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Kamille Amora & Rodney     "Win Some, Goo Some"

Added May 25   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

BBW bombshell Kamille Amora just lost a bet with Rodney, so now she's got to do everything he tells her to! He starts by asking her to remove her top and expose her humongous breasts. He drops to his knees and starts sucking her large, pink nipples and burying his face between her heavy jugs. But soon, she's the one on her knees and sucking Rodney's huge dick. Next, he bends her over and pounds her in the pussy from behind. Her humongous tits flop back and forth as he rams her with his big cock. He then slides his tongue into her butt crack and eats her juicy ass out. Rodney can't help but bang the big booty babe out some more until he shoots a messy creampie up inside her tight, pink pussy. Finally, he coats the pretty redhead's cheeks and nose with his jizz.

Jordan Kingsley & Rodney     "Comfort Level"

Added May 23   JOIN NOW

Jordan comes to Rodney for a massage. He tells her to undress down to her comfort level and get on the table. To his surprise, Jordan is very open and loves to be naked. To top it off, she has a great body. She tells him she wants a deep, Full Body massage and she expects to be rubbed all over. She has him massage her ass, rub her tits and work her mouth with his hard cock. She takes him deep down her throat, sucking and drooling. She does such a good job, he gives her a Monster Facial.

Cumm Brothers Classic   LuLu Tang with Wolf & Rodney    "Highway Humper"

Added May 21   Original Shoot Date   May 16, 1994     JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers, Rodney and Wolf are out on the Highway picking up trash to make ends meet. When suddenly cutie pie LuLu Tang strolls up to ask for help with her car that stoped working. The boys fix her car, and she offers to give them a ride home for helping her. Once there, while the boys decide to get cleaned up but, LuLu is not finished thanking them. She starts by sucking on Rodney's big cock while he's still in the shower. Then Rodney scoops her up and carries her into the bedroom to have his way with her while Wolf goes to take a shower. Before long Wolf is out of the shower and sliding his meat deep into LuLu's tight little ass. The boys proceed to pump her hot pussy and ass before covering her face with a gallon of hot goo.

Lexi Foxy & Rodney     "Lexi's Big Goo Interview"

Added May 18   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

The petite and sexy Lexi Foxy is interviewing veteran porn stud Rodney Moore. Even though she's supposed to keep it professional for her show, she can't help be curious about Rodney's huge cock. So he eagerly whips it out and encourages her to give it a little kiss. Soon, she's slobbering balls deep on his enormous knob. Drool runs down her chin as he fucks the sweet brunette's pretty face. She gazes up at Rodney with her big, brown eyes as she gags on his shaft. After he worships her cute feet with his tongue and fucking them with cock, Lexi dives deep in Rodney's man cave and eats his ass out. When he can no longer stand it, she shoots out a monster load of spunk all over her lips and tongue.

Marilyn Mayson & Rodney     "My Daughter the Porn Star"

Added May 17   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Stepfather Rodney found out that his curvy stepdaughter Marilyn Mayson is a BBW Porn Star! He threatens to tell her mother, but sexy Marilyn seduces him into keeping her not-so-little secret. By giving him what mommy won't: a blowjob! Mesmerized by her humongous breasts, Rodney decides he can keep his mouth shut…or stuffed, rather, with her gigantic nipples. He buries his face between her enormous jugs and starts jerking his big dick. Then, Marilyn drops to her knees and starts sucking on his huge shaft before making her way to lick his balls. Rodney gives her some oral attention in her belly button, making it tickle. Then, he fucks her stomach with his hard cock. He just cannot get enough of her soft and cuddly body! Marilyn rubs her outrageously large titties all over his cock and balls. At last, Rodney straddles her chests and shoots his incredible load of man milk between her larger than life titties and straight into her gorgeous mouth.

Luscious Lopez & Rodney     "Obsessed with Ass"

Added May 16   JOIN NOW

Luscious Lopez comes to Rodney's Outdoor Massage for a really good rub down and that's what she gets. But Rodney gets so fascinated by her luscious ass that it's all he wants to rub and he'll make any excuse to get his hands back on it. Fed up with his obsession over her butt she gets him to lay on the table. Then she drops her ass on his face to see if he likes it. He does and thanks her with a good fucking and a Rodney Blast to her face.

