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Here's the Latest Rodney Moore Hairy Girl Updates

Penny Letters    "Bed-Time Fun"

Added March 19

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Penny is a cute hairy girl who has had a long day and while getting ready for bed she discovers some naughty toys she left out. Knowing there is no better way to relax, Penny quickly changes into her night gown and begins to pleasure herself. She penetrates deep into her furry pussy while sweetly and gently massaging her swollen clit.Soon she's moaning and quivering in ecstacy as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripple through her hairy pussy and she drifts off to sleep.

Vega & Vera    "Bubbles & Hair"

Added March 12

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What better way to get dirty hairy girls Vega and Vera clean then to take a steamy, hot bubble bath. As they are soaping up, they take turns feeling each other's plentiful hair and as they do, these horny hairy girls take things to the next level. Using their tongues, Vega and Vera take turns cleaning each other's furry pussies, making out and having too much hairy, wet fun.

Usnea    "Bay Area Hairy"

Added March 05

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Hey, My name is Usnea and, I used to be a Seattle Hairy Girl but I know live in San Francisco. I am a cute girl with hairy pits, hairy legs, and a really hairy pussy. I'm extremely sensual so, the more I caress my soft hairy skin the more aroused and horny I become. Within moments with a little help from my trusty dildo, I'm imagining you are rubbing your hard cock all over my wet hairy pussy and I explode in orgasmic ecstacy.

Jessica    "Phone Sex"

Added February 26

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Jessica's boyfriend is away and she really misses him. She really misses his big dick too. She calls him and he wants her to give herself a juicy orgasm so he can listen in on it. You get to listen and watch!! She has a really hairy pussy and big natural tits as well. Sit back and enjoy as she plays with those big breasts and plunges her fingers deep inside her hairy wet snatch until she explodes in ecstacy!

Eve     "Solo Lessons"

Added February 19

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Eve is trying to play for her piano teacher but gets distracted when she sees him masturbating. Rather than get offended, Eve gets turned on and wants to start playing with herself too. She's got a beautiful hairy body and great, big boobs and soon she's on top of the piano using her well-trained fingers to satisfy her hairy wet pussy.

Samantha Heart     "One on One"

Added February 12

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Samantha Heart is having a crazy time at a party and needs to go clear her head. She finds a room where she can just be alone with you and talk. As you can see, she's a very hairy girl and all the guys at the party were going wild over her. What Samantha needs is just some quiet, intimate time where she can give you a one-on-one tour of her hairy body. Watch her dance for you and check out those soft, furry legs. Her big bush needs attention too, I'm sure you don't mind. In fact, Samantha has gotten herself so turned on that she's decided to masturbate right in front of you. Won't you join her?

Vicki Juniper     "More Hair To Love"

Added February 05

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San Francisco Hairy Girl Vicki Juniper has been having a lot of fun on her trip to Seattle. She's got really hairy legs, but she still loves to walk around in public wearing super short skirts! Would you be shocked? Or, would you be turned on? She's also got a little bit of hair on her nice, big boobs. Would you like to lick them? Her pussy is super bushy, and her clit is large. Dive nose deep into her sweet, pink lips and press the tip of your tongue into her honey pot. Next, watch her fuck her fuzzy box with a dildo while she fingers her prickly clit. She won't stop until she squeezes out a super creamy orgasm for you all over her toy!

Nora     "Natural Nora"

Added January 29

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Nora is a beautiful girl with an all-natural body. That's right, she's got hair in all the right places. Check out her legs and armpits. But wait till you see what's under those panties. Nora has a magnificent bush that will please any fan of Hairy Girls. Watch her dance, strip and even get on her knees like a slave, holding your cigar for you in a strap-on ash tray. Then watch as she fingers her pubes in hairy ecstacy.

Sasha & Sauce    "Natural Bushy Sisters"

Classic Scene  Added January 22   JOIN NOW

Sasha and Sauce are two pretty brunette sisters with a nice surprise…they're both naturally hairy. Sit back and enjoy as these two furry cuties tickle and explore each others super hairy pussies and armpits for your pleasure and ultimately their own.

