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Rodney Moore October 2018 Updates

Kensey Knox with Rodney Moore    "From Feet to Facial"

Added October 31   JOIN NOW

Kensey Knox comes to Rodney's studio to do a Foot Fetish video. He mentions that he also does sex videos but she says she's not interested in doing anything sexual. She changes into a sexy little costume and right away, he notices what a great body she has. He starts to worship her cute feet and decides to give her a blindfold to wear. Now that she can't see, he whips out his big cock and jerks off, smacking her toes with the tip. She catches him in the act and he insists it's only because she's so damned hot. Explaining that she never does this sort of thing, she starts to go down on him. She chokes and drools all over his thick cock, then he slips it into her tight pussy. They fuck hard until he gives her a creamy, Monster Facial.

Umma & CJ Bennett with Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "Country Store Whores"

Classic Scene  Added October 29   JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers need some Country clothes, so they cum to Umma's shop. She helps the guys try on hats and jeans, and even provides Wolf with a custom fitting…of his big, black cock into her juicy mouth. Then, Rodney tries to fit his huge dick into Umma's tight pussy! Next, she gets another customer, the sexy CJ Bennet to lick her hairless cunt. The girls get wet and sticky in a hot sixty-nine, before CJ sucks off lucky Rodney in the dressing room. He fucks her from behind, and then CJ gives a double blowjob. Wolf gets his turn pounding her hungry asshole, and Rodney and Wolf each shoot their huge loads of cum all over the girls' faces as they kiss.

Britney Young with Rodney Moore    "Erotic Massage"

Added October 26   JOIN NOW

Rodney arrives at his massage to find that the massage will be given by a chair. Trying to not be completely disappointed he convinces Britney, the big boobed owner of the chair, to at least make it erotic by taking her clothes off. She calls him on being pushy but can't seem to resist his charm and soon has her hand on his balls. Before long Britney has Rodney's thick cock in her mouth and sliding in between her 36B titties. It appears that Rodney just might get the erotic massage he wanted but it isn't over until Britney has Rodney's creamy, "happy ending" coating her giant, juicy jugs

Jynx Maze & Nikki Daniels with Jack Vegas & Dane Cross    "I'll Show You Mine"

Added October 24   JOIN NOW

Nikki and Dane stop by a tattoo shop to pick a tattoo design for him. They meet the shop owners, Jynx and Jack, who help them by showing off their tattoos and piercings. One thing leads to another and Jynx and Nikki end up with big, throbbing cocks in their mouths. Then the girls both get a big, mouth full of sticky goo that they share and swallow every last creamy drop.

Mei Lin with Rodney Moore    "Bath Fun"

Classic Scene  Added October 22   JOIN NOW

It's bath time, and Sexy Mei Lin is enjoying a hot bubble bath with Rodney. It doesn't take long before Mei is sucking on Rodney's raging boner and licking his meaty balls. Rodney returns the favor by licking her pussy and sticking his tongue in her hot tangy ass. Soon Rodney is bathing his big cock inside Mei's tight wet pussy. After some hot bath bangin, Rodney squirts a huge creamy load in her waiting mouth.

Nikko Jordan & Rodney     "Janitor Juice"

Added October 19   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy Nikko Jordan is on the phone telling her boyfriend how much she misses him. She also confesses that she had to buy a dildo to soothe her needs until he gets back. just as she hangs up the phone, Rodney the janitor shows to do a quick clean of the office so, he can leave early. Needing a little break, Nikko decides to excuse herself to the restroom for a moment while the janitor does his job. While in the restroom, she starts to have a little fun with her new dildo. She's having so much fun that she begins moaning loudly. Rodney hearing her moans of pleasure thinks she's in trouble and bursts into in the restroom to save her. Surprised and embarrassed, Nikko tells the janitor that it's been so long since she's had a cock, that she couldn't help herself, and offers to give him a bonus if he doesn't tell on her. It turns out that she also needs a huge favor…she needs to suck his cock. Rodney is a little shocked but, he's just a minimum wage janitor so, he has to say yes. Nikko pulls his pants down and is surprised again, this time by the size of Rodney's huge dick. As she starts to suck it, Rodney starts pumping in and out of her eager mouth. As it turns out, Nikko needs more than just a big cock to suck, she needs to be dominated. So, she offers to give Rodney an even bigger bonus if he would dominate her. Rodney, seeing a chance to show his boss that he's more than just a minimum wage janitor with fast broom and a big dick, he takes control. He fucks her mouth some more before commanding her to bathe his meaty balls with her tongue. And then he forces her to eat his ass right before he covers her face with a creamy load of his hot janitor juice.

Bowie Monroe & Rodney     "On The Job Discipline"

Added October 18   TRAILER

Cute and curvy redhead Bowie Monroe screwed the pooch at work, and it's time for boss Rodney to punish her! She begs for him not to fire her, so he settles for just disciplining her with his stern hand. He bends her over his lap and spanks her juicy ass cheeks until they are red. Then, he smacks her some more against a wall using a heavy flogger. Now, it's time for her to reward Rodney for his good deed--letting her keep her job. So she drops to her knees--cheats on her husband--and gives Rodney a super messy blow job. She drools and spits bubbles all over his enormous cock. He fucks her mouth good and hard until he shoots his goo all over her pretty face.

