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Skylar Snow Trailer

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"Lights, Camera, Creampie!"

The hotel staff recognized Rodney Moore's name when he checked in, so manager Skylar Snow is cumming to make sure he's not shooting porn at their establishment! But when she enters his room, he's got a whole studio set up. Lights, cameras, everything! He tries to explain that he was just checking his equipment before he went to another location to shoot. Skylar's not convinced, and she demands that Rodney vacate the premises that instant! But just as he starts to pack up, she starts to open up about her own secret fantasy about being in an adult movie. She couldn't really do it, or she would lose her job! Rodney encourages her to fulfill her dream, telling her she would be perfect for such a film. They cum to an agreement. He can shoot porn with her, but he has to keep it in his personal stash. That way no one will every find out. Now, Skylar's ready to suck her first cock on camera! Rodney is happy to teach her just how to do it. Like, not blocking the camera with her hand while she jerks his huge dick. It looks like she's at least watched a porn or two, the way she chokes on his man meat. Then, she gets naked on the bed and shakes her ass for Rodney. Her pussy is super tight, and he can hardly fit it inside. He spreads her ass cheeks wide so she can take all of him. She sees herself in the monitor, which turns her on even more. He smacks her ass while she wiggles it up and down for him. Then, Rodney lies back and Skylar eats his asshole. He even shows her how to get really messy with her drool while she is sucking him off. He licks the spit off her titties, and then gives Skylar her first foot worshipping session. She just loves the way his tongue feels tickling her toes while she plays with her dripping pussy. Of course, this leads them into some kinky foot job action. Finally, Rodney eats her ass out from behind one last time. He knows he should pull out and cum on her face, but her virgin porn pussy feels so good that he shoots a huge, messy creampie into her tight shaved twat. It drips out her pussy and Rodney rubs it all over her face. She immediately goes downstairs to quit her job and become a porn star!

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