Classic Scene    Sabrina Jayde with Rodney Moore    "Hooker Sabrina"

Added May 14   Original Shoot Date   November 29, 2000     JOIN NOW

I'm out on Hooker Alley again, but all I see is Sabrina. She's cute, but she's not dressed like a hooker, she has long pants on. When I ask her if she's seen any hookers, she whips off her pants and reveals the shortest tightest hot pants I've ever seen in public. She's a ho alright, and boy can she screw. The rocking in my van could have been mistaken for another LA Quake until I blast my hot magma all over her face.

You Won't See This Girl ANYWHERE ELSE! Rodney EXCLUSIVE!

Ivy Marie & Rodney     "Ivy's First Video"

Added May 11   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

As luck would have it, porn curious Ivy Marie met Rodney in Seattle, and now she's shooting her very, very, VERY first adult video! She's nervous, but excited! So, she and Rodney go through the porn shoot questionnaire so he can learn what she likes to do in the bedroom. She starts out stroking his huge cock, which only grows bigger when she gives him some sweet, soft kisses. She can't wait to stick his big shaft in her mouth and feel him fuck her face. He teaches her to embrace--but not swallow--all the messy spit as she slobbers all over his dick and balls. Turn out, she is an excellent cocksucker, but she also wants to get fucked. Dominant Rodney takes charge of the submissive sexpot and gives her some firm, but sensual, scolding with his BDSM toys. They take turns eating each other out, and the chemistry is smoldering. Turns out, Ivy Marie loves licking ass. Then in another serendipitous turn of events, Ivy Marie has never had anyone cum on her face. So, Rodney takes her facial pop shot virginity and blasts her rosy cheeks with a gallon of goo. She even loves the taste…guess some things were just meant to be!

Krystal Jordan & Rodney     "Big Booty Surprise"

Added May 09   JOIN NOW

Sexy Krystal Jordan surprises Rodney by sitting on his face while he's napping by the pool. What a great ass, he must be dreaming! Well, now that he's up and his big dick is up too, he might as well get it up deep inside her wet snatch until it's time to reward her with a creamy monster facial.

Classic Scene    Samantha Rivers with Rodney Moore    "Creme Rinse"

Added May 07   Original Shoot Date   March 02, 2000     JOIN NOW

What do you do when you've got a pretty cute girl like Samantha Rivers, naked, in front of you, sucking on your cock and just when you're ready to pop she tells you she DOESN'T DO FACIALS! Well, there is only one thing to do…SHAM-GOO! All over her pretty head.

Carolyn Reese & Rodney     "Bath and a BJ"

Added May 04   JOIN NOW

Carolyn is trying to take a nice, relaxing bath when Rodney bursts in. He needs to take a shower because he's running late for work. When Carolyn won't give up the tub, he says he's going to jerk off and cum in her bath water. Rather than see a good load go to waste, she opens her mouth and sucks his cock. She sucks him hard, licks his balls and then gets her mouth filled with afresh Rodney Blast, that she swallows down with gooey glee.

Alexa Grey & Rodney     "Erection Injection"

Added May 03   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Rodney's ready for his big date tonight, but he's run out of boner pills. So he goes to the doctor's office, where pretty redhead BBW Alexa Grey tells him the only option he has is an erection injection into his dick! Rodney's too scared of needles, so he decides to try the old fashioned way. He whips out his cock, gets a good look at Alexa's gorgeous breasts, and encourages her to give him some physical attention. He jerks his big rod against her hard nipples, and then slides her panties down so he can fuck her. He slobbers all over her huge boobies before Alexa takes a turn sucking on his humongous meat stick. He sits on her face, and then pounds her hard from behind. Next, kinky Alexa puts on an eye mask, and dives tongue first into Rodney's man cave. After a nice rimming, Rodney shoves his engorged dick into each and every curvy crevice, including her bulging belly button. At last, Rodney cream pies Alexa's fat, sticky pussy and rubs the creamy jizz onto her forehead.

Nikki Rhodes & Rodney     "Tongue Bathing"

Added May 02   JOIN NOW

Nikki wants to take a hot bath but is having trouble with her water heater so she calls Rodney's Tongue Bathing Service. Rodney himself shows up and starts working, first on her feet, then her legs. When he gets a glimpse of her pubic hair, he gets excited. He dives in to her pussy, giving it a good licking. But soon his cock gets rock hard. Wanting to be professional, he tells her that he's going to have to stop and go take care of himself because her hairy pussy is getting him too worked up. Well, Nikki is pretty worked up herself and insists that Rodney finish what he's started. He gives her furry snatch a deep cleaning with his thick cock, but ends up making a sticky mess all over her face.