Stacey Stax     "The Gifts"

Added January 15

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Stacey's friend has left her a surprise somewhere in her room. She searches around and finds 3 large dildos under the couch cushions. What a sweet thought! And perfect for Stacey's lonely afternoon. She immediately gets to work on her hairy pussy, rubbing, petting and spreading those wet lips between her thighs. Then she oils up her toy and plunges it deep inside herself, masturbating until she cums.

Twilite Moon     "Twilite Submits "

Added January 08

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Hairy Twilite answers an ad in a underground S&M paper for a submissive wanted. Her new dom is Rodney, who instructs her to do his every wish, including licking his feet, sucking his thick cock, taking it up her hairy snatch and deep inside her hairy asshole. She sucks up his creamy cum and dribbles it into a glass, then drinks it back down.

Karla Lane & Rodney     "Big & Juicy Boudoir Booty"

Added January 03   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy and bubbly BBW starlet Karla Lane cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her husband on their one year wedding anniversary. She slips into a revealing blue negligee that shows off her curvy assets. He's a butt guy, so she is sure to shake her bountiful rump for Rodney has he records. When she starts playing with her dirty panties, Rodney can't help but start rubbing on his growing cock. She begs to get fucked, and he can't resist. He whips out his cock and rubs it against her fat pussy from behind, but she gets upset. It's not his fault she was so convincing! After a couple more "slip ups," Karla gives in and let's Rodney "slip in." He pounds her fat twat from behind before she sucks and deep throats his huge cock, even licking his balls at the same time! She gets super messy and drool leaks all over her humongous jugs. Her ass shakes as he fucks her sweet face, only stopping to penetrate her sopping wet pussy. Finally, Karla eats Rodney's asshole a for a few rounds before she sucking and swallowing every drop of his gigantic load.

Marley Mason with Rodney Moore    "Anniversary Slut"

Added December 28   JOIN NOW

Marley comes to Rodney's Photos Studio to take some risque photos for her husband for their anniversary. She brought some cute outfits and tries one on. She didn't realize how revealing it would be - even her pubes are poking out! Rodney has her doing some kinky poses, which starts to excite her. When Rodney's cock comes out, she takes a taste test. Soon she's sucking his balls too. It looks like Marley is letting her Secret Slut side out, because now she's got her legs up in the air and Rodney's big cock deep inside her. They fuck on the couch, they fuck on the floor. She rides him hard. Then finally, he fills her mouth with his cum.

Sylvia Smith    "Impatient & Hairy "

Added December 25

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Sylvia calls her boyfriend at work to let him know she is horny and needs pleasure now. She begs him to cum over and fuck her hairy pussy but he doesn't. This is good for you because Sylvia just can't wait and begins by caressing her lucious bush. Before long she has you licking her and is massaging her hairy wet pussy. Just after she orgasms her boyfriend calls to say he'll be over and she tells him not to bother because she has you.

Nora & Tina Diamond     "Slave to the Hair "

Added December 18

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After a long day at work, Tina comes home to relax and play with her slave, Nora. Both girls are horny and hairy and Nora will do whatever Tina asks of her. What Tina is in the mood for today is to have Nora work her tongue up her body, from her toes, along her hairy legs and up to her bush. She eats her pussy, but that just makes Tina crave some for herself, so she goes down on Nora. Next, it's time for some toys. With a vibrator, strap-on and the Joyrider, these girls get into some hot lesbian action that you absolutely must see.

Lily Cameron     "Always Time For Bush "

Added December 11

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Come over to Lily's place and tell her your desires. Her boyfriend is out and she loves to obey your commands. Would you like her to lick her hairy armpits? She will. Want to see her undress for you? It's what she loves to do. She has a gorgeous hirsute body and loves to show it off, but she doesn't have all day and her boyfriend could be back any minute, so if you're gonna dive into that bush of hers, better get going. Lick that clit, pull on those pubes with your teeth. Make Lily wet and happy and she will do anything. Watch her play with herself. Then imagine cumming all over that sweet face.

Eve & Stacey Stax     "Hairy Sorority "

Added December 04

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Stacey wants to join the Hairy Girls Sorority and Eve thinks she has what it takes to be a Sister. First off, she has a beautiful hairy body. She also likes to be around strong, sexy women. But to join the sisterhood, Stacey is going to have to do everything Eve asks of her, starting with letting he suck on those pretty nipples. Then it's time for something a little kinky. Eve fastens a feather duster to Stacy's face and makes her clean the dirtiest thing in the whole sorority…Eve! Next, she wants Stacey to eat out her hairy snatch. Finally, Eve gets on top of her hairy Mentor and masturbates with a dildo while Eve fingers herself.

