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Carolina Sweets Trailer

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"Foot & Mouth Massage"

Carolina Sweets just had a long, tiring flight. Luckily, her hotel offers in-room foot massage and she doesn't hesitate to order the service. Her masseur Rodney gets right to work massaging her cute little feet. Poor Carolina falls sound asleep while he's soothing her tootsies. Rodney takes the opportunity to suck on her tiny toes. Then he gets even bolder, wrapping her feet around his swollen cock and thrusting away. This obviously awakes Carolina but she doesn't seem to mind. She promises not to report the indiscretion to his boss but she desperately wants to suck his cock. Rodney does not object. She fondles his balls and licks his engorged shaft. Soon his dick is balls deep down her throat. She works up a frothy mess as she sucks. Her drool oozes down her perky tits and lithe frame. Then, she lies flat on her stomach and continues her enthusiastic blow job. Rodney gets to lick her toes again before he feeds her healthy dollop of delicious cream.

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