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Added September 26     Monica Blewinsky     "Nothing Like the Real Thing"

BBW MILF has been around the block! She knows
how to give a drooly blowjob, feverishly lick ass
and get her asshole rammed! And boy does she!

"Monica Blewinsky & Rodney - Monica is a big girl with a big appetite for sex. She's always sucking on a dildo when there isn't a man around. When Rodney sees her, he tells her it seems like a waste of good sucking to see her work that dildo. He whips out his cock and she instantly takes it in her wet mouth. Now that's more like it. She gives him some good, sloppy head with lots of drool. Then she gets undressed and, while sucking his cock, sticks her dildo in her pussy. But even that's not enough to satisfy her, so Rodney has to put a dildo in her ass as well. But again, there's nothing like a real cock, so Rodney fucks Monica in her ass, then blasts his hot goo all over her face.


Added September 19     Aurora     "Double D Discharge"

BBW cutie uses her BREAST assets to keep her job!
She also happens to deepthroat dick and loves to
lap up cum. Does Rodney let her keep her job?

"Aurora & Rodney - Looks like Rodney's going to have to fire his busty stepAurora from the company. But she just got a new apartment and doesn't want to lose her job. Aurora knows that her Rodney misses his ex-wife's big boobs, so maybe she can use her own massive assets to convince him to let her stay. She whips out her huge tits right there in the office. Rodney's shocked but Aurora grabs his hand, inviting him to fondle her massive mammaries. He's even more shocked when she pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock. She's willing to do anything to keep that job. She swallows his big shaft deep and licks his balls too. Rodney can't help but to bury his face in her big bosoms. She continues her ravenous blow job which results in a huge Rodney blast of cream on a plate. Like a good little employee, she laps it up eagerly. How could Rodney possibly let her go now?


Added September 12     Dawn     "Sub Dawn"

BBW sub takes Rodney on a kinky wild ride
complete with a fishnet face fuck rough tit play and
rimming! Of course, this bimbo swallows his spunk!

"Dawn & Rodney - Plump and sexy Dawn comes over to look at a couch for sale and Rodney notices that not only are her stockings torn, but her big titties seem to want to burst out of her shirt. Upon closer inspection, he notices she is wearing some S & M gear under her clothes. It turns out she's a sub girl and does anything her Dom says. Rodney likes that idea and soon she's on his leash, having her big butt whipped and taking his hard cock up her snatch. She is soon on her knees doing his Dom bidding eating his asshole. He gets even kinkier covering her face with ripped fishnet stockings to face fuck her. Then he fucks this hot submissive BBW hard and then gives her a huge Rodney Blast right into her dirty mouth and the sub swallows it all!


Added September 5     Honey Wells     "Stiff Competition"

Chunky MILF with thick swollen nips offers up her plus-sized
pussy for pounding and gets a thick Rodney Blast to the face in return!

"Honey Wells & Rodney - Honey is a Plus Size model looking for some catalog work and she comes over to Rodney's studio so he can see what she's got. He likes what he sees but tells her that the competition is stiff. Since she really wants the work, she makes Rodney big cock nice and stiff. Then goes down on her knees to show him a good sucking. The next thing you know, they are on the couch and Rodney's dick is deep in her pussy, banging her hard until finally rewarding her with hot goo all over her face.


Added August 29     Vanessa Logan     "Fellatio Friday"

Chunky goth girl with huge XXXL boobs gives a titty fuck and BJ
at the same time! Her efforts result in an XXXL Rodney Blast!

"Vanessa Logan & Rodney - Big beautiful babe Vanessa Logan is out on the street looking hot and goth. She asks Rodney for quarter for the meter and Rodney strikes up a conversation with her. She says she is down there meeting her girlfriends for Fellatio Friday. She and her girlfriends suck guys off on Friday for fun and they meet up at this place. Unfortunately she got there too late and now she is missing out on some hot cock. Rodney says he is pretty big and he can fill in if she wants. She is in and they go to his place and she whips out her colossal cantaloupes. Rodney can't believe his luck. It is Friday, he is off work and there is a hot bbw with amazing gargantuan tits in his apartment sucking his blaster and giving him a tit job at the same time. She even sucks his balls. After a rowdy and robust titty fuck and blow job, she wants him to cum all over her cute goth face. He shoots his white goo all over her face making it a gooey mess worthy of Friday Fellatio..


Added August 22     Vanessa Blake     "Suck Up"

Bootilicious Vanessa seduces her college
professor and fucks her way to an F for facial!

"Vanessa Blake & Dick Chibbles - College Professor Chibbles is grading college papers when extra thick Vanessa walks in. The previous night he saw the very voluptuous Vanessa at her job and she wants him to keep his mouth shut. Curvy Vanessa doesn't want people to know she's a hot stripper so she decides some sucking is the best way to keep her professor quiet. After a bit of sucking, she takes a hard cock in her chunky wet pussy. He grabs her by the love handles and rides her hard till he pops a load all over her pretty face.


Added August 15     Mellissa     "The Big Fuck"

Cute XL chunky first timer, gets her first on
camera spanking, sucking and fucking.
She even gets a first time ass reaming and
cum swallow with huge Rodney Blast!

"Mellissa & Rodney - Mellissa is a chunky lady who's looking for some big fun. Rodney is a Chubby enthusiast with a chubby of his own. Watch as Mellissa's horny urges lead her to suck and fuck for the very first time in front of the camera. She strips down and let's Rodney spank her big ass, then she sucks his cock until it's wet and hard. Then Rodney pounds her pussy, shaking that massive frame of hers as they fuck. He tests her tight asshole for a first time reaming. Finally he rewards her hungry mouth with a dollop of goo.


Added August 8     Sera     "Full Figured Fun"

Chunky babe is a porn newbie and gets all she bargained for, striving
for that first on screen fuck and classic Rodney Blast to her pretty face!

"Sera & Rodney - Rodney is walking through the park when he notices a very pretty chubby chick. After meeting Sera, Rodney learns that she is into erotic videos and uses that interest to have her do her first scene. Once arriving at Rodney's place it takes no time for Sera to end up naked. Not only does she have huge tits but she also is no stranger to giving a blowjob. When Rodney fills Sera's pink wet pussy she giggles with delight and her curvy body shakes with pleasure. Sera is no longer a first timer when she gets her very first huge Rodney Blast.


Added August 3     Kamille Amora     "Camshow Cream Dream"

Chunky girl with XXXL tits gets X rated with Rodney!
She uses her boobs with her blow job, gets her hairy puss pounded
and gets thick gooey Rodney Blast to her face!

"Kamille Amora & Rodney - Firecracker Kamille Amora loves to fulfill guys' fantasies while she is webcamming. She starts out by bouncing her bodacious breasts and giving soft, wet kisses to the camera. Then, someone in the room notices her hairy pussy, so she spreads wide her lips and gives a sticky close up. She imagines that you are there with her, licking on her sweet clit before delving deep inside her warm hole with your tongue. Next, she pulls out a dildo, pretending its your cock. On her knees before you, you watch her deep throat your dick while you squeeze her huge titties. She sucks on your balls and smacks your dick against her soft, rosy cheeks. But your greatest fantasy is to fuck her. So you lay her down on her back and drill her hole fast and hard, causing her boobs and tummy to shake uncontrollably. Then, you flip her over and fuck her doggy style while she screams with pleasure. You continue to pound this voracious slut in different positions, until you blast out a huge load of gooey, white cum all over her gorgeous face.


