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April Rain Trailer

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"Stranger Fantasies"

Freckled flirt April Rain has a twisted fantasy where she sucks a guy's dick, but without even knowing who he is. Thinking that her boyfriend is cumming over to role-play the scenario, she waits blindfolded and pantyless on the couch. Suddenly, she feels a pair of strong hands start to caress her feet and legs. The talented fingers work their way to her pierced pussy, and they rubs her sensitive, pierced clit. She notices that her scene partner is being awfully quiet, but she doesn't mind because it feels so good. The silent sneak squeezes her boobs while she sucks on his fingers seductively. But when the "stranger" whips out his huge dick and shoves it down her throat, she can tell it's not really her beaux. It's way too big! Turns out Rodney struck up a deal with her boyfriend, and he’s going to make her stranger fantasy a reality! April is shocked and excited. After making her drool all over her tits, he fucks her throat so deeply that she coughs up tons more of the good spit. Then, she licks it all up off his balls. She also lets Rodney do all kinds of dirty things she won't do with her man. Like eating ass. It's her first time, so Rodney tells her exactly how to get her tongue right up in his man cave. She also gives him a footjob, another first for her! After lots of sucking and face fucking, he gives her exactly what she wants. A thick coating of Rodney Blast all over her rosy cheeks that she can hardly believe.

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