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Here's the Latest Rodney Moore Hairy Girl Updates

July 22, 2024   Hot Hairy Update

"Homeless aned Horny"

Natasha with Rodney

Rodney finds a cute homeless girl sleeping on a bench. He invites her to his hotel room where she's able to take a hot shower. Then she returns the favor by showering him with affection. She also blows him and fucks him and gets a Rodney Blast on her face.

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July 18, 2024   Hairy Hot Update

"Oh Dolores!"

Dolores Hayes

The lovely Dolores Hayes enjoys a beautiful view from her balcony. The warm sun gets her hot and horny and it's a perfect day to get herself off. She massages her big breasts before turning her attention to her unshaved pussy. She wets her fingers and starts fondling her fur-covered clit. Before long she's ramming her fingers up her hairy pussy. Her body quivers in delight as she reaches the big O!


July 11, 2024   Hairy Hot Update

"Sweet Revenge"

Heather & Alice with Rodney

Rodney is a sleazy Photographer, trying to get into Heather's panties with promises of STARDOM. When her girlfriend Alice walks in, she's furious and tells Rodney to fuck off. The girls argue but quickly makeup and make out. Soon they notice Rodney watching from outside, masturbating. Rather than get mad, they decide to fuck with him by dancing naked and then inviting him back inside to suck their toes. I guess they think Rodney wouldn't like that? Or having their asses shoved in his face? Little do they know how much Rodney loves this kind of revenge. They continue to tempt him with their mouths and pussies, giving his cock a great workout. Finally, they coax him to shoot a huge Rodney Blast all over Heather's sexy bush, which Alice laps up.


July 10, 2024   Hot Hairy Update

"The Troll and the Trollop"

Sandy Lu with Rodney

Rodney discovers the Troll under the bridge. When he discovers a very cute girl walking by, he asks her to tell him about the troll. When she mentions she's cold, he invites her back to his warm room, where he discovers not only some great perky tits, but a nice hairy bush. They kiss, they eat each other, they fuck and she gets her prize, a nice Rodney Blast!

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July 4, 2024   Hairy Thursday Hot Update

"Scratch My Hairy Snatch"

Katie Zucchini with Rodney

Sexy Katie Zucchini has a bit of a problem, the hairy parts of her body are all itchy! And she has A LOT of hairy parts. While she's waiting to see the doctor about her problem, another patient comes in. Seems he has an itching problem too but his seems to be restricted to his balls. They decide to help each other out. Rodney scratches her hairy legs for her and she gently massages his balls for him. The stimulation seems to be helping so they kick it up a notch. She swallows his cock and licks his balls, then he licks her hairy pussy. She suddenly develops a very deep itch so the best thing for Rodney to do of course is bury his dick deep in her furry snatch. They bang away until he coats her massive bush in a big, sticky wad of cream.

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June 27, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous playful hairy girl is hard at work showing off
her body and reviewing a new vibrator for her extra hot and hairy pussy!

"Felix's Forest" - Hi and welcome to Felix's Forest show with your hairy host, Felix Weatherwood. Today she's going to review a great product from their new sponsor, the Violet Magic Vibrator. It's powerful, with lots of settings to satisfy every part of her hairy body. She rubs it on her nipples and her hairy armpits. Then she gently massages her furry bush. But she's going to need someone to lick her hairy muff before she shoves the vibrator all the way in. Are you up for the task? Bury your face in all that hair and make sure her pussy gets good and wet. Soon she's able to shove her toy deep in her hairy hole. She tests the vibrator in various positions until her body is quivering in delight. Seems like her new toy gets two thumbs up!! - featuring Felix Weatherwood


June 20, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy cutie gets the manager pussywhipped
quick with a blowjob and hairy humping!

"Up on the Roof" - Hairy cutie Christi is sunbathing on a Seattle rooftop. Some neighbors might enjoy the view, but some have complained. So the Building Manager must come up and ask her to put some clothes on. But instead of putting her clothes on, she persuades him to take some clothes off…just enough to suck his cock. After a bit of hot sixty-nine action on the roof, they go indoors where he humps her hairy twat furiously, and then squirts a hot, gooey mess all over her face. - featuring Christi & Varian Gray


June 13, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Normie hairy girl decides to give an awesome deepthroat blowjob and
world-class ass lickin' on camera! Rodney gives her a huge Rodney Blast in return!

"First Time Face Fuck" - Cute Seattle girl Alexia shows up at Rodney's in response to an ad for girls to give blowjobs on video. Alexia has never given a blowjob on video, but loves giving them. She wants to give one right now! She gets down to business with his dick in her mouth for some good ole fashioned face fucking. Rodney is just getting started and she gets completely naked so nothing gets in the way of this hot dick suckin. Now it's time for some dirty deepthroat action with a side of ass licking before he unloads a hot thick Rodney Blast all over her mouth. - featuring Alexia & Rodney


June 6, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy hottie plays with her very hairy pussy poolside!

