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Jessie Andrews    "Hairried Negotiations"

Added May 21

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Cute Jessie Andrews wants a drink from the bar but she has forgotten her purse and doesn't have any money or her ID. In order to prove she's over 21, she shows the bartender her perky boobs and her hairy pussy. But she still has to pay for her drinks. She tells the bartender she is willing to work and offers to either wash the dishes or give him a blowjob. He takes the blowjob of course. He not only gets a messy Blowjob, he gets to fuck her hairy little bush as well. He pounds her hard and deep until he gushes his creamy goo all over her hairy pussy.

Claire     "Too Hairy for High Fashion"

Added May 14   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Claire shows up for a fashion modeling assignment. But when she comes out of the dressing room in sexy lingerie, Rodney is shocked to find out that she's SUPER HAIRY!! She has more armpit hair than he does, and her leg hair is poking through her fishnets. Of course, her muff is super bushy. Rodney tells her he absolutely cannot use her as a model, but he would love to use her in a different way, that being to satisfy his secret lust for hairy women. Not only is Claire scary hairy, but she's also quite naturally busty, and Rodney is turned on by that as well. It doesn't take much persuasion for her to let him suck on her big boobs and chow down on that super hairy snatch. But this wooly woman also likes a big cock in her ass, and Rodney is more than happy to plunge deep inside her hairy poop chute. After all that sex, she's hungry, so after Rodney cums a ton all over her muff, he spoon feeds her the creamy goo.

Mellanie Jazz    "Natural is Nice"

Added May 07

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Mellanie Jazz is a natural hairy girl from Seattle. She stopped shaving a long time ago and embraced the 60's hippy lifestyle. She loves her hair from her hairy armpits all the way down to her super hairy pussy. Sit back and enjoy as she does a sensual dance that let's you dive in and explore the depths of her sizzling furry passion.

Zayda    "G7th"

Added May 03

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Zayda is expecting Rodney for a guitar lesson, but her dryer broke with all her clothes in it, so she has nothing to wear except for a skimpy bikini. Rodney tries to proceed with her lesson, but the sight of her strumming her guitar in a bikini makes him unable to resist the temptation to strum his big stromboli. She of course freaks, but when he shows her some new finger exercises that will improve her playing, she's more than happy to work her fingers on his meaty cock and balls. Then Rodney stuffs his thick cock is in her mouth and she sucks, strokes, and slobbers all over it until, he unloads what looks like a guitar case full of hot cum down her throat.

Lucky Starr    "Pop Quiz"

Added April 30

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Lucky Starr is a cute Asian teacher who needs a break from grading. She decides to rub one out real quick but, just after she starts rubbing her hairy pussy she gets busted by Mark Zane, a student who has a different idea about education. The only blank Lucky needs filled on this pop quiz is her cock hungry mouth. Lucky makes sure Mark gets all he can out of the experience by sucking his throbbing cock to make sure she can get all of the cum out of him. The pop quiz is over when Lucky gets popped with a huge load of sticky cum.

Veronica Snow    "Hairy Pussy Surprise!"

Added April 23

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Tommy Pistol has been missing his hot wife Veronica. He has been going bonkers waiting to bonk her! She barely gets in the door and he is ready for action. He rips off her panties and finds a surprise… her pussy is hairy. Well that is different! She says 3 weeks is a long time and she has let it grow out. He starts licking her furry pussy wildly and decides that he really loves it. He works her pussy till she is dripping wet and ready to make his big cock just as wet as her sopping wet hairy pussy. She blows him till he has to put his dick in her fuzzy pussy and fucks her all over the place and in every angle he can till he squirts a healthy dose of hot jizz all over her newly hairy pussy.

Rozie Cheeks    "Not So Wicked Witch"

Added April 16

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Rozie Cheeks is a sweet, girl-next-door type whose been cast in a play as a nasty, naughty witch. She realizes she is going to need some serious help getting into a role like that since she is just too sweet! So Rozie decides to get some training from drama coach Rodney Moore. Rodney has her put on her witch's costume so she can get into character. With her sexy little outfit on, Rodney can clearly see her super hairy armpits. This is enough to get Rodney thinking hard about the next step. The next step being his big hard cock and the "visual" aids! He tells her that, to get into character she needs to understand and do what a dirty, naughty witch does. She is really getting into character because all of the sudden Rodney is getting his thick cock enthusiastically sucked by this sweet, hairy girl. She is getting dirtier by the second and next Rodney encourages her to plunge her fingers deep into big, thick, hairy bush getting her hairy pussy all juicy and wet. Rodney continues to coach her and tells her to keep talking dirty while he drives his fat cock into her wild wooly muff. He continues to bang her until she's really into character and moaning with delight. Finally he rewards her hard work with huge creamy load that splatters all over her face, onto her huge boobs and even onto her awesome armpit hair.

