in between her enormous boobies. Each one is even bigger than the size of his head! Then, Amy submits to Rodney for a good face fucking while he twists and pinches her big, pink nipples. He spanks her massive mammaries before he shoots his monster load all over her panting mouth.

Asstyn Martyn & Rodney     "Sit On My Face"

Added June 14   TRAILER

Big and sexy girl Asstyn Martyn accidentally stumbles onto Rodney's porn set, and he convinces her to be in one of his adult videos. Her humongous ass is just perfect for a face-sitting video. In fact, every inch of her is curvy and voluptuous, and he can't wait to be smothered by her intoxicating rolls. So, he crawls under her and sticks his tongue up her juicy butthole. Along the way, he grabs her gigantic breasts and sucks on them too. Next, Assstyn takes a turn gobbling up Rodney’s long, fat dick while he spanks her jiggling boobs. At last, he dives into her fat pussy with his hard cock and fucks her fat pussy while her ass shakes up and down. After doling out a little corporal punishment, Rodney rewards his BBW with a healthy dose of jizz that she licks off her nipples.

Tiffany Blake & Rodney     "Sharing is Good!"

Added June 07   TRAILER

Rodney has checked into the executive suite, which includes a outdoor deck. He doesn't realize he has to share the deck with another guest. But that's okay, when the guest is Tiffany Blake, voluptuous blonde supermodel with big naturals. What a big beautiful body. She lets him play with her big tits, then they go back to his room for some major fucking and sucking, and enough Rodney Blast to cover her mouth and both big boobs.

Lilly Ann Marie & Rodney     "Plus Sized Porn Ho"

Added May 31   TRAILER

When her husband gets laid off, blonde BBW Lilly Ann Marie lands a plus sized modeling job at Rodney's studio to earn some extra cash. He gives her a mask to wear while trying on some super revealing lingerie, and she is shocked when she realizes he is jerking off while taking the photos! But when she takes his huge cock in her hand, she can't wait to get it in her mouth. She makes out with the head while he squeezes her nipples, making her squeal with delight. She licks his balls and eats his ass--both a first for her! Rodney even fucks her pink, fat pussy before he straddles her breasts and shoots a huge load of man jizz all over her pretty mouth.

Kamille Amora & Rodney     "Win Some, Goo Some"

Added May 25   TRAILER

BBW bombshell Kamille Amora just lost a bet with Rodney, so now she's got to do everything he tells her to! He starts by asking her to remove her top and expose her humongous breasts. He drops to his knees and starts sucking her large, pink nipples and burying his face between her heavy jugs. But soon, she's the one on her knees and sucking Rodney's huge dick. Next, he bends her over and pounds her in the pussy from behind. Her humongous tits flop back and forth as he rams her with his big cock. He then slides his tongue into her butt crack and eats her juicy ass out. Rodney can't help but bang the big booty babe out some more until he shoots a messy creampie up inside her tight, pink pussy. Finally, he coats the pretty redhead's cheeks and nose with his jizz.

Classic Scene    Chloe Clover    "Nice Soft Tits"

Added May 24   Original Shoot Date   October 05, 2010  

Chloe is at Rodney's to have 10 topless photos taken. Once she takes off her shirt, Rodney is turned on by her cute tits and asks if he can take 10 more photos if he gives her a bonus. Chloe agrees and asks what the photos are for only to find out he jerks off to them. One thing leads to another and soon Chloe has Rodney's fat cock deep in her throat. Rodney gives her mouth a good fucking before finishing the photo shoot and giving her a face full of hot goo as a bonus.

Marilyn Mayson & Rodney     "My Daughter the Porn Star"

Added May 17   TRAILER

Stepfather Rodney found out that his curvy stepdaughter Marilyn Mayson is a BBW Porn Star! He threatens to tell her mother, but sexy Marilyn seduces him into keeping her not-so-little secret. By giving him what mommy won't: a blowjob! Mesmerized by her humongous breasts, Rodney decides he can keep his mouth shut…or stuffed, rather, with her gigantic nipples. He buries his face between her enormous jugs and starts jerking his big dick. Then, Marilyn drops to her knees and starts sucking on his huge shaft before making her way to lick his balls. Rodney gives her some oral attention in her belly button, making it tickle. Then, he fucks her stomach with his hard cock. He just cannot get enough of her soft and cuddly body! Marilyn rubs her outrageously large titties all over his cock and balls. At last, Rodney straddles her chests and shoots his incredible load of man milk between her larger than life titties and straight into her gorgeous mouth.

Sweetiee Mitchell & Rodney     "Sweetiee Loves Cock"

Added May 10  

Sweetiee comes to Rodney's to do some Fetish Modeling. She loves to pose and she loves to be spanked. But when she catches Rodney jerking off to her, it turns our she loves cock too. Boyfriend or not, Sweetiee sucks his thick Rod before shoving it between her big, bouncy boobs. Then she takes him deep inside her warm pussy, and even up her tight ass, before finally taking his creamy goo all over her face.

Alexa Grey & Rodney     "Erection Injection"

Added May 03   TRAILER

Rodney's ready for his big date tonight, but he's run out of boner pills. So he goes to the doctor's office, where pretty redhead BBW Alexa Grey tells him the only option he has is an erection injection into his dick! Rodney's too scared of needles, so he decides to try the old fashioned way. He whips out his cock, gets a good look at Alexa's gorgeous breasts, and encourages her to give him some physical attention. He jerks his big rod against her hard nipples, and then slides her panties down so he can fuck her. He slobbers all over her huge boobies before Alexa takes a turn sucking on his humongous meat stick. He sits on her face, and then pounds her hard from behind. Next, kinky Alexa puts on an eye mask, and dives tongue first into Rodney's man cave. After a nice rimming, Rodney shoves his engorged dick into each and every curvy crevice, including her bulging belly button. At last, Rodney cream pies Alexa's fat, sticky pussy and rubs the creamy jizz onto her forehead.

Classic Scene    Nicole with Rodney    "Curious & Kinky"

Added April 26   Original Shoot Date   2009

Nicole comes by Rodney's studio to get some sexy pictures taken for a Dating site. She just wants some cute portraits taken but when Rodney takes out a Dog Collar and Leash, she gets curious. He has mistaken her for a later appointment, someone who wants pictures for a BDSM site. Nicole wants to know more about this kind of kinky stuff, so Rodney shows her the ropes, so to speak. Soon she's on all fours taking his big cock in deep her throat. She sucks him hard, spanks her own ass, then takes a mouthful of tasty Rodney Blast.

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