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Alexa Grey

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"Blowjobs For Every Occasion"

If BBW Alexa Grey thinks that blowjobs should be reserved for special occasions, then why is she sucking off the dishwasher repairman? The submissive slut lets him put a collar and leash on her while he fucks her chubby cheeks! Then, the kinky girl bends over while Rodney spanks her with a flogger and digs his nails into her thick butt cheeks. Next, with her mouth stuffed with a ball gag, Rodney flogs her voluptuous breasts and pinches her nipples. Literally starving for sex, Alexa does the dirtiest of deeds, and licks Rodney's asshole from behind. Finally, she rides the monkey rocker sex machine, which pounds her pink pussy with a dildo each time she rocks back and forth. Then she fingers her clit until Rodney shoots a huge load all over her red lips.

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