Harper Leigh     "What A Crock! "

Added November 28

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Seattle hottie Harper has bought some sexy clothes and plans to give her boyfriend a night he'll never forget. She just has one more stop to make on her way home. Rodney is selling a Crock Pot and Harper wants it to make her boyfriend a special meal. When he sees her sexy clothes he offers her a deal: Half-off the Crock Pot if she will model her new outfit for him. She agrees and even puts on some fishnets that he gives her. It turns out that not only is Harper hot in her new clothes but she's horny as well and soon, she's sucking Rodney's thick cock and ripping open her new fishnets to take him deep inside her hairy, wet pussy. He fucks her hard, then cums on her pretty face.

Agnes     "Too Shy to Strip "

Added November 27

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Agnes is very shy, and she thinks by posing for nude photos, she'll come out of her shell. The problem is, she just can't get up the nerve to take her clothes off. So Rodney offers to give her a "helping hand" as she strips naked. But now he expects a little something in return…and he gets it. Once shy Agnes is shy no more as she takes Rodney's big cock deep in her throat for a nice sloppy blowjob. Then Rodney helps the shy, hairy hottie out once more with a thick load of creamy goo all over her pretty face.

Athena     "Hair Apparent "

Added November 20

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Seattle Hairy Girl Athena probably hasn't shaved her legs in 7 years. It's so normal where she lives, that no one even notices it when she's wearing shorts. She's also got very hairy armpits. Wouldn't you like to run your fingers through her bushy underarms? Watch he strip and play with her perky tits. At last, you get a face full of her super fuzzy pussy lips. She runs her fingers along her curls and her clit get pink and puffy. She even spreads her ass cheeks to reveal a super frizzy butthole. Finally, she masturbates with a dildo, causing herself to leak milky cum. She pounds her wet and sticky hole with another toy while riding the queening chair all the way to satisfaction.

Sarah Singer     "Hairy Surprise"

Added November 13

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Sarah is getting married but her fiancee is so faithful that he doesn't want a stripper or a hooker at his bachelor party. So the make the experience as authentic as possible Sarah decides she will be the stripper to jump out of the cake. To save some money she finds and ad the Rodney has placed to sell gently used stripper clothes. When she tries on the outfit Rodney sees Sarah is a hairy girl and can't help but jerk off. Before you know it Sarah's horniness has taken over and Rodney gets to eat her hairy bush and gets his big cock wet in Sarah's hungry mouth. Sarah walks a way with a free outfit and mouth full of creamy goo.

Sauce     "Secret Sauce"

Added November 06

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Seattle Hairy Girl Sauce's panties are overflowing with her thick pubes. Not shaving is her not-so-little secret! She loves being natural, and can't wait to share her hirsute body with you! Admire her hairy armpits, legs and happy trail. Most of all, dive deep into her fuzzy muff and breath in her natural aromas.

Harletta & Marilyn with Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "Naked Camera Cum Cuties"

Classic Scene  Added November 05   JOIN NOW

Biker chick Harletta has cum over to Rodney's place to audition as a videographer, but he failed to mention to her the job would be for x-rated videos! Somehow, he convinces her to run the camera naked…well, except for her boots. Wolf shows up with the blonde and sexy Marilyn, and she wants to make a video with the Cumm Brothers! Happy to oblige, Rodney pounds Marilyn's puckered pussy from behind while she swallows Wolf's big, black dick. Then, she rims Rodney's asshole while Wolf gets his turn fucking her in the butt. Finally, the guys shoot their loads all over her face, one after the other, until she is covered in a thick, cummy paste. But they're not finished! She is so turned on from capturing the romp on tape, Harletta can't help but get choked and poked by the Cumm Brothers too. Wolf shoots his seed all over hairy pussy, while Rodney gives her his classic "facial" treatment.

Sascha     "Pretty Damn Hairy!"

Added October 30

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Sascha is pretty damn hairy! In fact, she's covered in hair from her ankles to her hairy armpits. As she slowly undresses, bit by bit she shows off her furry body. You'll fall in love with her soft, fuzzy legs and her big luscious tits but just wait 'til you see her massive bush! You'll be in hirsute heaven!

