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Nevada LaRose Trailer

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"Cheating for Sex"

Tan beauty Nevada LaRose shows up for a date with Rodney's roommate Roger, but he's running late. Seated on the couch and waiting for him to cum home, Nevada starts poking around. She is certain that Roger is cheating on him, and she demands that Rodney tell her the truth. He spills the beans and tells her that Roger has had a girl over recently, and Nevada becomes infuriated. But then she gets a novel idea. She can blow Rodney out of revenge! Minutes after she's started devouring on Rodney's huge cock, he divulges that the girl Roger took up to his room was Roger's cousin, and they most certainly were not fucking. Turns out Nevada is cheating on her boyfriend of six months with his roommate for no reason! Well, if she's gonna be a whore, she might as well be a good one. So Rodney trains his oral slut by grabbing her by the ponytail, choking her with his dick, and making her drool down her breasts. Next, he gets her to eat his asshole out like the dirty girl she really is. After he gets a taste of her yummy pink pussy and fingers her asshole, it's back to punishing his roommate's nasty girlfriend with his dick until he shoots a huge load of white spunk all over her bad girl mouth.

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