"Poolside Pussy Play" - Ann Parker is a little hottie who wants to lounge by the pool and play with her hairy pussy. And you get to watch! She's brought a dildo with her so she starts rubbing it against her panties getting her hairy pussy all wet. She takes those off revealing a thick lush bush. After she gets completely naked, she plays with her fur-covered clit and rams her fingers up her hairy hole. But it's back to her favorite toy to finish the job. She massages her furry muff until she's writhing in ecstasy. - featuring Ann Parker


May 30, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Redheaded exhibitionist with huge boobs and a hairy twat
isn't shy about showing off every inch of her hairy body! Her hairy
nipples and treasure trail are explored till she cums on a huge dildo!

"Hairy Treat!" - Sylvia's wearing a sexy new dress that really shows off her huge boobs and her hairy legs. She loves that all of the guys in the cafe seem to be staring at her. One guy even has the nerve to take some pictures. However, Sylvia's flattered that he loves hairy girls and lets him continue to take pictures of her. She spreads her legs wide so he can get a close-up of her fiery red bush. Then she unleashes her massive tits and shakes them all around. She strips all the way naked revealing her curvy, hairy body to the camera. She pleasures her hairy pussy with a dildo, shoving the toy deep inside her tight twat. - featuring Sylvia Sinclaire

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May 24, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Red-headed, big boob nympho, mounts Rodney's mouth
and cock, before he mounts her then gives her the goo!

"Late Night Snack" - Big boobed Sabrina is horny but Rodney is busy. So she has to take care of herself. She fondles her big boobs and plunges her fingers deep into her pink pussy. She then decides that she shouldn't have to settle for pleasing herself. So she gets Rodney and sits her plump ass right down in his face. He does not mind a late night snack. He munches her muff while she sucks his dick. Then she mounts his cock and rides him with delight while her huge boobs bounce all around. He leaves her happy with a Rodney Blast to her sweet face. - featuring Sabrina Stylez & Rodney


May 23, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Reserved but very hairy Lucy Sky goes wild and gives
Rodney a very enthusiastic blow job and swallows all his spunk!

"Gotta Goo!" - Lucy Sky's has to call plumber Rodney. He fixes the issue right away and Lucy goes to use it right away. But Rodney has to go too and he doesn't think he can hold it until she's done. Maybe if he can get a hard-on, he won't have to go anymore. Luckily Lucy is happy to help with that. She strokes his cock and fondles his balls then starts sucking. She takes his hard rod and works her magic. Then Rodney returns the favor by licking her hairy pussy. He sucks on her cute little toes some before she finishes her blow job. Rodney spews his spunk all over her needy lips and ready for a Blast tongue! - featuring Lucy Sky & Rodney


May 22, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy Whore Blows Rodney In Car, Licks His Ass at Home and Eats Semen!

"Hairy Whore" - Rodney spots nasty looking Ethereal in an alley and when he pulls up next to her, she naturally asks him if he wants a blowjob! He of course asks her to jump into the car and she strokes and blows him while he drives back to his place. There, she continues the nasty BJ, and also licks his balls and sticks her tongue up his ass, causing him to finally blow a big load into her mouth and all over her face! - featuring Ethereal Pleasant

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May 16, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Petite and pretty hairy girl with massive bush, pushes
her limits with a big black dildo in her little and hairy asshole!

"Hairy and Lovin It " - Hi, I'm Thelma Sleaze and I'm new to the business but not new to expressing myself sexually. I'm somewhat of an anomaly here in LA where there are not a lot of hairy girls. People stared at me as a strolled around the fashion district today but I really don't care. I love to strut my stuff with my beautiful hairy legs! And I know you like it too. I know you love my hairy armpits and I know you will like my hairy pussy even more. There is no way these tiny panties can contain my massive bush, might as well take them off. Come and bury your face deep in my massive bush. Watch me massage my furry clit. I'm getting so wet with you watching me. But my fingers just aren't enough to satisfy me so I whip out my big black dildo to get the job done. Watch me shove my toy deep in my hairy snatch. I'm still so horny so next I make that dildo disappear up my tight fur-covered butt hole. With my ass fully filled, I continue ramming my fingers into my dripping wet hairy pussy. - featuring Thelma Sleaze

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May 9, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

2 extra hot hairy girls bury their pretty faces deep in their juicy wet fluffy muffs!

"Hair To Stay" - Hairy secretary Olivia tells her boss (and equally hairy) Simone about her date last night but it didn't go so well. When her date discovered all her leg hair, he did not like it and said it was either him or the hair. Simone does not think Olivia should shave all that beautiful, luscious hair and she invites Olivia to the couch so they can talk about it. But before long the girls are licking each others hot hairy bodies. Clothes and panties come flying off revealing huge, beautiful bushes. Olivia massages Simone's furry clit then buries her face deep in her muff. In return, Simone tongue fucks Olivia deep then gets out the strap-on so she can really please her. She bangs Olivia hard with the dildo until both girls' hairy bodies writhe in ecstasy. - featuring Olivia & Simone

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May 2, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot Giselle gets one fucking and two cumshots!
First she gets a huge classic Rodney Blast to her
pretty face and round two is all about the muff!

