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Genevieve LaFleur

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"Big Bang Boudoir Video"

Sexy BBW Genevieve LaFleur stops by Rodney's studio to have him film a erotic boudoir video for her fiance. She let's him know up front that she only wants an erotic video of her masturbating, not a "porn" video. Rodney assures Genevieve that she'll love the video and then grabs his camera so they can start. He has her sit on the couch and slowly start to strip. Then she leans back and begins squeezing her full breasts before closing her eyes and fingering with her plump, wet pussy. All this erotic action has got Rodney really worked-up and he can't help himself so, he pulls out his big dick and he starts to stroke it while rubbing it up against her swollen pussy. Genevieve is shocked and pushes him away as, Rodney starts to apologize and explain that he just can't help himself. He tells her that, she is just so pretty and that she should think about doing an "erotic porn" video if she really wants to give her fiance something special. His little pep talk work and before you know it, Genevieve is happily chowing down on Rodney's fat cock. He gives her a good face fucking before sliding into her pussy from behind for some heavy humping. Then he pulls out and gives her a hot blast of boudoir goo all over her pretty face.

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