Classic Scene    Michele Raven    "What a Dish"

Added April 30   Original Shoot Date   August 13, 2000     JOIN NOW

Michele can't get her Dish to work so she can watch her porn movie on TV. I offer to let her watch it on my cable TV. The TV doesn't get the right channel but I've got the right cable. So she has to show me first hand and throat, her XXX skills, as she drools and deep throats my rock hard cock.Then I reward her with a huge, creamy Rodney Blast to swallow.

Maya Kendrick & Rodney     "Stepdad's Little Slut"

Added April 27   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sex kitten Maya Kendrick has a sneaky plan up her sleeve. Her mom meddled in her love life, and now it's time for payback! She lures her stepdad Rodney over and seduces him with her girlish charm. Before he knows what's happening, his stepdaughter strips down into lingerie and heels. Under the pretense of helping Rodney pick out a gift for her mom, Maya finds her own special treat hidden in her stepfather's pants. She expertly sucks his cock, paying extra attention to his aching balls. Then, she convinces him to stick his huge plaything in her pussy too. Rodney can't believe he is fucking his stepdaughter, and Maya can't believe how big his dick is! Her eyes roll back in her head as he pounds her gorgeous cunt. He worships her asshole and pink pussy with his tongue, and she tastes even better than her mom! Then, he spit roasts her with his dick and a dildo before sucking on her delicate toes! Maya is such a good slut for daddy, and she wants to earn all his cum! So she rims his ass before he shoots a huge load of man milk all over her blushing face.

Classic Scene    Caroline Pierce    " Ticky Tacky"

Added April 25   Original Shoot Date   November 2, 2007     JOIN NOW

Tourist Rodney has had one too many Mai Tais when he visits the Tropical Strip Club while on Vacation. He can't keep his hands off of hot stripper Caroline, especially her huge butt. Finally, she punishes his indiscretions by pulling him onto the stage and sitting on his face. She rubs her pussy and butt in his face till he can't breathe. But she enjoys his tongue up her twat and ass, so she gives him head. Then he fucks her and squirts his creamy, pina colada mix into her mouth.

Hairy Girl Classic   Zayda with & Rodney    "Drool Dare"

Added April 24   JOIN NOW

Nikki wants to take a hot bath but is having trouble with her water heater so she calls Rodney's Tongue Bathing Service. Rodney himself shows up and starts working, first on her feet, then her legs. When he gets a glimpse of her pubic hair, he gets excited. He dives in to her pussy, giving it a good licking. But soon his cock gets rock hard. Wanting to be professional, he tells her that he's going to have to stop and go take care of himself because her hairy pussy is getting him too worked up. Well, Nikki is pretty worked up herself and insists that Rodney finish what he's started. He gives her furry snatch a deep cleaning with his thick cock, but ends up making a sticky mess all over her face.

Cumm Brothers Classic   Roxy with & Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "Goo for the Road"

Added April 23   Original Shoot Date   February 24, 1994     JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers Rodney Moore and Wolf Savage are back at it again. Today, the sexy blonde model Roxy has cum over for a little fun with the guys. Like usual, Rodney hands the camera off to Wolf so he can have a first go at the goods. Rodney begins by bending Roxy over the couch and eating her ass out. Then, she plops her pussy down on his face, and they fuck each other's faces vigorously. She takes a moment to tease Rodney's huge rod with her tongue as he smacks her thick butt cheeks. Then, she keeps her head still while he rams his full length down her throat. Wolf joins in on the action, and Roxy takes both their big dicks at once with her hungry mouth. Next, the guys spit roast the big boobed babe, Wolf fucking the lips on her face, and Rodney fucking the lips on her pussy. Finally, Wolf fucks Roxy's tight ass until it gapes, but then there's an emergency, and the Brothers have to "cum and go." So after Roxy goes from ass to mouth on Wolf's big black dick, the guys finish up their threesome with Roxy by coating her pretty face with a couple gallons of goo.

Claire Dames & Rodney     "Dirty Little Claire"

Added April 20     JOIN NOW

Rodney pops into the Men's Room, only to find Claire sitting pretty on the toilet. Not sure about urinating in front of her, Rodney hesitates. Claire assures him to go ahead, she doesn't mind. Rodney still can't go so Claire asks if they can just have some fun instead. She drops to her knees and chows down on his cock. Drool drips down on her massive rack as she works his shaft with delight. She sucks his balls, licks his ass and takes a faceful of hot Rodney Blast.