"Two for Giselle" - Rodney spots Giselle watching a porn movie on her deck. The girl on the screen has a hairy pussy and Giselle likes it. So does Rodney. He also notices that Giselle has a nice full bush herself. Since they're both watching hairy girl porn together, maybe they should go inside and help each other get off. Rodney licks Giselle's hairy pussy and she sucks his cock until he spews a load all over her face. But Rodney's not done yet. She sucks his cock some more then he pounds her furry muff hard. He goos up her fuzzy forest with a second cumshot. - featuring Giselle & Rodney


April 25, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Super Hairy Claire Shows Off Her Hairy Legs, Hairy Pits, Hairy Happy Trail
and Her Super Hairy Bush, and She Loves to Play With Her Hairy Pussy!

"Super Hairy Claire" - She's got it all! Hairy legs, hairy armpits, a happy trail, and a super hairy bush! Don't forget her great boobies too! Watch this Hot Hairy Girl get herself off! - featuring Claire

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April 18, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Long Lost Scene!
Beautiful BUSHY bongo player gets creative on Rodney's cock
and with his cumshot! She is an expert in cum play and swallowing!

"Hairy Bongo Beater" - Ali beats on a bottle in a beatnik bar, but even hipsters don't want to see her pubes poking out, it distracts from the beat. So manager Rodney tells her she must wear panties. She complains that they itch her too much, but he insists, and sure enough, when the panties go on, she starts scratchin' herself down there. Whatever makes her itchy must be contagious, cos now Rodney's itchin'. Itchin' to get his cock in her mouth. He helps relieve her itch by licking her snatch, then he shoots a load on her face. - featuring Ali Kat & Rodney

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April 11, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Busy but cute and sexy hairy girl gets her butt spanked and a
titty fuck, but still has time for a fuck and a huge Rodney Blast!

"Bushy Breakfast Bang" - Meka is being a very bad girl. She's about to leave for a photo shoot without making Rodney's breakfast! Rodney won't stand for it so he gives her rear a good spanking and turns her creamy butt cheeks bright red. Looks like she's going to be late for her photo shoot because Rodney makes her suck his dick as well. She doesn't seem to mind as she laps eagerly at his huge schlong. Rodney spanks her boobs and butt some more before ramming his rod deep into her hairy pussy. He bangs her from behind first then she rides his cock reverse cow girl style. They fuck each other long and hard in many positions. Occasionally Rodney spanks her rear a few more times just to remind her what naughty girl she is. She even bounces up and down on the joy rider for some wet & wild hands-free fuckin!. Rodney is almost ready to blow but, he thrusts his pole back into that furry little pussy doggy style for some more fuckin and hair pulling. Seems that's all he needed as he pulls out and coats her ready eager tongue with his hot sticky cream. Oh well, now Meka is so late for her photo shoot that, she might as well make those bacon and eggs right? - featuring Meka & Rodney


April 4, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot MILFY bimbo with hairy pussy wants dick will fuck!
She gets a Rodney Blast to her hot hairy bush!

"Tainted Gift" - Veronica comes over to buy Rodney's used massage chair. When she tests it out, she gets more than she bargains for. Some girls will do anything to get a good price, including modeling, fucking and letting a Rodney blast a hot load of cream all over them. - featuring Veronica Rayne & Rodney


March 28, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

2 hairy hotties play with each other's extra hairy bodies till they both cum!

"Hairy Hottie Playtime" - Sylvia and Charlie are two Hairy Hotties with a lot of sexy clothes to try on. The girls start stripping and flashing their hairy bodies as they help each other get in and out of sexy lingerie. All of this touching and seeing each others naked furry bodies has made them super horny. So the girls head into the bedroom to have some real hairy fun. As they strip down, Sylvia playfully nibbles on Charlie's big tits. Then her fingers find their way down to Charlie's massive bush. Both girls finger each others' hairy pussies. Fingering leads to some heavy tongue action as Sylvia buries her face in Charlie's thick bush. Charlie returns the favor with her favorite strap-on toy. She thrusts her toy cock deep in Sylvia's hairy hole. The girls go at it hot and heavy and soon, Sylvia's hairy pussy is twitching in delight. Then it's time for some hairy girl snuggle time! - featuring Sylvia & Charlie

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March 21, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous and sexy very hairy girl plays
with all her hot and fluffy fur just for you!

"Furry Fun" - Tall and sexy Kristina is the Seattle Hairy Girl of your dreams. She has it all! Lush hairy armpits and perky little furry nipples, is just what you like. She beckons you to follow her treasure trail all the way down to her furry pussy, and let your tongue go wild in her thick bush. The fun is not over yet though. Sit back and enjoy the show as she pulls out her slick black dildo and thrusts it deep into her hairy honeypot until she orgasms just for you. - featuring Kristina


March 14, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Huge boobs and a hairy pussy drive Rodney to fuck the maid.
She has a lot of cleaning up to do after getting her hairy pussy
plowed and mouth and massive tits splashed with a Rodney Blast!

