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LaLa Camile Trailer

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"Model-T Audition"

Black bombshell Lala Camile is auditioning for a new music video, so she’s shown up with some sexy outfits to model for photographer Rodney. She looks lovely through the camera lens, but then Rodney suggests she take couple topless photos. They producers and rapper are breast men, and that would give her an edge over the competition. So she hesitantly pulls down her crop top to reveal her large breasts and huge chocolate nipples. Then, Rodney raises the stakes, telling her the first girl the rapper sees in a nude picture will definitely get the gig. And when she turns around to pose with her mahogany booty completely exposed, Rodney whips out his cock and starts jerking. When she faces him again, he convinces her to touch it "to see if it’s hard." It definitely is, and Lala pulls back his foreskin and starts sucking on the head. She even tickles his super sensitive tip with her tongue ring. Next, she plays with her gushy black pussy. She spanks and shakes her African ass cheeks and backs up against his hard dick. He fucks her doggystyle, and then she sits on his face. She bucks her blackberry clit back and forth on his tongue. Then, Rodney is back to drilling her spoon position, with some kinky rough housing. She finishes him off with some more messy head, and Rodney shoots a thick vanilla milkshake all over her gorgeous mocha skin.

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