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"Cum Clean For The Boss"

Janitor Rodney has been a nasty boy for losing the combination to horny brunette Maddy O'Reilly's safe, and now he's going to have to pay the punishment. When she calls him into her office for a scolding, she takes off her sexy heels and forces him to suck her toes clean. If he doesn't want to lose his job, he's going to have lick her dirty heels too! He's hesitant at first, but desperate as hell not to get fired. Besides, maybe while he's down there, he can remember what he did with her important piece of paper. After he's polished off her piggies, she commands him to work his way up to her asshole. Now, this really grosses him out, but what can he do? So, he buries his tongue into between her sweet cheeks and eats her ass out. She also wants him to lick her pussy, but that something he hardly ever does for his wife. Turns out, she tastes extra sweet, and all that lapping makes his cock grow super stiff. So, Maddy drops to her knees and begins to expertly slob on his knob. He even turns the tables on her, spanking her while ramming his rod down the back of her throat. And when drool spills down her perky breasts, he slurps it right up. But Maddy has to play housekeeper too...when Rodney shoots a huge load of spunk all over her glass desk, she sucks it all up with her juicy lips, only to spit it back out and play with the bubbles.

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