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Aleah & Nevada

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"Noisy, Nasty, Nookie!"

BBW cutie Aleah Paris and Rodney are making out on the couch. Aleah is wearing lingerie and heels. Next to them, Nevada LaRose is riding the monkey rocker, a rocking chair with a dildo attached. She keeps moaning loudly with pleasure, but Aleah and Rodney are trying to have a romantic, soft encounter. So, Aleah puts the ball gag on Nevada to quiet her down. But the ball gag just seems not to do the job. So Rodney tries an alternative technique to shut her up. He pulls down his pants, takes out the gag, and stuffs his cock in her mouth. Aleah sucks his huge dick, while Nevada gets to work licking his asshole. The girls work together to give Rodney a double blowjob, making out and squeezing each other's big titties along the way. Aleah plays with a vibrator on Nevada's pink pussy, while Rodney fucks Aleah in her tight hole. Nevada squeezes his balls while he smacks Aleah's big ass while ramming her. Rodney takes a moment to eat their asses out at the same time, as well as worship their feet. Nevada jerks Rodney's cock into Aleah's mouth until he blasts her face with a thick, creamy blast of jizz. Nevada licks up every drop.

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