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Kitty Bush     "Kinky Photographer"

Added June 19

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Seattle Hairy Girl Kitty Bush saw Rodney's ad in the paper, so she's come to his studio for a photo shoot. He can't help but notice Kitty’s extremely hairy armpits and legs while he snaps pictures. And when she poses nude for some full body shots of her hirsute figure, he can't help but notice her huge clit poking out. He's so turned on that he 'fesses up to her that he has a fetish for hairy girls himself. Why don't they have a little fun together? So, Kitty lets him dive face first into her fuzzy clam before fucking her prickly pussy with his huge, fat cock. Next, she takes a turn sucking his cock and eating his asshole. At last, Rodney coats Kitty's pretty face with a gallon of man goo.

Orlan Doe   "Backyard Bush"

Classic Scene  Added June 12   JOIN NOW

You spy Orlan Doe, a horny, hairy girl from San Francisco, walking the street. She invites you back home so she can show you just what she's been growing in the backyard. A lush patch of body hair…all over her armpits, stomach and pussy. She's also got a nice pair of natural tits for you to admire. Follow her happy trail from her belly down to her fluffy pubic mound. You could get lost in that jungle of a pussy! She starts playing with her furry clit and slides two fingers into her tight, bearded snatch. Then, she pounds herself with a big, black dildo from behind. Her round ass pokes out beautifully. After she pleasures her hirsute body with her hands and toy, she jumps into the pool to wash off all her intoxicating juices.

Trina & Angel     "The Pussy Washer"

Added June 05

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Trina and Angel come to have their hairy pussies cleaned. While Rodney is busy washing Angel's snatch with his tongue, Trina says that she will suck his cock if she can get the wash for free. Before he can protest, she's on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Now Angel wants the Free Wash deal, so she swaps places with Trina. With his cock hard and wet, it's time for Rodney to give their pussies a deep cleaning. He plunges his thick cock into each of them, pounding away until it's time for the Rodney Blast Cream Rinse. He squirts it on Angel's hairy bush and Trina eats it up.

Lilly Ann Marie & Rodney     "Plus Sized Porn Ho"

Added May 31   TRAILER

When her husband gets laid off, blonde BBW Lilly Ann Marie lands a plus sized modeling job at Rodney's studio to earn some extra cash. He gives her a mask to wear while trying on some super revealing lingerie, and she is shocked when she realizes he is jerking off while taking the photos! But when she takes his huge cock in her hand, she can't wait to get it in her mouth. She makes out with the head while he squeezes her nipples, making her squeal with delight. She licks his balls and eats his ass--both a first for her! Rodney even fucks her pink, fat pussy before he straddles her breasts and shoots a huge load of man jizz all over her pretty mouth.

Laurel Norton & Lily Cade     "New Tricks and Licks"

Added May 29

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Lily comes home from work with lots of new kinky sex ideas that she wants to try out with Laurel. They immediately go at it, kissing passionately, sucking each other's nipples and grinding their hairy bushes together. Lily eats and finger bangs Laurel's furry pussy like there's no tomorrow, then they 69 with a dildo in Laurel's hairy snatch. Lily then gets fucked, screaming like crazy until it's time to show Laurel the Piledriver she learned. For the finale, Lily takes out a double dildo for them to both fuck at the same time. Watch these girls cum in this super-hot scene!

Classic Scene    Ivy   "Hair for a Change"

Added May 22   Original Shoot Date   June 27, 1998  

Classic Scene    Ruby Reed   "Ready For Ruby"

Added May 15   Original Shoot Date   August 29, 1997  

Rodney returns home, makes a quick pit stop, then dries off his pee-pee in Ruby's thick hairy snatch. It only gets wetter though in there, so she tries to suck it dry with her mouth. Rodney squirts a big gooey blast into a glass, and Ruby gulps it all down with a smile.

Classic Scene    Zephyra   "Hair Appreciation"

Added May 08   Original Shoot Date   September 12, 1998  

Rodney meets Seattle hairy girl Zephyra at Seattle Center. He tells her how much he admires her extremely hairy armpits. She's so thankful for the compliment, she offers Rodney a blow job. Rodney checks out her hairy bush then checks out her cock sucking skills. Before filling her mouth with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast

Nikki Rhodes & Rodney     "Tongue Bathing"

Added May 02

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Nikki wants to take a hot bath but is having trouble with her water heater so she calls Rodney's Tongue Bathing Service. Rodney himself shows up and starts working, first on her feet, then her legs. When he gets a glimpse of her pubic hair, he gets excited. He dives in to her pussy, giving it a good licking. But soon his cock gets rock hard. Wanting to be professional, he tells her that he's going to have to stop and go take care of himself because her hairy pussy is getting him too worked up. Well, Nikki is pretty worked up herself and insists that Rodney finish what he's started. He gives her furry snatch a deep cleaning with his thick cock, but ends up making a sticky mess all over her face.

Classic Scene    Tabitha   "Happy Hairy Trail"

Added May 01   Original Shoot Date   June 29, 1998  

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