Nina Asstin     "Love Fuzz"

Added October 23

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Nina Asstin is a gorgeous Seattle hairy girl, who doesn't like to shave…anywhere. She loves to be natural because, it feels so much better. From her soft hairy legs, to the cute love fuzz under her armpits, all the way down to her thick bushy pussy, Nina wants you to cum and enjoy her natural hairy delights.

Honey Bunch     "Hairy Honey"

Added October 16

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Honey Bunch is in a frisky mood today. She wants to slowly undress and caress her beautiful hairy body. Watch her play with her voluptuous rack as she licks her hard nipples. Then she's going to run her fingers through her lush, armpit hair, just to show you how long they are getting. Her bushy clit gets attention next with some vibrating excitement. Then Honey pulls out the big guns - her dildos - and goes into overdrive on her hairy pussy.

Eve     "Boobs & Bush"

Added October 09

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Eve is a Natural Hairy Girl from San Francisco. Hairy arms, pits and legs. But she's not just hairy, she's got great, natural boobs too. Watch her play with those massive mammaries before playing with her thick, juicy bush.

Amanda & Bridgette     "Dresses and Caresses"

Added October 02

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When Amanda and Bridgette realize that they have both just bought similar dresses, the only thing to do is to take them off. Although unhappy, they soon realize it's better to kiss and make up than to fight, so they both kiss and caress each other's hairy bodies. Amanda then snacks on Bridgette's bush, then Bridgette returns the favor. Then they whip out a strap-on and take turns fucking each others hairy wet pussies.

Tina Diamond     "Inner Beauty"

Added September 25

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Tina Diamond is a free-spirited Seattle Hairy Girl who loves to be natural and loves to have her hairy body appreciated. Let her strip off those clothes to reveal her inner beauty. She not only has a lot of lovely hair in all the right places, but Tina has a great pair of big, natural breasts. Watch as she spanks her own pretty butt, then whips out a vibrator to bury in that fuzzy bush.

Louise     "Natural Louise"

Added September 18

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Louise is a hairy girl who hasn't shaved in a decade. She loves the natural feel of her hairy armpits and legs, and loves to show them off. But what's even hairier is her big, beautiful bush. Let her take you on a private tour of her hairy body and watch as she fingers herself into orgasmic ecstasy.

Lynn Pleasant     "Lynn Needs Cock"

Added September 11

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Lynn needs to get laid at least 3 or 4 times a week, so she's joined a dating site. She's not happy with the men she's met so far, so she goes to Rodney for some new photos. She's poses for some sexy pics but soon wants him to shoot her in the nude. Before he can stop her, Lynn has shed her clothes and is spreading her legs on his couch. After a few more photos, horny little Lynn is pulling down Rodney's pants and sucking on his big cock. First she gives him some sloppy head, then she gives him a wet, hairy pussy to fuck. He bangs her tight bush then gives her a Monster Facial.

Stacey Stax     "The Hairy Pianist"

Added September 04

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Sexy Hairy Girl Stacey Stax can't afford to pay for a full lesson, so piano teacher Rodney says that she can have one for free…if she will do it completely nude! So she shows off her hairy armpits and pussy while fingering the black and white keys. Then, Rodney shows her a special technique that involves gripping his big, hard dick. The cock hungry chick starts slobbering on his huge knob, and begs Rodney to tug on her prickly nipples. He even punishes the hirsute hottie with a spanking before covering her face with a hot and creamy load of jizz.

Amalia     "Proudly Hairy"

Added August 28

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Hi, I'm Amalia and I haven't shaved for a few years and I'm a proud hairy girl! I've got soft hairy legs, sexy hairy pits and most importantly a pink wet hairy pussy. Wouldn't you love to run your fingers through all my hair, getting goose bumps as the soft hair tickles your skin. What I really want is you to lick my hairy pussy! Taste my juices and make me moan! When you are getting close, pull out and drench my furry vagina.