Added July 28     Auburn Sunshine     "Sloppy Slut"

Chunky hotel clerk finds her inner porn slut for foot fetish and rough tit play!
She gets the ride of a lifetime while getting her tits and ass manhandled!
The drooly slut gets a HUGE Rodney Blast to her glasses and licks up every drop!

"Auburn Sunshine & Rodney - Chunky MILF concierge Auburn comes to give Rodney some fresh towels and notices his light setup. She asks if he is doing porn. He says he is doing foot worshipping vids and asks her is she wants to try it out. She does and Rodney goes to town on her toes. Now it's her turn to suck his toes and his cock. Turns out she likes being told what to do and gets told to give the sloppiest blow job and she delivers. She also likes rough tit play and gets worked over with the whip and riding crop and a banging kitty fuck. Rodney fucks her hard while he smacks her big floppy tits. Then he fucks her from behind while he shoves his foot in her mouth at the same time. She yells she is a sloppy wet whore that needs her tits spanked and her mouth filled with cock, spit and cum. Rodney isn't done with this dirty porn slut. He scratches and spanks her big ass til it's bright red. He smacks her boobs with the crop til he pops a huge blast all over her glasses. She takes them off of her face and that dirty slut licks them clean!


Added July 18     Tiffany Star     "Sweet and Sticky"

Fucking revenge is a dish best served with a side of rimming,
a belly button fucking and a huge Rodney Blast to savor!

"Tiffany Star & Rodney - Gorgeous plumper Tiffany Star is upset because her boyfriend just cheated on her with a skinny girl! She goes to Rodney's, vowing to fuck the first guy who walks in. Determined to wreak vengeance on her disloyal dud, she sets her sights on Rodney With a quick ruse, she is suddenly on her knees and pulling down daddy's boxers. Married Rodney's worried about cheating, but when she starts polishing his knob with her tongue, he's all in. As she licks his shaft and works his balls, she squeals, "You're so much bigger than my boyfriend!" But that doesn't deter from trying to fit it all in her mouth! This horny red head isn't even wearing any panties, which makes it very easy for Rodney to start licking her butt hole. As he fucks her doggy style, her ass and belly jiggle up and down on his dick, making her moan loudly. Rodney plants his dick on her forehead so she can lick his nuts one last time, then he shoots a huge load of jizz all over her mouth. She spits it back out all over his cock, then sucks it clean, relishing in the sweet taste of revenge.


Added July 11     Crystel     "BJ Waiting"

SBBW with hot XXXL boobs likes to chat and suck at the same time. Till the
cock wins out! She gets a huge Rodney Blast splat to the face!

"Crystel & Rodney - Hot BBW Crystel loves to talk on the phone but Rodney loves it when this huge boobed beauty sucks his big dick. Time to get off the phone and onto Rodney's meat. And that's just what she does, until she finds it difficult to speak with a mouth full of hard cock. She sucks him deep then resumes her call while Rodney dumps his creamy goo all over her pretty face.


Added July 4     Tessa     "Perverted Penis Policy "

Chubby MILF Insurance Agent is Willing to Insure Rodney's Penis,
But First She Has To Make Sure It's Still Functioning Properly

"Tessa & Rodney - BBW hottie Tessa comes to Rodney's place to sell him an unusual kind of insurance. Rodney has decided to insure his world-famous cock. Tessa's insurance company can help but she needs to make sure that he has a healthy, functioning cock that can get hard and ready. She needs to see it RIGHT NOW. Rodney whips out his dick but he usually has pretty girls around to get him hard. Tessa's happy to help him out with that. She gently fondles his balls then wraps her lips around his growing member. She hungrily swallows him swollen rod. Rodney helps her out of her clothes before fondling her huge tits. Later she wraps those massive mammaries around his cock and titty fucks him. Well it's pretty clear by now his dick is working just fine. But can he cum? Well he proves he can by coating her entire face in a gallon of sticky goo.


Added June 27     Luna Knight     "Sorority Sex "

Chunky college beauty practices the art of seduction and sex!
She gets an A plus in pussy pounding and a huge facial for extra credit!

"Luna Knight & Rodney - Sexy college co-ed Luna really wants to join a sorority, but in order to join she needs to do something crazy. So she decides to seduce Rodney, while her future sorority sisters listen in. At first Rodney is pretty hesitant, but decides what the hell and and dives face first in to that cute little pussy. After a quick bit of lickin, he slides his meaty cock deep into her wet hole for some pussy poundin. Then he gets Luna on her knees so she can swallow his cock and lick his big balls. He goes back into that hot pussy of hers for some spirited fucking in every position imaginable before filling her mouth with a huge load of hot sorority sauce!

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Added June 20     Cali & Holly     "Porkers in Pairs"

Two chunky babes cum to get it on. One deep throats Rodney's cock and the other
rides it, but only one gets to chow down and lap up every drop of the cumshot!

"Cali & Holly & Rodney - Cali and Holly are two BBW girls who respond to an ad for chubby adult talent. Rodney is pleased when the girls take off their clothes, exposing their huge tits. What Rodney doesn't plan for is that Holly will be doing all the sucking and Cail will take all the fucking. Holly gets Rodney's cock hard and takes it deep into her hungry chubby mouth before letting Cali's pussy gobble up Rodney's fat cock. In true chubby girl fashion Holly slurps up the the Rodney Blast like it was her last meal.


Cricket Rose     "You Fucked Who?"

Dirty chubby girl wants a dick that knows what is doing. She wants to suck, fuck,
lick ass and be spanked and spunked all over. Good ole Rodney to the rescue!

"Cricket Rose & Rodney - Pretty and plump Cricket Rose finds out at work that her friend had sex with a step!. Now, back at home, Cricket can't get the image of fucking her step, Rodney, out of her mind! Wearing sexy, sheer lingerie, she begins to seduce him by rubbing on his already stiff cock through his pants. He can't deny that he's attracted to her, but this might not be a good idea? Maybe just a little touching is okay. But it's not enough for Cricket to just feel his cock, she wants to see it! And, of course, once she's seen his engorged member, she's got to taste it too! She starts by giving the head a little kiss, but soon she's on her knees completely swallowing his dick and balls. She even does something she has never done. She sticks her tongue inside Rodney's asshole. One thing leads to another, and soon she's on her back getting squeezed and stuffed. She's been a bad girl, and it's up to the dominate Rodney to teach her a lesson. He commands her to be quiet so the neighbors don't hear, but she can't stop moaning because it feels so good. At last, Rodney sits on her porcelain face and shoots a huge, drippy load all over her wanting mouth and cute tongue!

Added June 13     JOIN NOW

Holly     "Highway Ho"

Chunky horny street babe wants to go for a ride on Rodney's cock!

"Holly & Rodney - Rodney sees a chunky scantily clad Holly on the side of the road. That can only mean one thing! She is down to fuck! He approaches her to ask if he wants to get naughty. She does and they go for a ride! First Holly gives him a blowjob. Then they move the fun to Holly's place where Rodney gets to spank her massive tits and then stuff his hard Rod into her wet pussy. He fucks her hard, then cums on her face.

Added June 6     JOIN NOW

Porsche Dali     "You're Out!"

