Creme de la Face Deluxe
Volume 1

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Cassie Courtland, Laurie Vargas, Roshelle Starr, Crystal Clear, Mahealani, Sabrina Jayde, Mandy, Justin Syder, Jack Venice, Jason Cox and the King of Cream, Rodney Moore

New Stripper
Laurie Vargas, Roshelle Starr & Rodney

Rodney gets stripper Roshell to help him convince new waitress Laurie (aka Natallie) to strip on stage instead of waiting tables. Turns out she's a natural dancer. She's also a natural cock sucker, and Roshell joins her in chowing down on Rodney. They share and swap the goo.

Blue Coyote Blowjob
Cassie Courtland & Rodney

Cassie gets talked into doing a TV ad for Blue Coyote Jeans, pants so sexy they make girls want to strip naked. But Cassie needs a little push to prove that's true. But she finally consents to whip off her clothes in the commercial, and when she does, Rodney of course whips down his pants and whips his prick into her mouth. She proves quite the adept cock sucker and takes a big blast all over her cute kisser.

Find the Jack Off
Mahealani & Rodney

Hawaiian Cutie Mahealani works for Mega Channel Cable, and stops by Rodney's new space to find where the cable TV jack is. This tart has no problem kneeling on the floor to look and letting the fresh air blow against her butt. She also has no problem getting on her knees and blowing Rodney. She likes to spread her legs too, and after taking his cock all over the place, she finally gets a big blast to the face.

After Hours Part 1
Laurie Vargas, Crystal Clear, Justin Syder, Jack Venice & Jason Cox

Laurie is doing great as a new stripper. Two guys come in and get big boners watching her. Then a guy comes in with his slutty girlfriend and wants Laurie to give her a lap dance. Not only does she, but she sucks his cock too. The other guys join in, and soon both girls are chowing down on 3 big cocks. They share a massive 3 man facial.

Spectator Sport
Sabrina Jayde, Mandy & Rodney

Rodney is cruising Hooker Alley when he runs into Mandy. But she's not a whore, she's a voyeur with a video camera, and she asks if she can watch Rodney pick up and fuck cute Sabrina Jayde, who is a whore. They all go back to his place, Sabrina does the sucking, Rodney does the fucking and Mandy does the filming. Sabrina also does the swallowing!!

After Hours Part 2
Laurie Vargas & Rodney

Meanwhile, back at the Rodney's Stripper club, after Laurie's wild night on the pole (and sucking on 3 poles), she needs some satisfaction herself. She gives one final BJ to Rodney, then he licks her luscious (and hairy) pussy, and bangs her bush till she screams with joy. He sends her off with a night cap, a big facial.

Plus the original

starring Lana Sands, Pearl, Umma, Brea, Kira, Shay Thomas, Cumisha, Gabriella, T.J., Greta Carlson and Rodney Moore (The King of Cream).

In this incredible series, the King of Cream dedicates nasty action to lovers of messy, we facial cum shot facials. Rodney splatters the faces of lovelies Lana Sands, Pearl, Umma and Brea in 4 long hot scenarios. In addition, Rodney messes the faces of Great Carlson, Cumisha, Gabriella, Kirea, Shay Thomas and T.J. in sort creamy wet explosions, all never before seen on video!!

After Lana teases him by dancing sexually, Rodney lavishes oral attention on her gorgeous butt and asshole, then lunges into her fur pie. Rodney nearly fucks the life out of sexy Lana, finally blasting her beautiful face and hungry mouth with a hot, creamy load.!

A couple of quick cum shots later, Rodney invites Pearl, a school marm type with glasses and a great personality, back to his Seattle hotel. In the car, he eats her bald beaver. In the hotel, Pearl gets two orgasms from Rodney's fucking, and sperm erupts all over her face and glasses.!

In short segments, two more beauties are facially coated by Rodney's cum, and in the third full segment Rodney is welcomed to his new apartment by horny neighbor Umma. This beautiful and brazen Oriental babe artistically swallows Rodney's uncircumcised cock and screams in ecstasy when he rams it all up her pussy. Rodney unleashes a a gallon of heavy cream on Umma's face and she revels in he love juices.!

In a s short spot, Kira and Shay lovingly share Rodney's plentiful cum, kissing and licking each other's face, enjoying every last drop of the thick, white goo. And in the fourth extended scene, Brea is so hungry, she even eats his asshole. Rodney buries his thick rod deep in Brea's asshole and finally satisfies her hunger with a hardy helping of cum. Her shameless smile shows how she enjoys a face full of Rodney's tasty spunk!

XXX Rated Entertainment. 2 Hours and 20 Minutes. $30.00.

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