Crystal White & Rodney     "Summertime Goo"

Added August 24   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Cute brunette Crystal White's air conditioner is broken so her step dad Rodney cums over to try to fix it. It's so hot that she takes off all her clothes while he is working, which gives step daddy a huge boner. She pulls his fat cock out and begins to massage it with her wet mouth. Then, she shows him her super wet and hairy bush. He promises to only rub his cock against her sweet pink lips, but she can't help but beg him to pound her prickly pussy balls deep. Next, Rodney sucks on Crystal's pretty, petite feet. But then he punishes her for seducing her own step father by giving her a kinky spanking. Finally, he rewards her with his giant cock a little more before he straddles her perky tits and shoots a glob of goo all over her pretty face.

Ariel Heart     "Drilldo"

Added August 21

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Pretty-in-Pink Ariel Heart hasn't shaved, plucked or waxed in a very long time. She's excited to put on a little show for you and she really hopes she can make you cum. Watch her play with her perky nipples and her long pubic hair. Finally she pulls out her favorite toy, a "unique" dildo, to give herself the ultimate orgasm.

Heather Huntley     "Bye Bye Bush"

Added August 14

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Heather gets a new job as a stripper. She so excited, but there's just one catch: they want her to shave her pussy. Wanting to play with it one last time, she whips out her vibrator and has a little fun. She fingers her fuzzy bush and squeezes her big tits. She bends over on the fireplace and fucks her bearded clam deep and hard. She spanks her clit and licks all her juices off the toy before going to shave.

Crystal & Libbi & Rodney     "Sugar Daddy Goo for Two"

Added August 10   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Rodney's sugar babies Crystal and Libbi are shocked to find out they have the same sugar daddy. Libbi wants Rodney all to himself, but Rodney wants a double blowjob! So he cleverly concocts a way to get his rocks off, and then the cute girls combine powers to blow his mind. They take turns devouring his huge cock and balls, helping and encouraging each other to choke on his thick meat. The good girls learn to share their sugar daddy's cock, and he rewards them with a sticky white glob of goo all over Libbi's freckled face. The sweet sexpot snowballs Rodney's cum to Crystal with a hot kiss.

Nikki Rhodes     "Darling Nikki "

Added August 07

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Sweet and innocent Nikki comes to Rodney's studio so that he can take sexy photos of her as a surprise for her husband. She's shy when she changes into a skimpy little pink outfit, but there's no denying how hot she looks. Rodney makes her feel comfortable in front of the camera and soon she's showing her breasts and flashing her little red bush. He tells her how sexy she she is and to prove it, he takes out his big hard cock. Soon the photo shoot goes from sexy to nasty as she starts sucking his fat cock for the camera. Then Rodney fucks that tight, hairy pussy and finally gives her a Creamy Monster Facial.

Laurel Norton     "Laurel Goes Solo"

Added July 31

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This is Laurel Norton's very first solo scene and she's excited to show you what she's got. Check out her pretty, perky tits and her nice round butt. But what you really want to see is that hairy pussy of hers. And it's even wet and ready for some fun. Watch her go at it alone with her fingers and her pink vibrator.

Zayda     "This Hair Was Made for Lickin!"

Added July 24

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When Rodney leaves his horny hairy model Zayda unattended, she gets into a little mischief of her own. She's already completely naked and turned on, so why not? So, she spreads her legs apart and starts playing with her super furry bush. She teases her pussy lips with her fingertips and rubs her swollen clit. But when Rodney gets back to finish the photo shoot, she doesn't want to continue. Instead, she insists on punishing him for keeping her waiting so long. She makes him suck her sweaty toes and lick her sweaty armpits. She even forces him to clean up her drool off her breasts with his tongue! Then, she entices him to lick her prickly box and eat her lush butt. She rewards him with a sloppy blowjob and a hot fuck before he blasts his seed all over her smiling face.

Kitty & Samantha     "Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Bush in The Tub"

Added July 17

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What to do when hairy girls Kitty McMuffin and Samantha Heart both need to shower for upcumming appointments? Save water and shower with a friend! The girls begin by soaping up each other's hirsute bodies with the warm, sudsy water. They wash their small, perfect breasts, buns and hairy bushes. Then, they use their tongues to make sure that each and every nook and cranny is clean. Finally, they use a double ended dildo to suck and fuck with. They pound away and finish bath time with some toe sucking!

Crystal White & Rodney     "You've Got Pubic Hair!"

