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"Stay For The Blowjob"

Doe eyed beauty Zoe Clark can't understand why in the world her boyfriend would be dumping her over the phone. Maybe it's because she has Rodney's huge cock in her mouth! In between gags, she promises her beaux of a year that she's always been faithful. But her pleading fall on deaf ears, and Rodney soon gets her to hang up and give him her full attention. Zoe seems to get off on being a slut too! Her mouth is way too hot to be reserved for only one man! She licks Rodney's balls softly with her tongue as drool drips down her tiny body. He wraps his thighs tightly around her neck, and she can hardly move as her lips hug his shaft. Suffocating with cock, tons of saliva pours out of her mouth. Rodney rubs the mess from her pierced belly button to her pink pussy with his fingers. Then, he straddles her chest and jerks the tip of his cock against her tongue and lips. He shoots his first spurt down the back of her throat then coats her soft cheeks with his man spunk. Just in time too, because Zoe's boyfriend calls back and says he wants to get back together. And he wants a blowjob.

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