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"A Big Gift for Goo"

Rodney gets a call from his twin brother Randall, who happens to be depressed because he's lonely. So, he decides to send him a big gift. Turns out Rodney's BBW secretary Izetta, used to be a stripper so, he asks her if she would mind going over and stripping for him to cheer him up, and that he would give her a big bonus if she does. She heads over and does a sexy strip tease for Randall and it cheers him up but, when she leaves he's still depressed. Izetta gets back to the office and Rodney tells her that he spoke to his brother and the strip tease made him feel a little better but, he's still in a deep funk. Rodney asks Izetta if she can go back over and maybe give him a hug to see if that'll snap him out of it. Well, it turns out a little hugging & kissing is all Randall needed because before you know it, his pants are down and his big cock is deep in her mouth. Then he gets her on all fours and starts pounding away at her plump wet pussy. He pulls out and shoves back in mouth to give her a fierce face fucking before unloading a heavy load of hot cum all over her pretty face.

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