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"Goo Bet Your Wife"

Porn newbie Angel Coxxx wants to do her very first adult video…well, she has to do her very first adult video, because she lost a bet with a friend. She wouldn't be at Rodney's studio about to shoot a blowjob scene under normal circumstances, but she is the kind of woman who keeps her word! What’s more, her husband has no idea what she is doing. She's not a swinger. She's never cheated. In fact, she's only been with two men before her husband. A deal's a deal, so she starts stripping. Rodney gives Angel an introductory class to oral sex on film. He shows her how to put her hands behind her back so he can fuck her mouth. Porn blowjobs also last a lot longer than real blowjobs, so she better be ready for a long session. Then, he asks about her sex life with her husband while she is choking on his cock. Next, he gets her to play with her nipples and masturbate in her panties for him. Rodney learns that NO MAN has ever cum on her face before. She's NEVER even tasted cum before! So Rodney will also have to teach her just how to take a facial. He shows her how to poke out her tongue as he shoots his monster load, and even how to clean the jizz up with her mouth.

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