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"Gotta Get Naked To Win"

Petite and sexy Stella Cox is one of the hottest models photographer Rodney has ever had on his couch! She's visiting from England, and she cums to his loft to audition for a lingerie commercial. She's never done a shoot like this before, and she is very nervous...but very excited! She starts out with a sexy pink bra and panty set, but clever Rodney quickly convinces her to go topless to make her photos stand out amongst the competition. But to really clinch the win, he tells her, she should go completely nude! In true Rodney fashion, one thing leads to another, and soon he's got her on her knees worshipping his huge cock. It's so much bigger than her boyfriend's, and she's thrilled to bathe his balls with her tongue while he jerks his big meat stick. Rodney also does something her boyfriend won't--suck on her freshly manicured toes. He even gets her to slurp on her own feet before stuffing them both in his mouth. He gets them nice and lubricated with spit so he can slide his aching dick in between her soft heels. Rodney wants to taste her pretty pussy and ass too, so he brings out the queening chair and lets her sit upon the throne like the little princess she is. This scene truly is a foot and ass worshiper's delight! After lots of sucking and licking, Stella begs Rodney to drain his balls over her pretty face. So she squeezes his balls while he shoots a signature Rodney blast into her panting mouth.

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