Layla Moore & Rodney     "Daddy Deepest"


Big, beautiful girl Layla Moore needs step daddy Rodney to wake up and take her to the doctor. But when he falls back asleep, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She starts touching his dick and gets excited when it starts to grow bigger and bigger. Rodney wakes up, surprised that it's his step daughter--not his wife--sucking balls deep on his huge member. Next, he asks her to let him bury his face in her humongous booty and eat her asshole, something her mom will never let him do. But when he's admiring her curvy body from behind, he can't help but slip his gigantic dick into her tight cunt. She moans as he fucks her against the bed and spanks her huge butt cheeks. He pounds her G spot and feels her fat pussy cum all over his throbbing cock. He keeps fucking her into post orgasm bliss, smacking his balls against her pussy lips. He sucks her big clit, then punishes her for being such a bad girl and fucking her step father. He grinds into her furiously while kissing her deeply. She screams so loudly from orgasming again that he has to cover her mouth with his hand. Then, he buries his face in her voluptuous ass some more. He jiggles it against his cock, then squeezes and slaps her breasts and floppy stomach. She cums a third and fourth time! She loves her step daddy's dick! Like a good girl, she eagerly takes his huge load of daddy juice straight down the back of her throat.

Audrianna Angel with Mark Zane & Dane Cross   "Goo For an Angel"

Rodney Relief     Added April 18   Original Shoot Date  May 06, 2009  JOIN NOW!!

Audrianna Angel and her boyfriend Mark, go to the Doctor when her pussy becomes insensitive to his touch. But as Doctor Cross starts licking her clit, she begins to feel something. Then, her boyfriend Mark, gets uncomfortable with the way the Doctor is touching his girlfriend so Audrianna takes out his cock and blows him to keep his mind off it. All the licking and sucking gets her turned on so much that she gets on her knees and sucks them both. She takes their cocks and balls deep in her mouth and then has them cum all over her face.

Classic Scene    Angelina Smith with Rodney Moore    "Sleazy Agent"

Added April 16   Original Shoot Date   July 25, 2000  JOIN NOW!!

Sweet, innocent Angelina thinks it would be fun to do an adult video. Unfortunately, she thinks an adult video is what she sees on late night cable (i.e. no penetration.) Even more unfortunate is the fact that she's in the office of a very sleazy porno agent, who takes full advantage of her innocence and has her sucking his big dick and fucking him. He even talks this naive girl into swallowing all his hot, sperm.

Jacky Joy & Rodney Moore    "Lingerie Slut"

Added April 13   JOIN NOW!!

Hot blonde Jacky Joy, comes over to do some lingerie modeling for Rodney. As soon as she bends over, he pulls out his big cock and starts jerking off. She's shocked but he tells her that it's just standard practice in the business. But if she's uncomfortable, she can always speed up the process by cupping his balls or maybe taking off her top. She does both, in fact, she not only gives him a hand, she gives him a mouth too! She sucks his hard cock then he licks her tight pussy. Jacky rides his throbbing rod, her big tits bouncing all over. He fucks her hard, then squirts a thick Rodney Blast all over her face.

Classic Scene    Sierra Skye with Rodney    "Double D's Definitely Please"

Added April 12   Original Shoot Date   2009   JOIN NOW

Rodney is planning to shoot a music video for a song about a girl with Double D's. As luck would have it, Sierra is going door to door in his neighborhood, selling insurance. He invites her inside but before she can start her pitch, Rodney tells her she's just what he's looking for. Flattered, she decides to pose for him. She's got a great natural rack. Rodney's gonna need a wide lens, cause these tits are huge. He whips out his excited cock, she opens her mouth wide and starts sucking. He stuffs his hard rod between those massive melons, then licks her pussy. Finally it's back in her mouth before shooting a hot Rodney Blast all over her pretty face.

Ally Ann with Marco Banderas & Kevin James    "For a Good Time, Call…"

Added April 11   JOIN

Sexy Ally Ann is writing her name and number on the Men's Room wall when she sees a cock suddenly appear through a hole. Lucky her! She happily starts to suck on it. But when a second cock appears through another hole, her dream cums true. She takes them both on, eagerly licking and sucking. The men come out of hiding, take of their clothes and feed this cock-starved slut their big throbbing dicks. Ally sucks and slobbers on their raging boners until they coat her face with hot cum.

Classic Scene    Zenia Markova   "The Rug"

Added April 10   Original Shoot Date   June 09, 2009     JOIN NOW

Zenia comes to Rodney's to buy a rug and while she's calling her friends to come help her pick it up, he starts getting hard. She gets pissed off when he starts touching himself, so she pulls down her skirt and tells him that if he's going to be like that, he's going to have to lick her hairy pussy. Little does she know that Rodney is a professional Rug Muncher. He licks her bush with gusto, then slips his rock hard cock deep up inside her for some hot humping. Then he pulls out and covers her furry pussy with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast!

