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Jasmeen Lefleur Trailer

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"It's Not Cheating It's Science"

Rodney is setting up for a photo shoot when there's a knock at the door. It's two hours before his model is supposed to arrive, so who could it be? It's the hotel manager, hot and sexy Jasmeen Lefleur, and he's busted! When she sees all the lights and cameras set up, she knows exactly what he was doing. Shooting porn is not allowed at her fancy hotel, and he must vacate the room immediately! Jasmeen gives him an hour to pack up, and she sits on the couch and supervises his move out. But she can't help but let her curiosity get the best of her. Is he a porn star? Or, is he just behind the camera? She's just started watching porn with her husband, but she doesn't recognize Rodney's face. Well, that's because Rodney shoots a lot of POV. She might not recognize his mug, but what about his dick? He quickly pulls out his uncut cock, something Jasmeen has never seen up close and personal before. He convinces her to touch it so she can feel how nice it is to jerk off a cock with foreskin. And then put it in her mouth, so she can taste it. She's not really cheating on her husband; it's just an experiment. So in the name of science, she lets him stick his thick rod in her pussy. He squeezes her big size "E" breasts while he fucks her missionary on the couch. Next, Rodney proposes another test…does Jasmeen like to eat ass? She's never licked her husband's, but she's willing to give it a try. She sticks her pretty lips between Rodney's cheeks and goes to town, and then Rodney returns the favor. Finally, Jasmeen gives her husband a phone call while Rodney worships her beautiful feet. They finish their scientific investigation when Rodney shoots his load of jizz inside her box and watches it drip out.

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