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Rodney Moore December 2018 Updates

Mariah with Rodney Moore    "Drool Mariah"

Classic Scene  Added December 31   JOIN NOW

Mariah sure is pretty, and she looks even better slobbering and drooling up a storm on Rodney's huge rod. She gives him a wild ride in her hot, wet pussy till he paints her lovely face with a big, creamy load of hot goo.

Marley Mason with Rodney Moore    "Anniversary Slut"

Added December 28   JOIN NOW

Marley comes to Rodney's Photos Studio to take some risque photos for her husband for their anniversary. She brought some cute outfits and tries one on. She didn't realize how revealing it would be - even her pubes are poking out! Rodney has her doing some kinky poses, which starts to excite her. When Rodney's cock comes out, she takes a taste test. Soon she's sucking his balls too. It looks like Marley is letting her Secret Slut side out, because now she's got her legs up in the air and Rodney's big cock deep inside her. They fuck on the couch, they fuck on the floor. She rides him hard. Then finally, he fills her mouth with his cum.

Brooke Scott with Jack Fountain & Tommy Hunt    " Payback is a Bitch "

Added December 26   JOIN NOW

Brooke Scott is promoted to Vice President over her rivals Jack Fountain and Tommy Hunt. To pay them back for their sexist remarks and to show them who's boss, she makes them her Personal Sex Assistants. First she has them get naked and rub her feet. Then she wants to see them jerk their cocks. Once hard, she makes them let her suck their throbbing cocks. It seems she has a real taste for cock. She sucks and drools on their turgid meat sticks until they both cum on her face.

Melissa with Rodney Moore    "Sexy Sweeper"

Classic Scene  Added December 24   JOIN NOW

Rodney is out for his daily stroll when he stumbles on Melissa, a tall, slender Seattle girl, sweeping the alley. While chatting it up a bit, Melissa tells him that she barely gets paid for the job so, Rodney offers her a job as a maid cleaning his apartment. Once there he gives her the official maid outfit to wear and has her model it to make sure it fits. The place is messy but, it turns out his big dick is even messier. So she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls to clean all the mess out. When that doesn't work Rodney takes over and gives her a good licking before fucking her wet little pussy. And it works because soon he's pumping a hot, messy Rodney Blast all over her face to clean.

Zoey Holloway with Rodney Moore    "Doctor MILF"

Added December 21   JOIN NOW

At the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic, Doctor Holloway talks with Rodney about Chronic Masturbation, but it's hard to do when he's stroking his cock in front of her. He tries to cover her sexy legs, but it's no use. She's just too damn hot. If he can just get off, then maybe she'll have a chance at curing him. The best thing to do is to make him cum, so she takes his big hard cock deep inside her wet snatch. He fucks her hard and she's loving it. When he finally covers her face with his thick creamy goo, it's time to start the traditional therapy.

Amber & Samantha with Jack Fountain, Jack Vegas & Brad Hardy    "Little Titty"

Added December 19   JOIN NOW

In the Diner, Little Titty is hot for the cute blonde waitress. After getting her to suck tongue with her, she gets crazed, grabs her boyfriend's gun and demands the two dudes at the bar strip down so she can suck their hard cocks. The shy waitress joins in on the sucking and drooling and after the two dudes squirt their loads, the girls swap the hot, sticky goo.

Regan Starr with Rodney Moore    "Dance"

Classic Scene  Added December 17   JOIN NOW

Sex kitten, Regan Starr dances seductively as Rodney looks on. She begins slowly stripping and then gets down on her knees and sucks his thick cock deep into her throat till it's soaking wet with her saliva. Then Rodney takes over and pumps her mouth hard until he explodes and soaks her face with his hot, creamy seed.

Whitney Wright & Rodney     "Boudoir Shoot Goo"

Added December 14   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Beautiful girl next door Whitney Wright cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her fiancee's birthday. But she is so seductive and horny for cock in the video, Rodney can't help but pull out his hard dick. His engorged member turns her on even more, and she can't resist sucking on it. He fucks her sweet face while she plays with his balls and drools all over her sexy tits. Her incredible ass cheeks clap together while she bobs up and down on his meat stick. She even tongues his asshole while jerking him off. Finally, Rodney feeds her a mouthful of hot and sticky cum that she blows bubbles with and swallows.

Claire Dames with Barry Scott    "Just Business"

Added December 12   JOIN NOW

Claire isn't sure she wants her line of cosmetics sold in Barry's Department Store as he comes across to her as a bit "light in the loafers." In order to be sure, she decides to suck his cock and see how her reacts. He seems pretty into it and even fucks her big titties and licks her asshole. She continues to chow down on his meat with a sloppy BJ until Barry turns her around and shoots his load into her ass crack.

Lily with Rodney Moore    "Shy Model"

Classic Scene  Added December 10   JOIN NOW

Lily is a shy girl, but she decides if getting on her knees and sucking the photographers big dick is what it takes to be a model, than that's what she's going to do, right up to the point of getting a big cum blast in the face.

Soona B. Poppin with Rodney Moore    "Big Surprise"

Added December 07   JOIN NOW

Soona comes over to see Rodney for the first time in 8 months and has some shocking news. She's 8 months pregnant. Thinking he's going to be a dad, he passes out. Soona revives him with some fresh milk from her engorged nipples. He wakes up to find out it's not him. Whew! But perv that he is, now he's turned on by her big belly and her tasty titty milk, that he swallows! After finishing his liquid diet, he starts plowing away at her pouty pussy, and soon she's swallowing his hot, gooey man milk too.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Busty, Bound and Banged"

Added December 06   TRAILER

Without a word, busty and bound BBW Amy Villainous serves Rodney a drink, and then waits in the corner. Soon, she's tickling his balls with a feather duster that's attached to her mouth in some wild BDSM contraption! Rodney hardly pays his slave girl any attention as she services his huge cock. Instead, he watches RodneyMoore.com porn on his phone! She continues to bathe his nuts with her soft tongue before showing off her humongous titties! Then, Rodney eats her asshole and slide his monster dick into her fat pussy. She pounds her thick ass cheeks back into him doggystyle, and even gives him a foot job. He spanks and fucks Amy to ecstasy until he finally straddles her bonkers big knockers and unloads a gallon of goo onto them.

Charlotte Vale with Bill Bailey & Alan Stafford    "A Hard Bargain"

Added December 05   JOIN NOW

Bill and Alan are at a Strip Club when they see the beautiful Charlotte Vale step out to the pole. After a few moves, they end up with poles of their own. When she goes to leave they want more. With hard cocks, they start throwing down more money. She smiles and says she can give them more, but only if they have big dicks. When they whip them out, she goes to town and starts sucking 'em down. Charlotte deep throats them both and then takes their hot, sticky loads all over her pretty face.

Syren Smiles with Rodney Moore    "Sloppy Roommate"

Classic Scene  Added December 03   JOIN NOW

Syren's room is a sloppy mess. When Rodney it, he immediately insists that she clean it up. Syren has a better idea, and offers to give him a hot, sloppy blow job instead of cleaning her room. It's a tough choice but, Rodney decides to take the blow job. And what a great choice it is because, now after Syren finishes taking his huge cock deep in her throat, he gets to make his own sloppy mess all over her pretty face.


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