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Michelle Amour Trailer

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"A New Bush For Goo"

Rodney is sitting with the first new hairy girl he has found in a while! Beautiful, hirsute Michelle Amour. She's also got some nice, soft breasts. Rodney starts massaging and sucking them, and she starts rubbing his crotch. They kiss, while Michelle keeps her legs wide open, exposing her fuzzy bush. Rodney starts fingering her prickly pussy, and when he shows her his stiff rod, she is impressed with how big it is. She can't wait to have it in her mouth! He can't either, so he stands above her and teases her with the tip. Quickly, she takes the whole beast in her mouth. He fucks her face and she chokes on its size. She watches herself sucking him off on the camera monitors, and it makes her even hornier. When she puts her hands on her head, her furry armpits show. Then, he gets her to show him just how she touches her bushy pussy when she masturbates. She fantasizes about submitting to a lover while she does it. Rodney makes her dreams cum true by straddling her face and penetrating her mouth with his cock. She feasts on his balls and asshole too. He pats her face and tells her to make herself cum. He even fingers her buttonhole while she rubs her fat pussy lips and clit. When it's time for the finale, Michelle lies back with her tongue hanging out, and Rodney shoots a mega load of creamy white jizz all over her mouth and face.

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