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Nevada LaRose Trailer

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"Balls on the Badge"

Rodney picks up working girl Nevada LaRose on the side of the street and asks if he can take her back to his place. But when he pulls out the cold hard cash, she flashes him her police badge. She's an undercover VICE agent, and he's just been busted. But no, there's been a huge misunderstanding. Rodney is a director, and the payment was for a totally legal adult video. See the lights and cameras? He's even got a model form tucked in the couch for her to sign. So, they cum to an agreement where she will perform and keep the loot. So she strips and shows off her pierced, tan body. Rodney whips out his big cock and sticks it in without any hesitation. She cums hard in less than a minute of being fucked. He lifts up one of her legs and sucks on her toes, driving her wild. He squeezes her perky breasts while stuffing her tight, pink pussy. She cums again! Then he flips her legs over her head and eats her butt hole. Now, it's time for him to punish her for busting other poor saps who are just trying to have a good time. He forces her to suck her pussy juices off his cock and balls before licking his ass. He even punishes her by smacking her breasts and butt with a BDSM flogger. Nevada sucks on his balls, and Rodney shoots a huge load all over her mouth.

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