Sexy MILF uses her hot, XXXL boobs for favors and fucks!

"Porsche Dali & Christian XXX - Busty Porsche's son has gone too far this time and has been kicked out of the league. She stops by the Commissioner's office to convince him to change his mind. Porsche realizes there is only one way to change a man's mind so she wets Christian's cock with her mouth before he fucks her hard from every angle. The questions is, are her huge luscious boobs enough to get him to change his mind?

Added May 30     JOIN NOW

Missy Malice     "Roller Derby Video Virgin"

Curiosity sucks in BBW roller girl to do
porn and then she sucks off Rodney like a pro!

"Missy Malice & Rodney - Rodney spots Missy Malice, a real Roller Derby Girl practicing, and offers her a foot massage, When he gets horny looking at her skates, he asks her to rub his tool. But she confesses that she's never before given a hand job in her life. Now he's really excited. He teaches her how to masturbate him. She may be a jerk-off novice, but she's a blowjob pro, and sucks him till he blows all over her face.

Added May 23     JOIN NOW

Lyla Everwett     "Big Wet Hottie"

BBW hottie likes what she sees on a porn site and wants the porn treatment from
Rodney himself! Rodney makes her sultry flesh fly with a fucking and some epic cum!

"Lyla Everwett & Rodney - Big girl Lyla Everwett walks in on Rodney who is chillin on the couch while watching porn. She kind of likes what he's got up on his computer screen and it starts turning her on. She decides to start sucking Rodney's cock. He's shocked to see her slurping at his rod but how can he resist her hot mouth or her sexy, curvy big body. She continues her blow job while Rodney gives her a spanking on her big ass booty. Before long he's got his cock buried deep in her pussy. He grabs her big hips and squeezes her love handles while he bangs her from behind. Finally he gushes goo all over her glasses.

Added May 16     HOT BBW Lyla Everwett TRAILER     JOIN NOW

Jolene & Poppy     "Chubby Sunrise"

2 cute chunky girls love each others fluffy bodies and satisfy
each others pussies with a good tongue licking and a strap on!

"Jolene & Poppy - The sun is rising and Jolene & Poppy are just getting back to the hotel room. These chubby girls are having so much fun but they didn't manage to find any men. Good thing they have each other to satisfy their horny chubby needs. What's even better is they both have hairy pussies. Jolene and Poppy really know how to make each other moan with pleasure as they take turns eating the other girls hairy pussy and sucking on tits. Things only get better when a strap-on gets involved.

Added May 9     JOIN NOW

Marilyn Mayson     "Ready and Waiting!"

Lusty and busty laundry lady BBW Marilyn Mayson gets the
full service complete with a spunky load in her sassy mouth!

"Marilyn Mayson & Rodney - Bachelor Rodney is need of a little help on the domestic front, so he calls up the best in town, the "Large Laundry Ladies." Due to their popularity, all their regular girls are booked solid for the day, so he convinces BBW manager Marilyn Mayson to give him a hand--even though she is double! Double the rate, must mean double the fun, because when she shows up, she is sporting an incredible pair of 38 H knockers. She immediately strips down into her work uniform--which is NOTHING, because this is one of those NAKED housekeeper services. The only rule is, you can look, but you can't touch! But will horny Rodney be able to keep his hands to himself? Of course not! So, he whips out his cock and starts playing, all the while trying to get fresh with this bare, buxom babe. All it takes is a little bit of that Rodney magic, and she's grabbing his big meat stick and even letting him stick it in her chubby belly button. Forget about folding laundry! She envelopes his hard dick within the folds of her soft, billowy skin, and he pounds away. Things start to get wet, and Rodney slips his cock deep into Marilyn's chubby pussy. As his balls slap against her wet cunt, her boobs and belly shake back and forth. Then, Marilyn drops to her knees to give Rodney an extra special service with her voluptuous lips, the dick cleaning! She sucks him while he squeezes her huge tits, until he finally shoots his own load of white, creamy goodness all over her sweet tongue and pretty face.

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Devyn Devine     "Ready and Waiting!"

Super Hot Big Boobed Devyn Is On Her Knees, Mouth Wide Open,
waiting for a COCK! One Way or Another, She'll Have DICK in her PUSSY!

"Devyn Devine & Rodney - Devyn is waiting on her knees, mouth open, for her dominant boyfriend to come home, so she can immediately blow him. But when he has to work late, she has to take matters into her own hands.

Added April 25     HOT BBW Devyn Devine Epic BOOBS TRAILER     JOIN NOW

Kimmie KaBoom     "Come on and Fuck Me!"

Kimmie and her huge boobs coax Rodney
to his smothering second wind and a hot cream pie.

"Kimmie KaBoom & Rodney - BBW superstar Kimmie Kaboom was expecting to get laid, so she's upset that she found Rodney to tired to fuck! But she's horny and wants to fuck right away! So she tries to get him his second wind by smacking his face with her giant juggs. Next she plants her big beautiful ass right down on his face and starts sucking his cock. That gets him going! Finally Kimmie gets what she wants and Rodney plunges his prick deep in her pussy. Watch her huge tits and ass shake in super slow-mo as Rodney bangs her hard and fast. Then with one final thrust he squirts a hot load of cream deep inside of puffy pussy! A cream pie for Kimmie!

Added April 18     HOT BBW Kimmie KaBoom Epic BOOBS TRAILER     JOIN NOW

Jewelz     "The Cabbie"

BBW cabbie takes Rodney home and then he takes her rolls for a ride
plowing her chunky pussy and tipping her in cum!

"Jewelz & Rodney - Rodney hails a cab to get back to his studio and is surprised to see that the driver is a BBW woman in fishnets. Not only does he masturbate in the back seat but talks her into coming up to his studio for a sexy photo shoot. She strips down to nothing but stockings and her sexy flesh rolls, then gets down on her knees for his cock. She must be hungry, because she downs the whole thing like there's no tomorrow. He fucks her hard then tips her with a Rodney Blast all over her chubby face..

Added April 13     HOT BBW Jewelz Epic TRAILER     JOIN NOW

Lila Lovely     "The Janitor Cums to Win"

Secret kinky masseuse get the tables turned and
Rodney gets his ass royally rimmed and his nuts drained!

"Lila Lovely & Rodney - Curvy Lila Lovely is one sexy VP but she's pretty mean too, always bossing around poor Rodney, the janitor. She's also got a dirty little secret, she has another job as an erotic masseuse. And what do you know, one day Rodney stumbles upon Lila at this other job. Lila shoos him away and threatens not to tell anyone at the company or else he'll lose his job. But soon he figures out how to turn the tables on her. He wants his massage or he'll tell everyone in the office about her other profession. Lila has no choice but do satisfy Rodney's every need including calling him "Sir." She rubs down his body and strokes his cock. She even agrees to lick his ass. Before long she's on her knees, taking his dick deep down her throat. She even starts begging Rodney to bang her. They fuck and suck each other hot and heavy. Rodney buries his face between her massive highs as he licks her pussy. Then he grabs her big fat ass while he pounds her hard doggy style. He deposits a huge load inside her pretty pink pussy. The next day at the office, when Rodney comes in to clean, he whips out his cock and shoves it in her face. She sucks him off again until he spews a huge wad of goo all over her face and glasses.

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The BBW Orgy Girls     "Ali Baba Big Babe Bang"

Gorgeous BBW maids turn into a lusty
lesbo harem in an epic XL fleshy fantasy!

