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Katie Zucchini Trailer

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"Scratch My Hairy Snatch"

Sexy Katie Zucchini has a bit of a problem, the hairy parts of her body are all itchy! And she has A LOT of hairy parts. While she's waiting to see the doctor about her problem, another patient comes in. Seems he has an itching problem too but his seems to be restricted to his balls. They decide to help each other out. Rodney scratches her hairy legs for her and she gently massages his balls for him. The stimulation seems to be helping so they kick it up a notch. She swallows his cock and licks his balls, then he licks her hairy pussy. She suddenly develops a very deep itch so the best thing for Rodney to do of course is bury his dick deep in her furry snatch. They bang away until he coats her massive bush in a big, sticky wad of cream.

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