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Kimmie Kaboom

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"Big Titty Play-Time"

Kimmie KaBoom and her husband have decided she's not doing any more porn. She can only pose for nude pictures. Well, Rodney's been so excited to see her and shoot a sex scene with her that he is super disappointed. He's totally going to get blue balled! Out of habit, after shooting some photos, Rodney pulls out his big wang and gets ready for the hardcore action. Not so fast! Doesn't he remember the rules? After some sweet-talking, the voluptuous Kimmie agrees to let him touch her boobs, but nothing more. So he lifts her heavy mammaries, but it only makes him harder. Can he just jerk off looking at her? Well, it's not sex, so she guesses it is fine. She takes a more active role, though, and plays with her tits, just to help make him cum. She even lets him rub his big dick on her nipples. That feels so good that she can't help but start jerking him off and playing with his balls. How about a titty fuck for old time's sake? Rodney promises not to tell. After some more teasing, she finally tastes his huge rod. After she sucks on the tip, he asks her to just rub it a little bit on her pussy. He promises he won't release the scene! She can keep a secret too, so Rodney fucks her missionary while squeezing on her humongous jugs and tummy rolls. He pounds her so hard that you can hear his dick hit the back of her pussy wall. Until she cums all over his cock. Big girl Kimmie sucks Rodney off some more before taking another ride in his lap. Her big butt jiggles back and forth while she rides him balls deep. In a moment of true ecstasy, Rodney coats the BBW's face with a gallon of goo.

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