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Jodi Taylor & Abella Danger Trailer

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"Step Daddy Dearest"

Abella is telling her cute friend Jodi about her crazy dream where she blows her step-dad. Abella has seen her step daddy Rodney in the shower and knows how huge his uncut cock is and she really wants to give him a blow job. She and Jodi concoct a cunning plan. Jodi will seduce Rodney and get him to let her suck his cock. She will ask him to wear a blindfold then Abella will come in and help out with the blow job. So while Rodney is sleeping, Jodi climbs up on top of him, plants her pussy on his face then whips out his cock and starts sucking. Before long, sure enough she has him blindfolded. Abella then takes over on the slobbery cock sucking. She drools all over his prick. Then both girls join in. Rodney recognizes the feeling of two mouths on his cock, removes blind fold and his shocked to see his step daughter Abella sucking his cock. At first he's shocked, but that quickly gives in to his lusty desires as the girls take turns feasting on his swollen cock. Then he puts the girls side by side butts up in the air and proceeds to tongue their tight little bungholes. The girls need more cock so they go back to sucking Rodney's cock. But step dad wants to suck their toes, so he goes to work sucking and tickling their toes with his tongue. And that's more than enough to make him to splash their eager faces with a hot sticky load of cream.

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