"Ali Baba Big Babe Bang" featuring Raven Triple X, Kinky Kendal, Phoenixxx BBW, Vallery Vixen, Duchess & Alexxxis Allure - Five smoking hot voluptuous housemaid have been hired by Rodney's assistant to clean his "Moroccan Room." They are sternly told to be thorough but they mustn't touch the lamp in the middle of the room, no matter what. The girls are trying to clean but they keep getting distracted by each other's big round butts and huge tits. They start to fluff the pillows all right but they also start fluffing asses and boobs. One babe's giant jugs fall out of her tiny dress and accidentally rub against the forbidden lamp. Suddenly an eerie mist fills the room. The girls find themselves transported to a mysterious and exotic land and right in the middle of hot BBW orgy. Before you know it, fingers, tongues and dildos are being rammed into fat, juicy pussies. All five woman moan in ecstasy as mounds of flesh billow and roll against each other. They gather around the lamp pleasuring each others' tight twats. The magical mist starts to rise again. Where will their sexy adventure be next?

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Miranda     "Miranda's Photo Session"

Top heavy XL model unleashes her inner ho
with a drooly blowjob and sucks cum of her XXXL tits!!

"Miranda's Photo Session" featuring Miranda with Red - Chubby Miranda is in a photo-shoot but when the photographer asks her to reveal more she gets shy and declines. After asking one more time Miranda decides to show her huge tits. While Miranda is looking away from the camera the photographer is so turned on he can't help but masturbate. When she turns around and realizes Miranda's shyness quickly fades and her hunger for cock takes over. She fills her hungry chubby mouth with his cock. When her big breasts get covered with cum her first instinct is to eat it all up! And she does!

Added March 23     JOIN NOW

Shay Thomas     "Big Babe Blast"

Hot BBW 90's nympho lets her lusty
love handles fly during major fuckfest!

"Big Babe Blast" featuring Shay Thomas - Hot 90's chick Shay Thomas has big soft hair and a killer smile and she loves to fuck. Hence the reason she is applying to be in a BBW movie. She has real tits and an hourglass figure with a great ass. She wants to get started right away and strips off her clothes quickly because she wants it from behind. Rodney is ready to pound that sexy big padded ass. She sucks his cock and then opens her hot flexible thunder thighs to reveal a plump chubby juicy pussy. He pounds her this way and that way and then gives her what she has been wanting. He fucks her doggy style while her love handles, thighs and ass shake all over the place. Shay is a nasty girl and wants her asshole played with and to taste Rodney's cock after he has fucked her, which Rodney happily obliges. She is ready to take a big Rodney Blast to her round soft belly and then smears it all over herself.

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Dandi     "Dandi's Dilemma"

Pretty, horny preggo with extra puffy pussy lips and
swollen breasts is ready to pop and needs to get off!

"Dandi's Dilemma" featuring Dandi - Cute and sweet Dandi is in a predicament. She is very pregnant and her husband doesn't want to have sex with her. She is so horny. She needs some stimulation, so she takes matters into her own hands. She peels of her sexy white nighty to reveal hot swollen breasts and a ready to pop preggo belly. She plays with her hard nipples and then goes in straight for the pussy. Her preggo puffy pussy lips need to be rubbed and touched and played with. She spreads her legs and slips her wet fingers into her lush and wanting gash till she has a super preggo orgasm!

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Charlie     "Alley Cat"

Charlie has big boobs and an ever bigger appetite. Her appetite
is all for big cock and Rodney, of course, gives it to her.

"Alley Cat" featuring Charlie with Rodney Moore - Hot chubby chick Charlie is hanging out in the alley. She's hungry and wants something to eat. Rodney offers her something for her mouth alright, his cock. They go inside where she strips down revealing her big bubble butt and massive rack. She opens her mouth wide and Rodney feeds her his dick. She hungrily sucks and slobbers on it. She even lets Rodney take a taste of her own plump pussy. Finally Rodney feeds her a face full of his yummy cream.

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Voluptuous Maddy & Elektra     "Heavyweight Bout"

2 Sexy BBW's have to share Rodney's cock!
They smother each other with their hot big asses and swamp cum!

"Heavyweight Bout" featuring Voluptuous Maddy & Elektra with Rodney Moore - Big and curvy Elektra stops by to do her very first scene ever. But in the midst of a very enthusiastic blow job, hot BBW Maddy knocks at the door, warning him not to shoot with a girl named Elektra! She also wants to do a BJ scene with Rodney herself. Right then and there. Little does she know that Rodney's cock is already wet from Elektra's drool. He keeps them in separate rooms going back and forth between, neither knowing the other is there. How long can he keep it up? They both lick his balls and ass so good. Finally, they find out they are both there sucking cock, but Rodney's cock is too good to give up so they decide sharing is good. They share his cock and then they share each others big beautiful bodies. They lick each others tits and smother each others faces with their hot big asses! Then Rodney gives Maddy a thick wad of cum in her mouth and she shares that with Elektra. She spits it in her mouth and she drools it down to her big BBW tits and they both rub it around with glee!

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Karla Lane     "Panties for Cum"

Sweet and sexy chubby Karla Lane lets her hot rolls
and her freak flag fly with a dirty van sex romp!

"Panties for Cum" featuring Karla Lane with Rodney Moore - Some girls will do the craziest things and Rodney can prove it. Out filming for a late-night TV show, Rodney convinces Karla to offload her bra and panties right there on the street. She decides to show off her great big titties. Rodney shows her his big fat cock and, she decides how nice it would be if that big cock was balls deep in her mouth and tight hairy pussy. They fuck then and there in his van until Rodney gives her a huge, creamy cum blast to her cute face.

Added February 16     JOIN NOW

Jasmine Jade     "Fashion Model"

Hot asian plumper was shy but once she gets
an ass fingering and a plowing, she turns full ho for the cum!

"Fashion Model" featuring Jasmine Jade with Rodney Moore - Pretty plumper Jasmine applies to be a fashion model. Rodney gives her some lingerie to change into, which surprises her, as she wasn't expecting to model anything too revealing. She really complains when he gives her something that's see through. But when he barges into the bathroom and pulls his dick out she stops complaining and starts sucking. She wants her plump pussy fucked and so Rodney obliges! She gets some butthole fingering and then she rims Rodney. She finally gets a huge classic Rodney Blast to her pretty face!

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Christina Curves     "Big Boobed Solo"

Pretty BBW with huge tits shows off and gets off!

"Big Boobed Solo" featuring Christina Curves - Christina shows you every inch of her larger than life hot curves while she plays with her giant tits and fingers her plump pussy just for you.

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Desire & Natasha     "Boobs & Bifocals"

Girl brings over cute and chunky friend who wants to suck dick
and get a big Rodney Blast so she can eat it up!

"Boobs & Bifocals" featuring Desire & Natasha with Rodney Moore - Natasha brings her cute and chunky friend Desire over to Rodney's place. She tells him that she won't go all the way but she will give him a Blow Job. And she wants a Rodney Blast! No problem, he lets her suck his cock and, when he finally coats her face with cum, Natasha eats it up.

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Dominique     "Woods Ho"

Rodney's lucky day in the woods, where he finds a hot extra thick ho to blow him!
Then Rodney gives her the extra thick Rodney Blast!

