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Rodney Moore September 2018 Updates

Delila & Natalie with Rodney Moore    "Making the Rent"

Added September 28   JOIN NOW

Natalie and Delila are 2 deadbeats that haven't paid their rent. They'd rather spend their days lounging in the pool than working. Landlord Rodney comes to collect, but they dangle the check just out of his reach from the pool. When he tries a little too hard to grab it, he falls in, clothes and all. Now he's mad, so they try to "make it up" to him by sucking his big dick. And it works because Rodney takes turns licking their pussies and shoving his thick cock down their throats before covering their faces with a creamy Rodney Blast. Wow, these girls really know how to keep a landlord happy!

Dhalia Denyle with Rodney Moore    "Sexual Dysfunctions"

Added September 26   JOIN NOW

Rodney meets Dhalia in the waiting room at the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic. While waiting, he asks her what her problem is. She says it's private. He tells her his problem of whipping out his privates uncontrollably in public. Suddenly he gets that uncontrollable urge so, he whips out his big dick and starts jerking-off. Dhalia tells him her problem is she can only get-off when her toes are sucked. No problem, says Rodney. He sucks her toes, she sucks and drools on his big cock, then he fucks her tight pussy and cums on her shoe. She eats every gooey drop, both their problems are solved.

Fawnna with Rodney Moore    "Not My Awards"

Classic Scene  Added September 24   JOIN NOW

Fawnna comes to Rodney representing an Adult Video Magazine and threatens to take his awards away if he doesn't stop complaining about his reviews. Rodney begs forgiveness, vows to never be critical of the reviews again, but asks Fawnna to sample first hand his "wacky style" of shooting so perhaps at least she will "get it". She definitely gets it in more ways than one. Did we mention this girl has one of the most incredible set of natural boobs you will ever see?

Devyn Love with Rodney Moore     "Stepdad's Lesson In Lust"

Added September 21   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy redhead Devyn Love surprises her stepdad Rodney at work. She convinces him to let her try on a sexy outfit she bought to win back her ex-boyfriend, but then she takes things a step further and begs to let her suck his huge cock. She thinks that her boyfriend dumped her because she gave bad head. Maybe Rodney could teach her how to do it right? She smiles big when he finally stuffs his long dick into her soft, warm mouth. Rodney hows her just how to flutter her tongue against his dangling balls. He fucks her face and big tits against the office wall behind his desk. He tells Devyn if she were to lick her ex's asshole, he'd surely take her back! So she eats his man hole before Rodney concludes their lesson by shooting his big load straight into her mouth. Like a good student, she swallows!

Felicia Clover with Rodney Moore     "Legalize Sex Workers"

Added September 20  

Felicia Clover is a gorgeous chubby girl who is working to get people to sign a petition to legalize prostitution. She runs into Rodney who is so supportive that he invites her back to his place to write her a donation. He tells her he's in the adult industry and she instantly becomes fascinated. When she learns how big Rodney's cock is things start to heat up. What starts out as touching a cock leads to Felicia putting Rodney's thick cock in her mouth and then having her wet pussy fucked. She has huge breasts that bounce as she gets fucked. A Rodney Blast to the face completes Rodney's donation!

Harper Leigh with Rodney Moore    "Practice Fuck"

Added September 19   JOIN NOW

Rodney is excited to have booked two new models. When he comes home to tell Harper, he finds her on her knees with his drink. She's been waiting all day for him to return. He sips his drink, tells her the news and then stuffs his big cock in her mouth. He's a little disappointed that she's not sucking cock as good as he taught her so he gives her a spanking. That's more like it, now she's sucking him deep and sloppy. Harper then persuades him to practice fuck her. Not a bad idea. He bangs her hard, then unloads his creamy goo into her mouth.

Ashley with Rodney Moore    "Change of Heart"

Classic Scene  Added September 17   JOIN NOW

Sexy Seattle girl Ashley actually turned down the golden opportunity to star in this movie but, she suddenly had a change of heart. So she calls Rodney over to film her bonking him. Rodney is raring to go, and starts out by licking her tight pussy, before shoving his thick cock deep in her eager throat. Then he fucks her hard and pulls out so he can squirt a thick-n-creamy Rodney Blast all over her mouth!

