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Skyler Rose Trailer

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"Naughty Spotty WiFi Girl"

Sexy red-head Skyler Rose will be renting a room at Rodney's place for a few days. He shows her around but warns her that she should never, EVER go into his other roommate's room. A little later she's ready to break in her new room by masturbating to some hot porn. But she can't seem to get any wi-fi! It seems the only spot in the house with good service is the banned roommate's room. Disregarding Rodney's stern warning, Skyler plots down on the roomie's couch, opens up her favorite membership site, and gets to work on her horny pussy with a Hitachi wand massager. Her eyes wander from the hot boy-girl scene to the dildoed rocking chair in the corner of the room, and she can't help but take it for a test ride, with her vibrator still in hand. She fucks herself so loudly that Rodney runs upstairs to investigate all the commotion. When he discovers Skyler getting herself off in the banned room, he threatens to kick her out of the house on the spot. But when she offers to do whatever it takes to stay, dirty Rodney changes his tune. Spare the rod, and spoil the child, so Rodney decides to punish Skyler for her indiscretion. He forces her to strip and crawl into a box with a glory hole. First, he stuffs his man meat through the box's opening to fuck her disobedient mouth. After face fucking his little play toy, he spanks her exposed ass cheeks with a riding crop. Once she's good and warm, he stuffs his big cock into her pouting pink asshole, and she loves it.

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