"Mop Topless & Very Hairy" - Rodney contacts Mop Topless to have his floors cleaned and the company sends over big boob babe Kitty Lee. She starts mopping, but the sight of those huge hot hooters is driving Rodney crazy. Of course, he whips it out and of course, she can't help to suck it! He is in hairy heaven when he finds out she has a beautiful thick bush too! He plows her pussy while she moans, loving every minute of his big dick in her hairy pussy. Finally, he unleashes a massive load of hot and sticky spunk into her mouth. Way too much to swallow, the load leaks all over her gorgeous gigantic juggs. - featuring Kitty Lee & Rodney


March 7, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous hairy girl with waist-length hair gets an anal pummeling to her
hot and hairy hole. She even gets a cumshot to her gaping hairy asshole!

"Workout Wench" - Gorgeous, Hairy Wednesday is working out when she spots Tom pumpin' iron. She decides she needs a bit of pumpin' and starts sucking on his penis. Her well-developed mouth and ass muscles both get a good workout. He licks her hairy bush, then rims her hairy asshole, before pummeling her tight hairy hole. He pulls out and cums all over her hairy gaping asshole! - featuring Wednesday & Tom


February 29, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

2 hot hairy girls live out their sub and dom dreams
with sucking face and pussy, spankings and dildos!

"Hairy Stress Relief" - Simone is in the kitchen doing dishes when Mistress Ivy comes home from a hard days work in the dungeon. She's completely stressed out and needs to take out some aggression. That's just what Simone is there for. She knows just how to get her Mistress relaxed. The girls start kissing and fondling each other's hairy bodies. Ivy smacks Simone's butt 'til it's pink. It turns out Simone hasn't finished all of the chores so Mistress Ivy decides to give her a little bit of tough lovin. She spanks her ass some more then commands Simone to start touching herself. Soon both girls are fondling their fur-covered clits. But Ivy needs to release some aggression so she straps on her big dildo and bangs Simone's hairy pussy hard. Both hairy girls climax hard but it's back to the kitchen and more chores for Simone. - featuring Ivy & Simone Delilah


February 22, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous hairy girl Lena Ramon and her legendary fucking
and drooling BJ skills are on full display here!

"Vinyl Vixen" - Rent is due and Rodney is a little short on cash, so he goes to see hairy hippy girl Lena Ramon, the "Vinyl Vixen" to see if he can sell some old albums to make up the difference. Rodney shows her the albums he wants to sell but as luck would have it, Lena already has all the albums. So Rodney shows her the last album he brought with him and it turns out, that's the one album she needs for her collection, but Rodney really doesn't want to sell it but maybe there's something she'll trade for it, like her hairy pussy. Rodney makes an offer, if she lets Rodney do what he wants with that beautiful bush for 20 minutes, he will part with his album. He goes to town licking her furry clit and ramming his fingers up her hairy hole. She's even willing to suck his big cock for the record. She gives him a sloppy, wet blow job then she lets him bang that hairy pussy hard. She goes back to sucking his rod and sucks the spunk right out of him. Rodney's happy to give away his prized possession now, Lena's earned it! - featuring Lena Ramon & Rodney


February 15, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot exhibitionist takes it inside to show you everything! Pretty
hairy girl has a treasure trail, nipple hair, hairy armpits,
hairy legs, and of course, a very extra hairy pussy!

"Lila" - Lila romps around Seattle wearing nothing but an overcoat and flashes her hairy twat. Then she goes inside and gets naked showing off the rest of her completely hairy body. She's even got hair around her perky nipples. Get in close and get a good look at her furry armpits and legs. Then follow her treasure trail and bury your face in her luscious, hairy pussy. - featuring Lila


February 8, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous, petite Marie McCray works the stripper pole and then fucks Rodney's pole!
She gets a Rodney Blast to her hot red fluffy muff!

"Red Pussy" - At the Pussy Pussy Strip Club, Rodney sees the beautiful Marie McCray with her long legs and fiery red hair. When the bikini comes off, Rodney sees that she has a great hairy bush too. Excited, he whips out his cock and starts to masturbate. Marie tries to tell him not too but he keeps beating off. When he talks her into letting him rub his cock against her pubes, he manages to slip inside her. Before she can protest, she starts to moan with delight. She takes him deep inside her bush, then her mouth. Grateful, he soaks her fiery red pubes with a Rodney Blast. - featuring Marie McCray & Rodney


February 1, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Two very hairy girls go at it! They give each other's
hot hairy bodies their full attention till they cum!

"Extra Hairy Latte" - Hairy cutie Carley comes to the coffee shop wearing a tiny dress and no panties. Her thick, hairy bush is fully exposed. She tries to order coffee but server Olivia asks her to leave since her pubes are hanging out and customers are complaining. But Carley wants some coffee so Olivia tells her she can borrow a pair of her panties. When Carley goes to look for them in the employee lounge, she also finds a big dildo. She sucks on the toy and starts to rub it against her hairy pussy but Olivia catches her in the act. Olivia doesn't mind at all and takes over pleasing Carley's hairy muff. They explore each other's hairy bodies, licking and sucking on their fur covered nipples and clits. Then Olivia pulls out another surprise from her draw, a strap on. Things get really kinky and Olivia bangs Carley with it. After they've played with the strap on for a while, they finger each others pussies 'til their hairy bodies quiver in orgasmic delight. - featuring Olivia & Carley


January 25, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute redhead gets her red hot muff
plowed and a mouth and face full of cum!