"Woods Ho" featuring Dominique with Rodney Moore - Rodney is hiking in the woods when he comes across Dominique, a working woman doing her thing in a very unusual and secluded area. She offers to give him a blow job and he agrees. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock. Of course, he gives her a Rodney Blast all over her pretty chubby face.

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Dana Laine     "Cum Quickie"

Gorgeous and busty proves girls just wanna have cum!
She comes to Rodney for a cum quickie to get what she needs!

"Cum Quickie" featuring Dana Laine with Rodney Moore - Gorgeous and busty Dana has an insatiable urge to have cum all over her pretty face and she needs it now! What's a girl to do but to head over to Rodney's for a quick fix of hot goo. She comes over, undresses, lays down and lets him dump his thick, white load all over her face.

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Lasha & Casey     "Shipping or Sucking"

2 hot BBW's realize sucking cock in movies is worth a lot of dough!
They drop to their knees to tag team Rodney's dong and eat his ass,
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"Shipping or Sucking" featuring Lasha & Casey with Rodney Moore - Lasha is hired as Rodney's new shipping clerk for ten dollars an hour, but as soon as she finds out the the girls in his movies make a thousand to suck his cock, she drops to her knees in hopes of a similar deal. Rodney hesitates and she gets insulted. She instantly calls for legal advice. When the law firm sends over Casey, things become tense. Lasha tells her that Rodney wont let her suck his dick because she's a chubby girl. Rodney says that's not true, in fact, he loves Chubbies. The dispute gets settled out of court and in Lasha's mouth. She gets to suck his dick. But Casey wants in on the action too and, together, they share in his cock. He fucks their mouths and tits until he gives Lasha the bonus she deserves: a Rodney Blast to the face.

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Sasha NYC     "Big Apple Blowjob"

Pretty SBBW with gargantuan boobs
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"Big Apple Blowjo" featuring Sasha NYC with Rodney Moore - Rodney gets a bit embarrassed when BBW Sasha whips her giant tits out right there on the balcony. How would she feel if he just suddenly whips is cock out? Well it seems like she likes seeing his big dick and Rodney likes seeing her huge boobs so they go inside for more privacy. Rodney fondles her massive mammaries then Sasha drops to her knees and starts sucking his swollen cock. She gives him a passionate blow job even wrapping her huge tits around his pulsing member while she continues to suck. In the end, Rodney coats her pretty face in gallons of goo.

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Renee Sheridan     "Big Cream"

BBW gets a spanking and then a spunking!

"Big Cream" featuring Renee Sheridan with Rodney Moore - Big, beautiful and exceptionally horny, Renee Sheridan needs a cock to suck on right now!! Good thing Rodney's big cock is ready and willing! She gently sucks on the tip then swallows his whole stiff rod deep down her throat. Rodney spanks her big boobs and butt then fucks her chubby face. She sucks his cock and balls then swallows his spunk.

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Elizabeth Rollings     "Corset for Cock"

Bodacious big boobed BBW deep throats
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"Corset for Cock" featuring Elizabeth Rollings with Rodney Moore - Big, titty plumper Elizabeth Rollings stops by to pick up a custom corset from Rodney. It's not quite fitting so he needs to measure her massive titties to see if they've gotten any bigger. They're too much for Rodney to handle so he whips out his big cock to jack off. Elizabeth helps him with her wet mouth to give him an expert blowjob before she ends up taking a hot, Rodney Blast to the face.

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Kat     "Kat's Cravings"

Hot BBW needs to beat the heat and Rodney's
meat, then tops off with a drink of Rodney's cum!

"Kat's Cravings" featuring Kat with Rodney Moore - It's too hot! It's so hot, that the only way for BBW Kat to get cool is to put her chubby face in the cool fridge. But the fridge is empty and she needs something to chow down on to keep her curves big and luscious! She is in luck, because Rodney comes to her rescue. It's win win, she beats the heat and beats Rodney's meat. He feeds her his cock and gives her cum to drink!

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Rachel Hobbs     "Big Pussy"

Delicate and cute plumper with luscious boobs
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"Big Pussy" featuring Rachel Hobbs with Rodney Moore - Rachel tries out as a model for an TV ad for a new product, "Pussy Vitamin Water," a new drink. Rodney wants her to bend over and lick the water from the bowl. But seeing her crawl around gets him hot, especially when her ass pokes out of her short skirt. Next thing you know, sure enough, she's sucking his fat cock and lovin it. After some messy knob gobblin Rodney blasts a big, sticky load of hot cum in her mouth and she slurps up every gooey drop.

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Bunny De La Cruz     "Appetite For Sex"

When the office gets too hot Bunny gets naked but
things get even hotter with epic rimming and fucking. Finally she gets a huge facial to help cool her off!

"Appetite For Sex" featuring Bunny De La Cruz with Rodney Moore - Bunny De La Cruz is working as the secretary at Rodney's brokerage firm, but the air conditioner is broken. So each time she cums to him seeking advice for his clients, he convinces her to take off a layer of clothing. After a long morning of hard work, Bunny's completely naked, and its time for lunch. Immediately, Rodney feasts on Bunny's huge bosom and buries his face between her jiggling ass cheeks. But Bunny needs to eat too, so Rodney lets her take a turn gobbling up his huge meat stick. As she hungrily slobbers all over his cock, Rodney grabs the back of her head and fucks her face hard. But what his throbbing member is really craving is the perfect, pink pussy peeking out beneath her plumpness. Rodney plunges his shaft deep into her folds, until he is completely engulfed in her dripping hole. As he powerfully thrusts into her tight slit, he grabs and squeezes her bouncing titties and belly. The two simply cannot stop feeding each other's insatiable appetites for fucking, eating, and sucking. Finally, for desert, Rodney helps himself a good face-sitting, before straddling Bunny's breast and letting her suck out a warm, gooey cream-filled treat.

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Lucy Prisms     "Hungry for Cock"

Big and bubbly cam girl needs real big cock and cum and
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"Hungry for Cock" featuring Lucy Prisms with Rodney Moore - Big and bubbly Lucy Prisms is getting her fans all hot and bothered as she strips down for her sexy web cam show. As her viewers start dishing out the dough, Lucy peels off her clothes then chooses a nice big dildo so suck on. Her horny fans want more, they want to see her suck on a real dick so she calls Rodney over to help her out. First, she swallows his stiff prick balls deep then licks his balls and ass. She finishes up her cam show by masturbating to her complete satisfaction but she's still hungry for cock. So he crawls over to Rodney and hungrily laps at his big meat stick. Rodney fucks her pudgy face while pulling and tugging at her big tits. In the end, he coats her face in big wad of goo.

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Vanessa     "Squeeze the Ripe Melons"

Rodney Can't Get Enough of Vanessa's HUGE BOOBS,
and She Can't Get Enough Cock, Balls and JIZZ!

"Squeeze the Ripe Melons" featuring Vanessa with Rodney Moore - Rodney can't get enough of Vanessa's huge boobs. He squeezes them and titty fucks them. She blows him, licks his balls and gets a huge Rodney Blast.

