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Katie Zucchini Trailer

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"Hairy Pussy Licker Needed"

Hairy CEO Katie Zucchini needs a new hairy pussy licker STAT. He regular guy called out sick but she can't get through her busy day without her fur-covered snatch being licked. So she calls the temp agency who sends Rodney over to get the job done. He doesn't really know what he's getting himself into, so he's a little taken aback when Katie promptly directs him to get under her desk and start licking. He buries his face deep in her bush and soon finds out he loves licking hairy pussy. But she's going to need a pussy licker for the evening as well. So she inspects Rodney's cock to make sure he's adequate, then invites him back to her place to continue his services. Back at her home, she shows him her gratitude by sucking on his stiff prick. She wants that massive member in her hairy hole though, so she lowers her dripping wet pussy down onto his thick cock. She fucks him hard. Then Rodney delights in her hairy body some more licking her furry butt hole. He even gets to lick her pretty toes. There's plenty more hot and heavy, hard-core action before he spews a giant stream of jizz across her face.

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