Added July 13   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sweet and cute brunette Crystal White wants to try modeling, so Rodney graciously agrees to take some test shots of her wearing lingerie. But, he gets incredibly turned on when he spies her hairy bush and perky tits. And when he whips it out, she can't believe how hard his uncut cock is! Both aroused, they decide to explore each other's bodies…in particular, his huge dick needs to explore the inside of her pretty mouth. After she gives him some really drooly head, Rodney takes his turn licking her super furry pussy and pinching her pink nipples. He even sucks on her toes and tongues her asshole, causing her to moan with delight. Finally, Rodney fucks her hungry mouth with his massive member and spanks her juicy ass cheeks. She tickles his balls with her lips until he shoots a signature Rodney Blast all over her smiling face.

Zia Jimenez     "I Love My Hair, So Will You"

Added July 10

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Brunette hottie Zia Jimenez is a horny, hairy girl from Olympia. Some people are shocked when they see her hairy legs, but she just loves her furry body. She hopes you do too! Don't you want to lick her hairy armpits? She's also got incredible breasts and mouthwatering nipples. She caresses her hirsute body and invites you to cum play! She teases you with her soft feet, and then reveals her super hairy pussy. You lick her all the way from her toes, up her legs, to her fuzzy clit. Then, Zia fucks herself with a big, black dildo until she erupts in a deep, creamy orgasm.

Niki Snow & Rodney     "You Can't Do That In Here"

Added July 06   TRAILER

Gorgeous Polish American Niki Snow busts Rodney for shooting porn in her hotel, but he convinces her to shoot a foot fetish video with him. He starts out by licking her delicious feet, but soon he is sliding his huge dick between the surprised sweetie's soft heels. He also gets really turned on by her hairy bush while she is tickling his balls with her toes. Soon, Niki's mouth is neck deep with Rodney's giant cock. After a super sloppy blowjob, Rodney dives tongue first into her fur-covered muff. Then, Niki sucks his cock and licks his balls until he plasters her face with a thick and sticky stream of milky cum.

Sylvia Smith     "Horny for Hairy Legs"

Added July 03

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Sexy Sylvia Smith checks into her hotel room, only to find it a complete mess! Bell Boy Rodney frantically tries to explain the absence of the maid. You see he is so turned on by the maid's hairy legs that whenever he sees her cleaning he can't control himself and ends up jerking off to her fur-covered body. Sometimes, the maid even gives him a blow job to ease his suffering. But as Rodney relates the tale of his earlier sexual escapades, he happens to notice that Sylvia's legs are hairy too, even hairier than the maid's!! Of course he whips out his big dick right then and there. Sylvia shows off her hairy armpits and big, full bush. Soon she's on her knees with his swollen cock in her mouth. She gives him a hot blow job while playing her her furry pussy. Rodney watches her finger her fur-pie until he can't take it anymore. He paints her face with buckets of sticky goo. Then finally fetches that maid!

Amanda Greenfield     "Furry First-Timer"

Added June 26

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Sexy hairy girl Amanda Greenfield is nervous for her first shoot! She's wearing a super tight dress with no panties, and you can tell she is furry from head to toe! Her leg hair is long enough to brush, and you'd love to run your fingers through her fuzzy pussy lips. You'd love to bury your face in her bushy armpits and worship them with your tongue. Her breasts are supple, and her nipples large. And she's got a lovely happy trail descending into her prickly clam. This hirsute beauty wants you to examine each and every part of her all natural body. Fingering her hairy pussy, she brings herself to orgasm at the exact moment you shoot your load all over her bearded cunt.

Kitty Bush     "Kinky Photographer"

Added June 19

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Seattle Hairy Girl Kitty Bush saw Rodney's ad in the paper, so she's come to his studio for a photo shoot. He can't help but notice Kitty's extremely hairy armpits and legs while he snaps pictures. And when she poses nude for some full body shots of her hirsute figure, he can't help but notice her huge clit poking out. He's so turned on that he 'fesses up to her that he has a fetish for hairy girls himself. Why don't they have a little fun together? So, Kitty lets him dive face first into her fuzzy clam before fucking her prickly pussy with his huge, fat cock. Next, she takes a turn sucking his cock and eating his asshole. At last, Rodney coats Kitty's pretty face with a gallon of man goo.