"Fast Growing Pubes" - Cherry has a big problem. Seems her pubic hair grows back as fast as she can shave it off. She can't get work from the bald beaver crazed porn producers. She decides to visit Dr. Howard Ramone to see if he can cure her problem. Of course, the Doctor loves pubic hair, and his cure involves lots of licking, sucking and fucking. And of course, a huge, sticky load his patented cream ointment . - featuring Cherry Poppens & Rodney

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January 18, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous Katie Zucchini is hairy in all the right
places and is ready to show you every inch!

"Hairy Dream Date" - Beautiful Katie Zucchini had a great time on your date and now she's ready to slip into something a bit more comfortable for the evening. She warned you earlier that she was a hairy girl and now she's relieved that you haven't run out the door yet. She wants to put on a super sexy, super hairy show just for you. She shows off her long armpit hair first. Then she lets you lick the velvety soft fur on her legs. Of course her hairiest spot of all his her big thick bush. You get to plunge your face deep in her thick muff. Then you get to taste her fur covered butt hole. She fingers her hairy pussy, pounding her hairy hole hard until she's moaning in ecstasy. - featuring Katie Zucchini


January 11, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Petite, extra cute hairy girl hasn't shaved or
fucked in months! Rodney pounds her hot muff
and then cums inside her for a creampie surprise!

"Hard Time and Hairy" - Emma Evins is doing time and after a month in lock-up, she finally gets to see her boyfriend, Rodney. However, since they won't let her have razors in prison, she hasn't shaved in a while. She takes her shirt off for Rodney, warning him about the hairy situation. However, he's so excited just to see her boobs again, he doesn't seem to mind the hair at all. In fact he kind of likes it, especially likes her hairy pussy. His dick dives right into her hairy muff. Then she sucks his cock and licks his balls. She climbs on top of him and rides him hard. Rodney continues to pound her newly hairy snatch. He's enjoying her new growth so much, he leaves his spunk deep inside her furry twat. - featuring Emma Evins & Rodney


January 4, 2024 Hot HAIRY Update!

Even feminists wanna fuck! Hot feminist gets her epic
hairy bush pummeled and then painted with
a big Rodney Blast!

"Feminist Perspective" - Rodney's out of the porn business and his hosting a new show called the Feminist Perspective. Today's guest is Felina Sharpe, a scholar of eroticism who just happens to be pretty sexy herself. She tries to explain the difference between pornography and eroticism but both she and Rodney seem to be getting really turned on by what she has to say. Rodney can't resist touching himself and Felina can't seem to keep her hands off her own hairy body. Slowly her top comes off, Rodney's cock comes out and before long she's got that cock deep down her throat. Felina keeps talking as Rodney pounds her hairy pussy. He tosses her around in all sorts of positions then buries his face deep in her furry muff. Finally, he paints her pretty bush with his hot, sticky cream. - featuring Felina & Rodney


December 28, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Very hairy girl shows you her hairy primal side by stroking
her hairy legs, underarms and wet, hot pussy!

"The Primal Side" - Cecilia is a Portland Hairy Girl. She never shaves because she believes that being furry is very, very sensual and brings out your primal side. And who can argue with those lovely hairy legs and armpits? She would love to show you more if you would follow her to a more private and intimate setting. Once there, she's going to give you a personal tour of her naked body, including that beautiful bush of hers. - featuring Cecilia


December 22, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Extra cute, petite hairy girl gets pumped hard
and is ready for the Rodney Blast of a lifetime!

"Shoes for Pretty Suzy" - Pretty Seattle girl next door has never shaved. She has a beautiful body and is ready to show off to you all her special hairy areas, even though she is very shy. She starts by innocently taking off all her clothes and then lovingly caresses her hairy armpits, hairy legs, and extra hairy bush just for you! - featuring Suzy & Rodney

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December 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Pretty shy girl next door ready to show
off all her sexy hairy areas!

"Extra Shy, Very Hairy" - Pretty Seattle girl next door has never shaved. She has a beautiful body and is ready to show off to you all her special hairy areas, even though she is very shy. She starts by innocently taking off all her clothes and then lovingly caresses her hairy armpits, hairy legs, and extra hairy bush just for you! - featuring Donna Down


December 14, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Sexy hairy girl gives good head in the shower
and gets a Rodney Blast to her nice knockers!

"Hairy Shower Head" - As Cara showers off her sexy, hairy body, Roommate Rodney suddenly bursts in on her claiming he's got to pee right now. She just wants her privacy but Rodney can't take his eyes off her huge tits and massive bush. He seems to forget he needed to go because he just stands there jerking off in front of her. She decides to help him out and soon she's stroking and sucking his cock. She takes his big stick deep down her throat while she plays with her hairy pussy. Eventually, Rodney soaks her beautiful boobs with his special skin cream. Looks like she's going to need another shower! - featuring Cara & Rodney


December 7, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

No date, no problem! Hot hairy girl takes matters into
her own hands and brings her juicy hairy pussy to orgasm!