Kylee Reese with Barry Scott    "A Good Review"

Added October 17   JOIN NOW

Food Critic Barry Scott has returned to the restaurant where he got bad service. He wants to have a talk with the manager but Kylee intercepts him with Strawberries and a smile. She loves where she works and she'd do anything to get a good review from Barry. Soon she has him on the couch with his throbbing cock out. She sucks him deep while she fingers her snatch. Then Barry goes down on her, licking that sweet pussy until it's nice, wet and ready for his hard cock. He gives her a good fucking, then glazes the Strawberries with his sweet & salty cum for Kylee to eat up.

Eva Moore with Rodney Moore    "Bedtime"

Classic Scene  Added October 15   JOIN NOW

Eva is making her bed…in an alley, and on a filthy mattress. Apparently, that's where she sleeps. Rodney offers her a nice warm CLEAN bed, and she resists at first, but then consents to enjoy his hospitality. She also consents to enjoy him in her pretty mouth and her tight ass. Then she takes a huge, creamy Rodney Blast in the mouth and all over her face. How did this cute "hippie chick" end up sleeping in an alley? And taking a stranger's big wang up her tight butt? How?

Izzy Taylor with Rodney Moore    "Dizzy Izzy Gum Cum"

Added October 12   JOIN NOW

Izzy is a dizzy gum chewing blonde who can't do her day job right. When Boss Rodney threatens to fire her, she demands severance pay. When he tells her she doesn't deserve it, she informs him that she's going to go back to her stripper job, but will give him a private show if he'll give her that severance check. Not only does she earn the bonus, but after fucking his brains out, Rodney decides to let her stay on. When they're done humping, it's lunch time, but she has nothing to eat, so Rodney shoots some hot cream for her to eat with her chewing gum!

Siri with Rodney Moore    "Bob's Big Bikini Barn Blast"

Added October 10   JOIN NOW

At approximately 11am Friday morning, a very voluptuous woman with huge natural breasts was sitting at a table at a beach side bar in a very skimpy bikini, when she noticed a dime on the ground in front of her. She stooped over to pick it up, and her pendulous breasts popped right out of her top. Unfazed, she merely popped them back in. A man sitting at a nearby table noticed this and flung another dime in her direction. As soon as she saw it, she once again bent over to pick it up, and once again, the mammoth mammaries popped out of her bikini. The man continued to throw loose change her way, until his pockets were empty. Finally, he went over to her and announced that he was a TV commercial producer, and he recognized the bikini she was wearing as being one purchased from his newest client, Bob's Bikini Barn. The man asked her if she would be interested in modeling the bikini for a TV commercial he had been hired to do for Bob. She was more than willing. He gave her his card, and she agreed to come by his studio later that afternoon. She arrived on time, and the man took several photos of her posing in the skimpy bikini. When he was finished he assured her that Bob would love her and definitely want him to use her in the TV spot.The woman suddenly told the man that posing for nearly naked photos had made gotten her excited, and she asked the man if he would like to fool around. He was flattered by the offer, but told her that he liked to keep things professional, plus he had a girlfriend that he was faithful too. She suddenly popped out her big natural boobs, and insisted that the man at least touch them. He could not resist and fondled her huge hooters and was amazed at how soft they were. Now getting turned on himself, the man told the woman that he hoped she would not drool on her big breasts, because that would push him past the point of no return, and he would have to bang her. Of course, the woman took the hint and started to lather up her bosoms with her saliva, causing the man to drop his pants and start stroking his thick cock. He then told her to sit on the couch, and she continued to drool on her big breasts, causing him to lose all control and jam his throbbing hard prick deep inside her very wet pussy. He fucked her on the couch, licked her tight pussy, then fucked her doggie style. Then he said she should return the favor, so she got on her knees and sucked his fat cock. Soon they were fucking again, this time with her riding his massive dong as her body and boobs bounced up and down, swaying to the motion. Finally the man could take no more and exploded a huge, creamy blast on her face. She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, enjoying the site of sticky splooge on her.

Cynthia Foxxx with Rodney Moore    "Finding Betty"

Classic Scene  Added October 08   JOIN NOW

Up in the Northwest, Rodney finds Cynthia Foxx, a Seattle Stripper who spent a year in LA doing porn. She gets on her knees and takes Rodney's thick cock deep in her throat. And then shows him why she had no problem getting porno work by taking a huge Rodney Blast to the face.

Anita Blue with Rodney Moore    "Feeding Time"

Added October 05   JOIN NOW

Nurse Anita is taking care of Rodney who is going through Pussy Withdrawals. She ties him down and gives him a dose of her pink wet snatch. But that's nothing compared to the time that Rodney escaped and the only way to subdue him was to suck his big cock then, let him fuck her hard and swallow a healthy load of his thick, white goo.

Alexis & Alison with Dane Cross    "Double Down"

Added October 03   JOIN NOW

Dane walks into a club and asks to see Alexis.Sultry Alison looks him up and down and tells him that she's Alexis. She sits him down, makes him comfortable and takes out his cock. He watches with surprise as she starts to suck his throbbing cock. Soon the real Alexis walks in looking for Dane. She sees him getting head and joins in. The two girls suck his cock and balls until he unloads a big wad of hot cum into Alexis' open mouth. She swaps the sticky cum into Alison's mouth, where she swallows it all down.

Kaylynn & Alana Evans with Rodney Moore    "Share"

Classic Scene  Added October 01   JOIN NOW

Sexy little devils Kaylynn and Alana put on a nasty girlie show for Rodney. Then both girls take turns sucking and slobbering all over his big dick. Rodney returns the favor by licking their wet pussies and shoving his thick cock back in their throats before he cums across their pretty faces in classic John Holmes style.

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