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"One Man Gookkake"

Sexy Seattle Hairy Girl Simone Delilah just completed her first-ever 6-man bukkake scene. Without actually touching her, the guys jerked themselves off and squirted warm jizz all over her hairy pussy. Now, she's ready to upstairs and shower off the semen. With warm water, she rinses the load of splooge out of her fur covered snatch. She spreads her pussy lips apart with her fingers, and the water cascades down on her swollen, fuzzy labia. When she gets out and dries off, she is still really horny because she didn't actual get fucked. She starts tugging on her tufts of hair, and there is a knock at the door. It's Rodney! Two hours late for the bukkake gig! But there is something he can help out with. Simone hasn't been cumpletely fulfilled, and she still needs his cock. So she pulls down his shorts and starts sucking on his shaft. She licks his balls lightly, then spits on her fingers and plays with her pussy. She strokes his throbbing member against her fuzzy slit, then bounces up and down on his cock. As he fucks her doggystyle, she wiggles and he scratches her butt cheeks. Rodney eats her pussy then smacks his dick against her aching hole some more. Then, he gives the bad girl a spanking and gets her to eat his asshole. She's had enough cum on her pussy today, and she's ready for a facial. She plays with her prickly pussy while Rodney shoots a huge load of seed all over her beautiful face.

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