"Hairy Date-saster" - Briar Wilde has returned home after a date that was going well until he noticed she was a hairy girl. When told she needed to shave Briar took her and her hairy armpits and told the guy where he could go! She knows being a hairy girl is sexy, after all, you enjoy it don't you? Since her date didn't turn out as planned she will have to pleasure herself. Briar wastes no time digging her fingers deep into her hairy pussy until she hits that spot that makes her sing with delight. Her date missed out but Briar didn't miss anything! - featuring Briar Wilde & Rodney


November 30, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy Simone Invites Rodney On Her New Show, "Hairy Girl Lovers"
and After He Shows Her How Much He Loves HAIRY PUSSY,
She Shows Him Just How Much This HAIRY GIRL Loves COCK and CUM!

"Massage Facial Cream" - Hairy babe Katie is desperately in need of a good back rub. Good thing Rodney's available to give her a much needed rub down. He offers her a free massage for her first time. Katie spreads herself out on his table. As Rodney begins to do his work, he's surprised by how hairy Katie is. He continues to massage her back, butt, and hairy legs. He even gives her his special, one-of-a-kind foot massage. Then he moves to her front side. She's nervous her boyfriend won't approve as Rodney begins to massage her breasts and thighs. But the massage feels really good so she keeps going, she may want to keep coming back for more. Rodney might have to start charging but there is one way to keep the massage free, if she gives him a blow job that is. Who can pass up a free massage? So she starts sucking Rodney's cock. He licks her hairy pussy in return. Before long they're banging right there on the massage table. He pounds her hairy hole hard in all kinds of positions. He finishes the massage by coating her face and hairy armpits with his special "facial massage" cream. - featuring Simone Delilah & Rodney

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November 23, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy Kate Zucchini Needs a Massage, Rodney Uses His Hands
On Her Back, PLUS His Penis In Her Mouth and Pussy,
And His Facial Skin Cream on Her Face!

"Massage Facial Cream" - Hairy babe Katie is desperately in need of a good back rub. Good thing Rodney's available to give her a much needed rub down. He offers her a free massage for her first time. Katie spreads herself out on his table. As Rodney begins to do his work, he's surprised by how hairy Katie is. He continues to massage her back, butt, and hairy legs. He even gives her his special, one-of-a-kind foot massage. Then he moves to her front side. She's nervous her boyfriend won't approve as Rodney begins to massage her breasts and thighs. But the massage feels really good so she keeps going, she may want to keep coming back for more. Rodney might have to start charging but there is one way to keep the massage free, if she gives him a blow job that is. Who can pass up a free massage? So she starts sucking Rodney's cock. He licks her hairy pussy in return. Before long they're banging right there on the massage table. He pounds her hairy hole hard in all kinds of positions. He finishes the massage by coating her face and hairy armpits with his special "facial massage" cream. - featuring Katie Zucchini & Rodney

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November 16, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute and hairy shoe store slut comes for the
foot massage, stays for the muff munch and spunk!
Rimming, a kinky foot job and some vag gaping
make this scene a must for a hairy lover!

"Shoe Store Pubes" - Honney Bunny goes to Rodney's Shoe Store and discovers that it's Foot Fetish Friday. She finds a pair of shoes that she likes and Rodney starts to give her a free foot massage that comes with the shoes. As he massages her cute little feet, he catches an up-skirt glimpse of the massive bush she has hiding away. Rodney confesses how much he loves pubes so she shows him what she's got. Soon his face is buried in her hairy snatch munching away. Honney loves it and she eagerly welcomes his big cock deep inside her bushy pussy. They fuck hard until he gives her thick pubes a free Rodney Blast. Rimming, a kinky foot job and some vag gaping make this scene a must for a hairy lover! - featuring Honney Bunny & Rodney

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November 9, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Rodney meets a pretty and very hairy girl out in the wild!
She goes back to his place to get wild with his cock!

"Pro Pit Progressive Plan" - Rodney spots a beautiful hairy babe, Rusty out on the street and notices that she has a generous amount of armpit hair. As part of his "Pro Pit Progressive Plan" he wants Rusty to pose in some sexy outfits to show that hairy girls can look hot in skimpy clothing too. Rodney gets her to model a skimpy little dress that clearly shows off her armpit hair and leg hair. He has her pull aside her panties exposing her massive bush. He even gets her to pose completely nude, for the hairy girl cause of course. Rusty looks so hot that Rodney can't help whipping it out, and soon Rusty is on her knees, slurping on his tool. She sucks on his rod and licks his balls. In return, he buries his face in her hairy pussy. She goes back to sucking his cock and he drops a huge load all over her face. - featuring Rusty & Rodney

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November 3, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Tiny but horny Teeny Tanya can't wait for her pint-sized pussy to be pounded
and her cute face to get blasted! But first, she needs her tiny toes
sucked so she can give Rodney a foot job with her teeny feet.