Orlan Doe   "Backyard Bush"

Classic Scene  Added June 12   JOIN NOW

You spy Orlan Doe, a horny, hairy girl from San Francisco, walking the street. She invites you back home so she can show you just what she's been growing in the backyard. A lush patch of body hair…all over her armpits, stomach and pussy. She's also got a nice pair of natural tits for you to admire. Follow her happy trail from her belly down to her fluffy pubic mound. You could get lost in that jungle of a pussy! She starts playing with her furry clit and slides two fingers into her tight, bearded snatch. Then, she pounds herself with a big, black dildo from behind. Her round ass pokes out beautifully. After she pleasures her hirsute body with her hands and toy, she jumps into the pool to wash off all her intoxicating juices.

Trina & Angel     "The Pussy Washer"

Added June 05

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Trina and Angel come to have their hairy pussies cleaned. While Rodney is busy washing Angel's snatch with his tongue, Trina says that she will suck his cock if she can get the wash for free. Before he can protest, she's on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Now Angel wants the Free Wash deal, so she swaps places with Trina. With his cock hard and wet, it's time for Rodney to give their pussies a deep cleaning. He plunges his thick cock into each of them, pounding away until it's time for the Rodney Blast Cream Rinse. He squirts it on Angel's hairy bush and Trina eats it up.

Lilly Ann Marie & Rodney     "Plus Sized Porn Ho"

Added May 31   TRAILER

When her husband gets laid off, blonde BBW Lilly Ann Marie lands a plus sized modeling job at Rodney's studio to earn some extra cash. He gives her a mask to wear while trying on some super revealing lingerie, and she is shocked when she realizes he is jerking off while taking the photos! But when she takes his huge cock in her hand, she can't wait to get it in her mouth. She makes out with the head while he squeezes her nipples, making her squeal with delight. She licks his balls and eats his ass--both a first for her! Rodney even fucks her pink, fat pussy before he straddles her breasts and shoots a huge load of man jizz all over her pretty mouth.

Laurel Norton & Lily Cade     "New Tricks and Licks"

Added May 29

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Lily comes home from work with lots of new kinky sex ideas that she wants to try out with Laurel. They immediately go at it, kissing passionately, sucking each other's nipples and grinding their hairy bushes together. Lily eats and finger bangs Laurel's furry pussy like there's no tomorrow, then they 69 with a dildo in Laurel's hairy snatch. Lily then gets fucked, screaming like crazy until it's time to show Laurel the Piledriver she learned. For the finale, Lily takes out a double dildo for them to both fuck at the same time. Watch these girls cum in this super-hot scene!

Classic Scene    Ivy   "Hair for a Change"

Added May 22   Original Shoot Date   June 27, 1998  

Classic Scene    Ruby Reed   "Ready For Ruby"

Added May 15   Original Shoot Date   August 29, 1997  

Rodney returns home, makes a quick pit stop, then dries off his pee-pee in Ruby's thick hairy snatch. It only gets wetter though in there, so she tries to suck it dry with her mouth. Rodney squirts a big gooey blast into a glass, and Ruby gulps it all down with a smile.

Classic Scene    Zephyra   "Hair Appreciation"

Added May 08   Original Shoot Date   September 12, 1998  

Rodney meets Seattle hairy girl Zephyra at Seattle Center. He tells her how much he admires her extremely hairy armpits. She's so thankful for the compliment, she offers Rodney a blow job. Rodney checks out her hairy bush then checks out her cock sucking skills. Before filling her mouth with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast

Nikki Rhodes & Rodney     "Tongue Bathing"

Added May 02

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Nikki wants to take a hot bath but is having trouble with her water heater so she calls Rodney's Tongue Bathing Service. Rodney himself shows up and starts working, first on her feet, then her legs. When he gets a glimpse of her pubic hair, he gets excited. He dives in to her pussy, giving it a good licking. But soon his cock gets rock hard. Wanting to be professional, he tells her that he's going to have to stop and go take care of himself because her hairy pussy is getting him too worked up. Well, Nikki is pretty worked up herself and insists that Rodney finish what he's started. He gives her furry snatch a deep cleaning with his thick cock, but ends up making a sticky mess all over her face.

Classic Scene    Tabitha   "Happy Hairy Trail"

Added May 01   Original Shoot Date   June 29, 1998  

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