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"How To Speak Dirty English"

Asian cutie Marica Hase is getting lessons in English from her step daddy, Rodney. Her boyfriend wants her to talk dirty to him in English so for their next lesson, Marica plans to ask Stepdaddy some naughty words and phrases. Rodney has her repeat some dirty talk that always works for him. "I'm horny for you," he has her say. Then they try something harder, "I can't wait to feel your big cock in my wet pussy" she squeaks out in broken English. To get the full effect, she gets on her knees for the next phrase, "I want to suck your cock!" Rodney tells her she's doing great then tells her to say, "I want to lick your ass." But instead she just repeats, "I want to suck your cock!" No, that's not right, try again. "I want to suck your cock." She repeats. Rodney tries to clarify but she squeals with delight, "No, Stepdaddy No! I want to suck your cock!!!" and she yanks down Rodney's pants. He's taken aback but Marica is super eager to suck her step daddy's dick and so she does. Somehow she manages to shove Rodney's thick stick all the way down her throat. She gives him a sloppy wet blow job with her drool pouring down over her perky Asian tits. Rodney, in turn, licks her dripping wet pussy then proceeds to suck on her tiny Asian feet. She giggles as his tongue runs between her toes. After finally learning to say, "I want to lick your ass" in English, she actually does lick Rodney's ass. She's done so well learning to talk dirty, Rodney rewards her with a massive serving of sticky, sweet cream. She swallows down the goo and sucks every last drop off the tip.

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