"Pint Size Pussy" - Small but sexy Teeny Tanya is bored while Rodney is on the phone with business. When he finally gets off the phone, she seduces him with her succulent tits and her cute hairy snatch. He carries her wee body from the desk to the couch where he throws her tiny legs up over her head. He licks her little clit before shoving his massive cock into her pint-sized pussy. He pounds her tight midget muff hard. He even gets a hot foot fuck when he rubs his rod between her tiny feet. Rodney decides she hasn't sucked his cock enough today so he gives her a good spanking on her little butt. Eager to please, she wraps her lips around his big dick and starts sucking. He rewards her with a monster Rodney Blast to her small face. - featuring Teeny Tanya & Rodney


November 2, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous Maria is a hairy girl who is very horny
and works her way to an orgasm through her hot thick bush!

"Furry Phone Fun" - Beautiful hairy girl Maria is on the phone with her boyfriend who's away on a business trip. They both miss each other and can't wait until they can get naked and do the nasty. So they engage in a little phone sex to ease the tension. Maria's boyfriend gets off, but now it's her turn. So she pulls out her little purple toy and and works her cute little fur pie into a hot and hairy orgasmic frenzy. - featuring Maria


October 27, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Shy MILF lets loose on Rodney's dick and Rodney
lets loose on her face with a huge facial!

"Alecia Responds" - Mature but shy MILF responds to an ad for women who like to give blowjobs. She is shy but wants to try out sucking cock on film. She starts out very tame and sweet but once the cock is in her mouth she wants more. She gets a little fingering and a lot of fucking before she gets a huge facial! - featuring Alecia & Rodney


October 26, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Pretty midwest porn newbie's hairy snatch gets an
extra wet pussy licking and a ton of cum to swallow with a smile!

"Diamond in The Rough" - Rodney meets a hot little newbie porn starlet. She comes from the Midwest where they don't shave their hairy bushes. They keep them glorious and full. She isn't a shy one. She shows off her extra hairy pussy just like that! Of course, Rodney can't resist the power of her hot, hairy snatch. And she can't resist a great pussy licker. He gets her extra wet and then fucks her every which way. She may be a newbie to porn, but she rims his asshole and sucks his cock like a porn pro. She gets it super wet and drooly. He fucks her hard while pulling her beautiful long hair. He finally cums into her naughty mouth for her to swallow with a smile. - featuring Diamond & Rodney

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October 19, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Free spirit Marcella is on vacation and is very horny. She plunges her fingers into her
extra bushy pussy and shows off the abundant hair on her legs, armpits and nips!

"Hairy Marcella on Vacation" - Sexy and very hairy Marcella is a free spirit. She is on vacation in Cali and is living it up. First, she goes to Venice Beach and dances showing off her hairy armpits and hairy legs. It's not long before she gets in the car to masturbate because she is so horny. She plunges her fingers into her super hairy pussy. She caresses all her soft and wild hair. She even shows you her sexy nipple hair. She needs to get off before she goes out for more fun. So she fingers herself to a wild orgasm - featuring Marcella


October 13, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot Jonnie appears out of thin air to fulfill Rodney's fantasy for huge natural boobs and a
hairy pussy. She uses her hot rack and cute mouth to blow his mind till Rodney blows his load!

"Fantasy Cream" - Rodney loves girls with big boobs and he loves girls with hairy pussies. If only he could find a girl with big tits AND a hairy pussy! Lucky for him, voluptuous babe Jonnie Brightside is there to make his dreams cum true. Not only does she have a huge, all natural rack, she's also got a thick, full bush of beautiful red hair. She drops to her knees and sucks his cock deep into her throat while kneading his balls with her hand. Then she wraps those huge boobs around his rod and titty fucks him good. Rodney gets to admire her luscious fur-pie and her voluminous ass up close. She sucks his cock some more while he fingers her furry twat till she squeals with delight. Rodney can't hold back either and he coats her face with hot load of cream, but was it all just a fantasy? - featuring Jonnie Brightside & Rodney


October 12, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Extra cute and hairy Ember plays with all her hot hair! She gives
Rodney a BJ and he gives her cum to drool all over her hairy armpit!

"Hirsute Hair Suds" - Beautiful hairy girl Ember is frolicking alone in a hot bubble bath. She rubs the bubbles all through her thick hairy armpits and then vigorously fingers her luscious hairy pussy, but that's not enough. So she crawls out of the tub and over to Rodney's stiff cock. Once there she proceeds to take his cock deep in her waiting throat and Rodney obliges her with a world class face fucking. Now it's time to slide his cock deep into that luxurious hairy pussy. He fucks her hard in the missionary position and then goes deep doggy style fucking that hairy wet pussy till he can't hold it anymore. He pulls out lays on his back and pumps out a huge blast of goo. Good girl Ember doesn't wanna leave him messy so she laps up all of his creamy goo and drools it out into her thick hairy armpit. - featuring Ember & Rodney


October 5, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Petite and very hairy cutie flashes her way through the park.
She shows off her thick fluffy hair on her legs, pits, nipples and pussy.
She even has a patch of wild hair on her slim little hip!

