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Amilia Onyx Trailer

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"Wet Hot Box Lunch"

It's time for Rodney's lunch break at work, so he crawls below the queening chair and eats out scantily clad Amila Onyx. She's wearing a schoolgirl's plaid skirt, and you can hear Rodney's tongue smacking against her exposed pussy lips down below. Before you know it, it's time to get back to work. Rodney returns to his desk, and Amila to her monkey rocker sex chair. She strips completely, except for her tight choker and heels and sits down on the big, black dildo. Her lovely jugs hang down as her hips grind back and forth on the seat. Her thick, gushy butt wiggles back and forth as she squirms up and down on the toy cock. You can see thick, white cream running down from her pussy. Rodney cums up from behind and starts massaging her breasts. She hungrily sucks his cock through the fly of his pants. She gets so carried away polishing his head like an expert that she forgets to keep doing her job…rocking. Then, he gives her any even better job…a pussy fuck! She looks up with longing eyes, telling Rodney, "Yes, sir! Just like that!" He punishes her with a kinky spanking, and then rewards her by worshipping her gorgeous feet. He even licks her buttonhole, letting his nose rub against her clit at the same time. After grinding Rodney's huge cock balls deep, Amilia showers his mouth with sweet and intimate kisses. She licks his lips gently and clutches the back of his neck until he cums uncontrollably all over the glass desk. Like a good girl, she licks, spits, and swallows it back up.

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