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"Wrong Room Goo"

While Rodney is taking his afternoon nap, a gorgeous redhead cums into what she believes to be her hotel room. Looks like the front desk screwed up again and double booked it! Lauren's accommodations won't be ready for another 3 hours, so she asks Rodney if she can use his bathroom to freshen up for a meeting. When she steps into the shower, she realizes that the wall is see through. She starts masturbating loudly beneath the stream of hot water, waking up Rodney. He can see everything! He gets super turned on and starts jerking his cock against the glass window separating them. When he pulls the curtain aside, Lauren is pleasantly surprised to see his enormous dick. She wants to get fucked! The horny girl loves being manhandled, as he grabs her perfect breasts. She can feel Rodney stretching her tight pussy out with his stiff rod. She begs him to fuck her deeper and deeper. Then, she wraps her beautiful feet around his shaft and massages in her own pussy juices. Rodney licks them up with his tongue and dives into her pussy again. The dirty slut just loves being ravaged by a complete stranger! She frantically spanks her wet pussy with delight. Then, Rodney fucks her doggystyle while grabbing onto her strongly from behind. He tickles her toes and rubs his dick against her soles. The drooly nymphomaniac can't wait to eat out Rodney's asshole. Then, Rodney serves up a hot, steaming load of man milk into a cup for Lauren to swallow…to the last drop!

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