"Hairy in the Park" - Cute and sexy Maura is a secret exhibitionist. The secret is out though and today is your lucky day! You get to follow Maura through the park as she flashes her way through the trees. She has a hot furry bod and she is ready to show it to you. With a sexy, coy look she shows you her hot pussy fluff. All that hot hair is on full display. After you gaze at her leg hair, she has something else she wants you to see. She has a special, furry spot on her slim hip that she caresses in the open air. Next up she shows you her thick nipple surrounded with thick hair as well. For the finale, she plunges her fingers into her wet hairy pussy in broad daylight! - featuring Maura


September 28, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Stunning girl on the street reveals thick, huge bush for Rodney to pummel!

"Free Shoes and Cum" - Rodney stops Kayla on the street and offers her a new pair of shoes if she'll help him out. He's doing marketing research and needs her opinion of the shoes on video. She goes on tape, but now he needs her to fill out a release form. This requires her to go back to his place, where he can't help but notice that she has a huge bush. He devours it, then sticks his dick in it. They suck and fuck, and he cums all over her face. - featuring Kayla Crawford & Rodney


September 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Beautiful hairy girl with dangerous curves wants
to show you every inch of her perfect hairy body!

"Fun in the Jacuzzi" - Honey Bunch is a voluptuous all-natural and very hairy girl from the Bay Area. Her big natural DD's love to swing free, bouncing up and down and side to side. Her wooly armpit hair peeks out from under her arms and you can't wait to see more. Her long dark hair frames her pretty face, and her thick hairy bush just calls out to be touched and licked. Honey jumps in the jacuzzi and gets all soapy. She pulls out a pink dildo to pleasure herself. She loves every moment of showing off all her special hairy spots and her hot clit that brings her orgasm! - featuring Honey Bunch


September 14, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Wild and wooly 3 way with real life lesbo lovers
who share everything! They even share a huge Rodney Blast
with one lesbo tasting the cum on her lips and inside her lover's mouth!

"Share and Share A-Lesbo" - Tate comes over to do her first-ever porn shoot. She's right in the middle of sucking Rodney's cock, when there's some serious pounding on the door. It's Tate's real-life lover, Devon, and she's pissed! Seems the two girls have been IRL lesbian lovers for 3 years, and Devon is angry that Tate has broken her vow to lay off men. But soon, Rodney is getting laid by both of them. He does them from behind while they kiss and lick each other's hairy pussies, and they end up in a wild 3-way. Devon takes a faceful of cum, and Tate kisses her cummy lips. - featuring Tate & Devon & Rodney


September 7, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous hairy girl gets a Rodney Blast in her hairy armpit!
Rodney spoons the goo into her mouth to drool all over her hot bod!

"Hairy Bargain" - Rodney is offloading a guitar and Laila is interested but it might be too much. She is willing to bargain and wants to use her hairy pussy to help sweeten the deal. Rodney's love of hairy pussy wins and soon he is licking Laila and making her moan. This deal gets more sweet when Laila gives Rodney a blowjob . After worshiping Laila's hairy pussy some more Rodney gives her hairy armpit a Rodney Blast and spoons the goo from her armpit straight into her mouth to play with! She makes even more of a sexy mess drooling the spunk all over herself! - featuring Laila & Rodney


August 31, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Pretty Lily and her hairy pussy wants you to
watch her wild ride with a purple vibe to the Big O!

"Pretty Lily Goes Solo" - Pretty Lily is the girl next door. She is delicate and soft-spoken. But guess what? She is super horny and loves to masturbate! She has a pretty pussy that is so hairy and very wet. She is willing to take you on her sexy ride with a teeny plaid skirt and a purple vibe she likes that always leads her to the Big O. Ready to watch? - featuring Lily Cameron


August 24, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot red-headed MILF with lactating boobs gets an outdoor
fucking and a huge Rodney Blast straight into her dirty mouth!

"Wet Hippie" - Pretty Luna is a Horny Hairy Girl who hasn't shaved in five years. She's got hot hairy arms, legs and bush. Want to see? Well, she's eager to show you. So let's go some place more private so that she can put on a little show with the new huge toy to play she has! - featuring Anna May & Rodney


August 17, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot hairy girl puts on an extra private
show for you with her HUGE toy!

"Luna's Private Show" - Pretty Luna is a Horny Hairy Girl who hasn't shaved in five years. She's got hot hairy arms, legs and bush. Want to see? Well, she's eager to show you. So let's go some place more private so that she can put on a little show with the new huge toy to play she has! - featuring Luna Rae


August 10, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

2 hairy cuties show each other their butts which
leads to wet hairy pussy licking and hot hairy strap on action!

"Butt Wiggling Contest" - Honey and Michelle are asked to join a Butt Wiggling Contest so they immediately start practicing, showing each other their moves. They are down on the floor, shaking their hot asses when they realize they need to get ready to go, but Michelle says her panties are wet. She proves it by pulling them down and showing Honey her moist bush. Honey loves what she sees and wants to see more so she takes of her friend's shirt too. Soon they are both naked and exploring each others hot hairy bodies. Honey goes down on Michelle, making her even more wet. She takes out some vibrating toys and each one takes a turn pleasuring the other. Finally, Honey dons her purple strap-on and fucks Michelle. Now they're ready to go win that contest! - featuring Honey Bunch & Michelle Carlucci


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