Oasis     "Hairy Oasis"

Added April 09   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Oasis is a beautiful exotic East Indian girl from Seattle and one of the hairiest models ever featured on this site. Cum watch as she poses, lifts weights, and languishes in a hot shower, massaging and soaping up her hairy pussy and pits. Then finally join her in bed to relax and enjoy an Oasis of hair.

Bianca & Laila    "Fucking An Ashtray"

Added April 02

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Sexy Dom Laila enjoys a cigar while her fuzzy sub Bianca serves as a willing ashtray. While she is doing her job, her mistress Lalia has more planned. The fun starts with some light tickling of her hairy pussy. Then it becomes making-out passionately before it turns into some hairy pussy sucking and fucking. Watch as these horny hairy girls get down and dirty while pleasuring each other with dildo's and lapping tongues just for you.

Sylvia Smith    "20 Minutes"

Added March 26

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Sylvia is participating in a sensuous hairy girl photo shoot. The photographer decides to take a little break, and leaves Sylvia naked in all her furry glory on the bed. So what is a gorgeous hairy girl to do with 20 free minutes? Masturbate of course! Sylvia starts by playing with her fuzzy clit but, that isn't good enough for this horny hairy girl! She gets out a big fake cock and uses it to get deep into her wet, hairy pussy, imagining you are the one giving her the good time. She finishes just before the photographer returns, and is back to work.

Penny Letters    "Bed-Time Fun"

Added March 19

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Penny is a cute hairy girl who has had a long day and while getting ready for bed she discovers some naughty toys she left out. Knowing there is no better way to relax, Penny quickly changes into her night gown and begins to pleasure herself. She penetrates deep into her furry pussy while sweetly and gently massaging her swollen clit.Soon she's moaning and quivering in ecstacy as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripple through her hairy pussy and she drifts off to sleep.

Vega & Vera    "Bubbles & Hair"

Added March 12

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What better way to get dirty hairy girls Vega and Vera clean then to take a steamy, hot bubble bath. As they are soaping up, they take turns feeling each other's plentiful hair and as they do, these horny hairy girls take things to the next level. Using their tongues, Vega and Vera take turns cleaning each other's furry pussies, making out and having too much hairy, wet fun.

Usnea    "Bay Area Hairy"

Added March 05

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Hey, My name is Usnea and, I used to be a Seattle Hairy Girl but I know live in San Francisco. I am a cute girl with hairy pits, hairy legs, and a really hairy pussy. I'm extremely sensual so, the more I caress my soft hairy skin the more aroused and horny I become. Within moments with a little help from my trusty dildo, I'm imagining you are rubbing your hard cock all over my wet hairy pussy and I explode in orgasmic ecstacy.

Jessica    "Phone Sex"

Added February 26

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Jessica's boyfriend is away and she really misses him. She really misses his big dick too. She calls him and he wants her to give herself a juicy orgasm so he can listen in on it. You get to listen and watch!! She has a really hairy pussy and big natural tits as well. Sit back and enjoy as she plays with those big breasts and plunges her fingers deep inside her hairy wet snatch until she explodes in ecstacy!

Eve     "Solo Lessons"

Added February 19

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Eve is trying to play for her piano teacher but gets distracted when she sees him masturbating. Rather than get offended, Eve gets turned on and wants to start playing with herself too. She's got a beautiful hairy body and great, big boobs and soon she's on top of the piano using her well-trained fingers to satisfy her hairy wet pussy.

Samantha Heart     "One on One"

Added February 12

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Samantha Heart is having a crazy time at a party and needs to go clear her head. She finds a room where she can just be alone with you and talk. As you can see, she's a very hairy girl and all the guys at the party were going wild over her. What Samantha needs is just some quiet, intimate time where she can give you a one-on-one tour of her hairy body. Watch her dance for you and check out those soft, furry legs. Her big bush needs attention too, I'm sure you don't mind. In fact, Samantha has gotten herself so turned on that she's decided to masturbate right in front of you. Won't you join her?

Vicki Juniper     "More Hair To Love"

Added February 05

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San Francisco Hairy Girl Vicki Juniper has been having a lot of fun on her trip to Seattle. She's got really hairy legs, but she still loves to walk around in public wearing super short skirts! Would you be shocked? Or, would you be turned on? She's also got a little bit of hair on her nice, big boobs. Would you like to lick them? Her pussy is super bushy, and her clit is large. Dive nose deep into her sweet, pink lips and press the tip of your tongue into her honey pot. Next, watch her fuck her fuzzy box with a dildo while she fingers her prickly clit. She won't stop until she squeezes out a super creamy orgasm for you all over her toy!

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