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Alice Doe     "Learning to Sub "

Pretty plumper discovers the joys of subbing and spankings
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"Learning to Sub" featuring Alice Doe with Rodney Moore - Cute plumper Alice Doe thinks her new boyfriend might be "the one," but she was surprised when he hinted they bring BDSM into their sex life. He's a Dominant and he would like her to be his submissive. She is eager to engage in this new type of play, but she has no idea what these names even mean! She's overheard Rodney talk about BDSM play so she's asked Rodney to come over and teach her a bit. She's even snuck over a box of her bf's kinky toys, even though she has no idea how to use them. Rodney is the only person she trusts to give her a spanking. How else will she know if she likes it? So, Rodney obliges, and puts Alice over his knee for a good ole fashioned ass smacking. And wouldn't you know it? She loves it! He pulls out different toys. A riding crop, a flogger and a paddle, to try out on her plump bare cheeks. Now that her bottom is warm and rosy from all the spanking, Rodney puts a collar and leash on her and she crawls around on the floor. And when he puts a blindfold on her, she starts rubbing on his cock and begging to suck it. She immediately deepthroats his entire shaft, choking on it repeatedly. Then, after kissing and sucking on her pink nipples, he lays her back and eats her pussy. But what she likes the most is when he fucks her pussy hard with his thick cock while pulling on her leash. He chastises her for cheating on her boyfriend, but then directs her to sit down on his cock and bounce her juicy ass up and down. Rodney finally rewards Alice for her sexy submission by shooting a huge load of creamy white jizz all over her lips.

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BBW Breanna     "Kiss It and Make It Bigger"

Pretty BBW knows how to kiss and make it better
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"Kiss It and Make It Bigger" featuring BBW Breanna with Rodney Moore - Poor BBW Breanna dropped her phone on her foot right as she was getting out of the shower. Still naked and dripping wet, she runs to Rodney so he can kiss her booboo and make it all better. It works. Her toe doesn't hurt anymore, but ooops, it seems she "accidentally " dropped Rodney's phone in his lap right on his big cock. Now she feels she must return the favor by kissing it to make it all better. She quickly starts kissing and licking on his penis. Rodney's in shock over his Breanna's indiscretions but it's been too long since he's had a good blow job so he lets her continue. Soon though he discovers her wet pussy and shoves his dick deep in her tight hole. Breanna's big ass and belly shake as he pounds her pussy hard. He spanks her massive rear one last time before gushing goo all over her lips and face.

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Simone DeBoudoir     "Clean To The Last Drop "

Cute plumper discovers Rodney's pornstar secret and talks him into letting
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"Porn On The Side" featuring Simone DeBoudoir with Rodney Moore - Since her computer froze, voluptuous vixen Simone DeBoudoir asks to use co-worker Rodney's computer just for a moment. After a bit of clicking around, she shockingly discovers some salacious video clips and they feature Rodney himself! Frantic and embarrassed, Rodney begs her not to tell the boss he's been doing porn on the side. Oh she'll agree not to tell alright, but only if she gets to see that monster cock of his, right now. After all, his co-star seems to really be enjoying herself. Simone's impressed by his massive member and wants a piece of that herself. She swallows his stiff prick and hungrily laps at his balls. Of course Rodney can't resist playing with her massive tits. After more intense oral action, Rodney splatters her pudgy face with a gallon of goo.

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Miss Ling Ling     "Clean To The Last Drop "

Kinky cleaner with huge boobs gets more of a mess
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"Clean To The Last Drop " featuring Miss Ling Ling with Rodney Moore - Miss Ling Ling is cleaning up Rodney's apartment, but her enormous breasts keep popping out of her low cut top. Ever helpful, Rodney offers to hold them in for her while she finishes up dusting. But he accidentally gets a huge boner from her huge tits. She doesn't seem to mind. She lets him undress her and suck on her large, brown nipples. And when Rodney shows Miss Ling Ling his bulging cock, she instantly drops to her knees and sucks voraciously on it. Rodney continues to plow her hungry mouth while instructing her to play with her juicy pink clit. He spanks her nipples and lips with his dick during a titty fuck session. Straddling her chest, Rodney shoots out a brand new mess for Miss Ling Ling to mop up with her tongue.

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Jessica Lust     "Cam Sex Cherry Popper "

BBW cam girl goes for onscreen porn gold
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"Cam Sex Cherry Popper " featuring Jessica Lust with Rodney Moore - Buxom Jessica Lust is about to shoot her first-ever porn scene with Rodney. They met in Vegas a few weeks ago and now she's ready to get fucked! She reveals her humongous 40G size breasts, while telling him how much she loves giving wet, messy blow jobs and eating ass. She bends over so that Rodney can spank her jiggly cheeks. She drops to her knees and opens her mouth, ready to suck. But Rodney really makes her work for it. She's got to kiss his balls and lick his butt. He then allows her to devour his dick, he grabs her by the ponytail and she takes his dick straight down her throat. As she looks up at him, drool and precum overflow her cheeks and spill down her huge boobs. He pounds her, while spanking her bouncing titties, and she immediately cums! In fact, she confides, fucking on film has made her insatiable. So Rodney fucks her again, this time doggy style. He digs his finger nails into her porcelain butt cheeks, while she pounds back into him, and she cums again...and again! This dirty girl even lets Rodney sit on her face, so she can eat his ass--until he shoots a huge, creamy Rodney blast all over her glasses, and she eagerly laps up as an appetizer for their post-shoot dinner date.

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Cherry Bardot     "Best Belly Bangeroo "

Best Belly winner seduces towel boy who worships and ravages her lusty flesh!

"Best Belly Bangeroo " featuring Cherry Bardot with Rodney Moore - Beautiful and chubby Cherry Bardot has just won the "Fan Favorite Best Belly" award at BBWcon! She's relaxing in her room, when she hears a knock at the door. It's the towel boy. After some playful maneuvering, she gets him to notice her trophy, as well as her award-winning tummy! This lucky guy can't help but also admire her massive titties, plentiful ass, and wet pussy. Forget delivering towels, she wants him to fuck her! He quickly thrusts his hard dick into her eager opening. Her belly to rolls back and forth from the hot action. Her tits bounce together while he fucks her hard. She goes wild when he squeezes and smacks her massive jugs. Soon, she's on her knees with her mouth open and begging to suck his cock. When he tries to get back to work, she begs him to fuck her even more. So she sits back down on his cock, before letting him fuck her belly button and tits. He pounds her hard and shoots a huge load of jizz all over her belly. He rubs it all over her pretty, doll face and then goes right back to work.

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Alix     "Shower Surprise"

Alix is Taking a Shower and doesn't realize Rodney's on the Throne.
He's Shocked and Sorry to see her Naked Body, but even MORE SHOCKED
(but NOT Sorry) when She gets on her Knees and starts Sucking Hard DICK!

"Shower Surprise " featuring Alix with Rodney Moore - Sexy BBW Alix asks her server what the cafe's wi-fi password is. But when Rodney tells her "suck my cock" she takes it literally!! She immediately yanks down Rodney's pants and starts sucking. She seems to be hungry for dick because she swallows his huge rod deep down her throat. She also licks and sucks his balls. Once Rodney has her naked, he rams his cock in her belly button. Then it's back to more cock sucking until Rodney totally creams her face and hair in goo.

