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Alexa Grey

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"Fluffy Balls Shell Game"

Redheaded BBW Alexa Grey is about to play a kinky game with Rodney. According to what ball she draws, she must perform a different sexual act. They start out with some sensual kissing on the lips, but next she gives him a big ol' kiss on his asshole. Don't forget to use tongue! Then, she must worship his balls and feet. She strips along the way, revealing her incredibly curvaceous breasts, tummy and butt. After some spanking and nipple licking, it's time for Alexa's favorite activity…sucking cock! She moans as she wraps her lips around his stiff prick until she chokes. Her expert oral skills eventually send Rodney over the edge, and he shoots his humongous load all over the desk. The sexy, big girl licks it all up.

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