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Mischievous Kitty

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"Big Kitty Creampie"

Rodney is wrapping up shooting a commercial for busty Mischievous Kitty's real estate company. Kitty has a question. Could he do a boudoir shoot of her for her husband's birthday? Well, Rodney's certainly willing to give it a try! Kitty has even brought along some sexy lingerie for the occasion. She looks lovely in her purple outfit, so Rodney hits record, and Kitty takes it from there. As she seduces her man through the video camera, she calls cut. She's feeling a little adventurous, and wants to take it a little further. Does he mind if she gets naked? No! So, she plays with her big knockers, bends over, and takes off her panties. And Rodney pulls out his cock and starts jerking. She turns around and gets upset, but when he discovers her hairy bush, he gets even more turned on. He finds out that Kitty has never had her ass eaten before, so he convinces her to get in doggy position for her very first booty licking. His long tongue goes deep and she moans heavily. He kisses her butt hole, and then dives nose deep, pulling her cheeks into his face. Next, she chokes on his huge shaft and drools spit all over her pierced nipples. Then, he teaches her how to eat her very first asshole. She gobbles it up enthusiastically, and you can hear her tongue working hard and her lips smacking. She sucks his balls gently into her mouth, and he smacks his cock against her forehead. He eats her hairy pussy and kisses her fat lips teasingly. Her boobs bash into each other as she rides his cock. He fucks her from behind and creampies her fat pussy. She leads his man jizz back out of her pussy, and he spreads it all over her face.

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