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Angel Cheeks     "WiFi Facial "

Demanding big girl gets a diss from her server but that doesn't stop this slutty
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"WiFi Facial " featuring Angel Cheeks with Rodney Moore - Sexy BBW Angel Cheeks asks her server what the cafe's wi-fi password is. But when Rodney tells her "suck my cock" she takes it literally!! She immediately yanks down Rodney's pants and starts sucking. She seems to be hungry for dick because she swallows his huge rod deep down her throat. She also licks and sucks his balls. Once Rodney has her naked, he rams his cock in her belly button. Then it's back to more cock sucking until Rodney totally creams her face and hair in goo.

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Ava Glory     "Big Bargain Blowjob"

Plump and pretty Ava needs to unload some
sex toys and Rodney needs to unleash his load!

"Big Bargain Blowjob" featuring Ava Glory with Rodney Moore - Plump and pretty Ava Glory is getting rid of a used futon. Rodney really likes the futon, but he wants to give her way less. Pretty Ava happens to be horny and sweetens the deal with the offer to suck Rodney's cock. Rodney is not one to turn down a good deal especially when it includes a good blowjob. In no time Ava is on her knees and taking his meaty monster deep in her throat. Rodney is giving her a good face fucking, and when she comes up for air she tells him she has something else she is trying to unload, her big black bag of sex toys. Rodney finds a leather strap stickin out of the bag and wants to try it out first. He gets her on all fours and gives her big plump ass a good spanking that makes her chubby cheeks turn bright red. Then it's back to some more hard throat pumping and ball licking before he unloads a hot sticky wad of goo in her mouth.

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Kimmie KaBoom     "Time For Big Boobs"

Famous Kimmie KaBoom and her even more famous
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"Time For Big Boobs" featuring Kimmie KaBoom with Rodney Moore - Rodney watches an interview with "Boobs of the year" winner Kimmie KaBoom. She whips out those huge size H tits for the interviewer. Rodney starts to get lost in his imagination about Kimmie's amazing rack. He lusts for her big boobs slapping him in his face. In his wildly vivid daydream, he plunges his cock between her boobs. Soon she's sucking his cock. Then he dreams of grabbing her thick hips and fucking her tight wet pussy. He plows her hole then fills it full with his sticky cream.

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Kamille Amora     "Double D Dilema"

Busty Kamille Amora gets a wild titty fuck,
belly button fuck, AND pussy fuck!

"Double D Dilema" featuring Kamille Amora with Rodney Moore - Curvy Kamille just got a new tattoos and needs ointment. Her boyfriend is out of town so she asks her Rodney to do it. The tattoo is high up on her thigh. Rodney's nervous about touching her up there but Kamille insists. Then when he accidentally gets ointment on her dress, she decides to just take it off exposing her giant tits to an already horny Rodney. As he continues to rub in the cream, she guides his hand to her panties and into her tight, wet pussy. He guides his tongue and his big dick into her pussy as well. He bangs her plump pussy for a while then slides his cock between her big boobs. She gives him a passionate blow job before they got back to heavy hard-core action. Soon, he spews his own special ointment across her face and lips.

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Klaudia Kelly     "Showers are For Sharing"

Gorgeous curvaceous BBW Klaudia does
some deep throat and gets a pounding!

"Showers are For Sharing" featuring Klaudia Kelly with Rodney Moore - Big Beautiful Klaudia Kelly is enjoying a hot sensual shower. Suddenly her shower is interrupted when Rodney frantically bursts into the bathroom to go. Not only does Rodney see Klaudia naked but uh-oh, she's also his best friend's girlfriend. Rodney quickly forgets why he is there and is completely turned on by the sight of Klaudia's plump naked body and amazing boobs. He can't help himself, so he pulls his big dick out and starts masturbating. Klaudia is getting horny herself, so Rodney has no problem getting her to take his meaty cock deep in her throat. Klaudia gobbles his rod down sucking and slurping like crazy. Then Rodney takes over and slides his meat deep in her plump wet pussy. They fuck like crazy before Rodney shoots a huge load of goo all over her face.

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Maddie Lewis     "Flight Delay Facial"

Pretty and plump business class bimbo gives worldclass
blowjob and gets internationally acclaimed facial!

"Flight Delay Facial" featuring Maddie Lewis with Rodney Moore - Gorgeous chubby girl Maddie Lewis is waiting for the same LA flight as Rodney. When he hears the announcement that their flight is delayed for 2 hours, he's furious and determined to stage a protest. Of course Rodney's "protest" means whipping his dick out and masturbating right there in the terminal. He somehow convinces Maddie to protest too…by sucking his cock! She devours his dick and licks his balls. When she gets naked, Rodney admires her curvy body including her wide hips and thick thighs. She goes back to sucking on his cock and balls until he showers her face in hot spunk.

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Alexxxis Allure     "Nighttime Remedy"

Cute plumper needs pussy licked and Rodney is at her
service and ready to blast that sweet mouth!

"Nighttime Remedy" featuring Alexxxis Allure with Rodney Moore - There's a huge thunderstorm outside, and Alexxxis can't relax. She comes running to the safety of Rodney's bedroom. So Rodney, always the good guy, lets her hop in. Alexxxis is doesn't like thunder and getting snuggly with Rodney is really helping to ease her nerves. A little snuggling leads to kissing and fondling, and before you know it, Rodney is scared too...scared stiff that is, so he plunges his cock deep into her plump pussy. Then Alexxxis hops on top and smothers Rodney's face whiles taking his huge cock deep in her throat. A little more bangin and Rodney flips her on her back and gives her pussy a good lickin and plunges his tongue deep in her ass. Then he grabs her from behind and bangs her doggy style. Of course Rodney ends the eve with a huge load in her cute mouth!

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Luna Knight     "Pussy Problems"

Cute plumper needs pussy licked and Rodney is at her
service and ready to blast that sweet mouth!

"Pussy Problems" featuring Luna Knight with Rodney Moore - Cute Plumper Luna Knight is on the phone complaining to her girlfriend about how frustrated she is, because she hasn't had her pussy licked in six months. She's pretty desperate, so she asks her friend if she would ask her pervy friend Rodney to come over and help her fix a plumbing problem and then maybe she can seduce him. Rodney shows up, drill in hand and ready to get to work. But Luna has other plans, and when Rodney asks about the problem, she pulls of her panties, spreads her legs and tells him the problem is her pussy needs a lickin! Rodney is surprised for a minute, but then he dives right in licking her plump wet pussy with glee. Turns out Rodney has a problem too, his thick cock needs some sucking, so Luna gets on her knees and takes his big dick deep in her throat. The two take turns sucking and licking and licking and sucking until Rodney unloads his tool with a thick wad of goo all over her mouth.

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Eliza Allure     "Full Figured Fantasy Fling"

Huge and hot Eliza Allure bounces and jiggles, while getting kinky sucking toes and cock.
Her plump pussy gets plowed and her face gets a Rodney Blast!

"Full Figured Fantasy Fling" featuring Eliza Allure with Rodney Moore - Beautiful Big Babe Eliza Allure puts on the hottest big girl strip tease ever. She shakes her monstrous melons in your face then wiggles her big ass out of her tight panties. Her ample body jiggles and gyrates as she dances. When Rodney's big cock comes into the room, she can't help herself and immediately starts sucking on it. But soon Rodney can't help himself either so he gets behind her delicious fat ass and slides his stiff prick deep into her plump pussy. After banging her hard, he gets his cock back in her mouth wrapping her huge tits around his shaft. He face fucks her until he pops a huge load all over her face.