Holly Michaels with Rodney Moore    "Horn Dog Factory"

Added September 14   JOIN NOW

Beautiful cute tall (6 foot) Holly Michaels is applying for a job. She has experience and she loves to do it. But what she loves to do is make "Corn Dogs,". Seems she came to the Horn Dog Factory instead of the Corn Dog Factory across the street. Oh well, anyone can make a mistake, and Rodney's a firm believer in taking a lemon and making lemonade. Speaking of "firm," he soon has his firm, thick corn dog in her sweet sexy mouth. Wait, is that creamy mayo going down her throat into her belly?

Charley Chase with Mark Zane & Sascha    "Kinky"

Added September 12   JOIN NOW

Sexy Charley Chase has made an appointment to get a massage with Mark. With all the kinks she has, one masseur will never be enough so she asks her friend Sascha to help out. Soon after taking her clothes off, it becomes clear to Mark that Charley is looking to not only get a massage but returns the favor with sloppy blowjobs. To ensure Charley has a happy ending, Mark and Sascha give her a mouthful of their own warm, creamy massage oil.

Lynn Pleasant     "Lynn Needs Cock"

Added September 11

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Lynn needs to get laid at least 3 or 4 times a week, so she's joined a dating site. She's not happy with the men she's met so far, so she goes to Rodney for some new photos. She's poses for some sexy pics but soon wants him to shoot her in the nude. Before he can stop her, Lynn has shed her clothes and is spreading her legs on his couch. After a few more photos, horny little Lynn is pulling down Rodney's pants and sucking on his big cock. First she gives him some sloppy head, then she gives him a wet, hairy pussy to fuck. He bangs her tight bush then gives her a Monster Facial.

Daejha Milan with Rodney Moore    "Where's Uncle Paul?"

Classic Scene  Added September 10   JOIN NOW

Daejha Milan can't seem to find her Uncle Paul. She knocks on Rodney's door and asks him but, he hasn't seen her uncle either. Lucky for her though, Rodney does have a big hard cock for her to suck on. So she drools and slobbers all over his thick meat and then rides him hard until he squirts hot, sticky goo all over her pretty face.

Mindy Belle with Rodney Moore    "Poke Her"

Added September 07   JOIN NOW

Mindy's boyfriend sends her over to Rodney's place to settle a poker bet that he won. Expecting cash or a check, Rodney is surprised when Mindy says that payment will be made in sexual favors. At first he doesn't believe it but, soon Mindy starts sucking and drooling on his big cock and meaty balls. He then slips his dick into her tight, wet pussy, bangs her hard and then coats her face with his hot, sticky goo.

Holly & Emma with Rodney Moore    "A Lesson in Cum"

Added September 05   JOIN NOW

Leggy brunette Emma shows up at Rodney's apartment for a lingerie shoot. He spies on the tattooed babe while she changes into a sexy negligee, and then he gets caught jerking off while she is posing with her back turned. She runs out but returns with her model manager Holly Blaze to teach Rodney a lesson! Turns out Holly can't resist his big cock, so its up to Emma to punish them both. She spanks Emma's cute butt while she slobbers all over Rodney's huge dick. Rodney rewards the naughty girl by shooting his humongous load all over her nose, cheeks and chin.

Stacey Stax     "The Hairy Pianist"

Added September 04

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Sexy Hairy Girl Stacey Stax can't afford to pay for a full lesson, so piano teacher Rodney says that she can have one for free…if she will do it completely nude! So she shows off her hairy armpits and pussy while fingering the black and white keys. Then, Rodney shows her a special technique that involves gripping his big, hard dick. The cock hungry chick starts slobbering on his huge knob, and begs Rodney to tug on her prickly nipples. He even punishes the hirsute hottie with a spanking before covering her face with a hot and creamy load of jizz.

Kaylynn with Rodney Moore    "Foto Fix"

Classic Scene  Added September 03   JOIN NOW

Sexy brunette Kaylynn is in a hurry to get her photo taken for a model application, so she offers to blow Rodney in exchange for playing camera man. She takes him on the roof for a sexy photo shoot, but soon they're both back downstairs and she is sucking on his fat cock. She drools all over his huge meat stick until he spurts out a super milky, sudsy load of cum all over her nose and lips.

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