Classic Scene    Kyla Swallows & Lotta Lust with Rodney    "Who IS That??"

Added April 09   Original Shoot Date   August 12, 2000  JOIN

Kyla asks Rodney to do her a favor. Her friend Lotta wants to do a porn video but is afraid to be recognized. He agrees to shoot her with her face covered. While waiting for Lotta to arrive, Kyla gives him a very wet and sloppy blowjob. Lotta shows up with a lot of butt and some very hot thighs. She has one handicap though, it's that time of the month. So he has to fuck her in the ass in order to satisfy her desire to be a porn slut. Afterwards, Kyla lives up to her last name and swallows down his whole creamy load.

Riley Evans & Rodney     "A Tough Nut to Crack"

Added April 06   JOIN

Rodney is hoping to score with Riley when she shows up in answer to his ad for a Free Massage. She's super-hot with long legs, a great ass and rack. Rodney is really anxious to get lucky. But Riley just wants a massage. It takes some coaxing just to get her to unhook her bra. And when Rodney tries to get her to remove her panties for a butt massage, she won't do it. Undeterred, Rodney tries sucking on her feet but she tells him to stop. What's a horny guy to do? He takes out his cock and starts to jerk off. She catches him and, at first, tells him to stop but soon is tempted by his uncut meat and takes it into her mouth for a taste. Turned on, she turns over and let's Rodney fuck her hard until he coats her with a Monster Facial.

Kimmie Kaboom    "Big Titty Play-Time"

Added April 05   JOIN

Kimmie KaBoom and her husband have decided she's not doing any more porn. She can only pose for nude pictures. Well, Rodney's been so excited to see her and shoot a sex scene with her that he is super disappointed. He's totally going to get blue balled! Out of habit, after shooting some photos, Rodney pulls out his big wang and gets ready for the hardcore action. Not so fast! Doesn't he remember the rules? After some sweet-talking, the voluptuous Kimmie agrees to let him touch her boobs, but nothing more. So he lifts her heavy mammaries, but it only makes him harder. Can he just jerk off looking at her? Well, it's not sex, so she guesses it is fine. She takes a more active role, though, and plays with her tits, just to help make him cum. She even lets him rub his big dick on her nipples. That feels so good that she can't help but start jerking him off and playing with his balls. How about a titty fuck for old time's sake? Rodney promises not to tell. After some more teasing, she finally tastes his huge rod. After she sucks on the tip, he asks her to just rub it a little bit on her pussy. He promises he won't release the scene! She can keep a secret too, so Rodney fucks her missionary while squeezing on her humongous jugs and tummy rolls. He pounds her so hard that you can hear his dick hit the back of her pussy wall. Until she cums all over his cock. Big girl Kimmie sucks Rodney off some more before taking another ride in his lap. Her big butt jiggles back and forth while she rides him balls deep. In a moment of true ecstasy, Rodney coats the BBW's face with a gallon of goo.

Justine & Brooke with Wolf & Rodney    "The Unemployment Goo's"

Cumm Brothers Classic   Added April 04   Original Shoot Date   May 23, 1994  

Out of work, the Cumm Brothers apply for new jobs at the local employment agency. While they are filling out paperwork, an unemployed fluffier cums in for work too. She immediately recognizes them from their videos. Maybe she can show them how good she is at her job, in case they ever get back in the business and need to hire her. So, right there on the couch she starts unbuttoning their pants and rubbing on their crotches. She starts off blowing Rodney's stiff prick, while Wolf rubs on and spreads her juicy ass cheeks. Then, Rodney bangs her tight, pink pussy while Wolf fucks her pretty face. They get busted by the hiring lady, but she wants in on the hot action too. So does another guy applying for a job too! So she mounts the third guy's big black dick. Then all three guys take turns spit roasting each of the two girls before they lick each other's pussies. Wolf gets his rocks off with some anal sex before he, Rodney, and another guy each blast their huge jizzy loads all over their moaning playmates.

Classic Scene    Cassandra with Rodney    " Big Girls Swallow Too"

Added April 02   Original Shoot Date   September 05, 2000  

I find chunky Goth Girl Cassandra in a parking lot, wearing a collar. I pull on her collar and drag her home, where she blows me and takes my big cock up her tight ass. Then she proves that fat girls swallow too, as she guzzles my creamy load all the way down.

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