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Lady Leigh     "BBW Body Tutor"

BBW with inner kinks cums out to play in her session,
complete with a XL belly roll fucking and creamy ending!

"BBW Body Tutor" featuring Lady Leigh with Rodney Moore - BBW Lady Leigh has come to Rodney for some tutoring based on a friend's recommendation. But Rodney gave her friend a cheaper rate than he is quoting her. He explains that was because he worked out a special deal with her friend. She let him fondle her boobs! Well that is ok with Leigh so she lets him grope her giant tits. Rodney then says that her friend let him see her naked. Leigh is anxious to do well in college so she strips down revealing her BBW curves. Turns out, her friend got such an amazing rate by sucking Rodney's cock. After getting a taste of his schlong, she wants more and takes it down her throat. She sucks eagerly at his rod getting it nice and wet. Rodney can't help himself but to bury his cock in all that tummy fat and luscious rolls and start banging away at her belly button. Turns out Leigh is pretty kinky after all. Not only does she suck his cock and lick his balls, she even agrees to suck on his toes. Rodney then coats her XL body with his thick cream to proclaim the end of the session.

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Becki Butterfly     "Sexy Scale Bustin' Sneaky Stripper"

Sexy scale bustin' sneaky stripper needs practice stripping,
fucking and sucking and can't wait to catch a Rodney Blast!

"Sexy Scale Bustin' Sneaky Stripper" featuring Becki Butterfly with Rodney Moore - Becki Butterfly surprises her stepdad Rodney by showing up at his strip club for BBW Amateur Strip Night. At first Rodney protests, but doesn't wanna make a scene so he let's her go ahead, and he goes back in the office while she does her thing. After a while Becki comes bouncing into the office still naked, but really happy because a customer wants a lap dance. The only problem is, she needs to practice so she grabs Rodney, throws him on the couch and starts grinding her big meaty butt into his lap. Pretty soon Rodney can't control himself and he buries his face tongue deep in Becki's chubby cheeks. Then he pulls out his big ole boner and thrusts it into that plump wet pussy of hers. Next it's time for some face-fuckin, so Rodney starts pumpin his throbbing meat in her open mouth. The fun doesn't stop there as Rodney begins fuckin away at the folds of her big belly. The two aren't done yet so they fuck all over the office before Rodney rewards her with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast all over her pretty mouth!

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Christine     "The 3-J Diet"

Curvy beauty reveals kinky diet of cum! Rodney's famous thick and nutritious blast
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"The 3-J Diet" featuring Christine with Rodney Moore - Super pretty and ultra curvaceous BBW Christine is on the rooftop jogging around feverishly. Her huge boobs and ass are bouncing all over the place. Rodney has to ask what's up! She says she is on the 3J diet. She tells him it is all about juice and jogging. She is all out of juice and is not shy about asking if she can come to his place for some. They get to Rodney place and he asks what is the third part of the diet. She says JIZZ! And of course she needs that NOW! She gets down on her knees and starts sucking. She takes a quick break to dance around, get naked and tell Rodney to smack her bountiful ass. Dirty Christine gets back to sucking and plays with her plump pussy. She rides him and he rides her until their fuck fest ends in a huge cumshot to her pretty face.

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Helena Ray     "Voluptuous Voyeur"

Frisky BBW needs to get off. She starts with just looking but once that
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"Voluptuous Voyeur" featuring Helena Ray with Rodney Moore - Chubby babe Helena Ray loves to watch men masturbate. So she puts ads in the paper for guys to come over so she can watch them while they jerk off. But she insists on no touching ever, just watching. However, when Rodney comes over, he is persistent. He's turned on by her big body and begs her to get naked. Before long he's convinced her to tickle his balls. That turns into licking his balls and that turns into sucking his cock. She swallows his rod like a true pro. Soon she is so horny and actually lets Rodney bang her. Rodney spanks her big ass for being a such a bad girl. He plows her tight twat hard then blasts her face with a huge load of spunk.

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Kitty     "Peek-a-Boo Plumper"

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"Peek-a-Boo Plumper" featuring Kitty with Rodney Moore - Blonde super BBW Kitty is walking in the Seattle rain in sexy and sassy outfit. Her massive round butt is barely covered and her boobs are busting the seams of her small sundress. She runs into Rodney who can't resist her curvy voluptuous body. Her big ass and huge boobs are too much! Rodney talks her into shooting an XXX movie and they go upstairs to his place for a romp. He starts off by tweaking her nipples and smacking her huge boobs which drives her so wild that she has to grab Rodney's big blaster and start sucking. She sucks him off royally and then he goes in for a Kitty titty fuck with her soft gargantuan boobs. She loves every moment and then revels in his coating her cute BBW face with tons of goo.

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Christina Curves     "Room Service"

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"Room Service" featuring Christina Curves with Rodney Moore - Gorgeous BBW Christina works for a hotel that Rodney is staying at. She comes up to his room to offer their latest special. For an uncharge she will let him eat chocolate from her massive tits. Feeling a bit peckish, he agrees and soon has a treat for her, which is of course, his big cock. She eagerly drops to her knees and sucks him until he shoots his cum all over her smiling face.

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Drea     "Virtually Hairy!"

Sexy plumper needs to suck a big fat cock for her dirty cam show!

"Virtually Hairy!" featuring Drea with Rodney Moore - Drea is a hot and hairy Sex Cam Model. Today she's testing out a new virtual reality cam that brings the viewer into the experience. Drea starts out by slowly fingering her furry hole getting it nice and wet for her first viewer. The next customer wants to do some virtual hairy pussy eating. Her next customer wants to see her suck a big fat cock, so she pulls out a dildo and starts sucking. But wait, he wants to see her sucking a real cock, lucky for us there's a real cock just waiting to be sucked. She takes that cock in balls deep for a good face pumping, before having her hairy pussy covered with a thick wad of hot goo!

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Mazzaratie Monica     "StepDad's Big Day"

Gorgeous BWW with dangerous curves entices Rodney to cure her
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"StepDad's Big Day" featuring Mazzaratie Monica with Rodney Moore - Mazzaratie Monica and her bf broke up and since then she's been horny all the time. She's even getting horny while talking to her friend about accidentally seeing her stepdad's Rodney's big cock once. She starts fingering her plump, wet pussy. She calls Rodney to get help with her wi-fi, but while he's messing with the computer, one of Monica's huge tits pops right out of her lingerie and right into Rodney's mouth. Rodney can't resist Monica's curves, he buries his face in her huge rack then in her ample butt. She sucks his cock and licks his balls. Soon his prick finds its way into her wet pussy. There's lots of hot hardcore and oral action before Monica sits her huge ass down on Rodney's face. She jiggles her fat butt cheeks back and forth over his tongue. Rodney shoots a big blast of goo across her pretty pudgy face.

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Karise D'Abre     "Big Model"

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"Big Model" featuring Karise D'Abre with Rodney Moore - Karise is a Big and Beautiful model who shows up at Rodney's to model for his website. She has a 36H chest, is a horny girl and really wants to be on his website. Rodney tells her that the best way to cement the deal is by getting on her knees and sucking on his big cock. Karise is on her knees at the drop of his pants. She takes his pole deep in her throat savoring the it's meaty girth and fondling his balls. Then Rodney gives those massive 36H juggs a healthy titty fuck before he blows a giant wad of hot and sticky cement all over her eager mouth.

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