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Sydney Screams

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"Step Daddy Has A Huge Cock"

Big and sexy Sydney Screams was poking around in her parents room and found photos of them having sex with other couples at a swingers party. She's shocked, but also intrigued, because her step dad's cock is so much bigger than her boyfriend's. She's never had a big dick in her out or in her pussy, and she can't help but want to try it out. So when step daddy Rodney grabs a seat next to her on the couch, she confronts him about the pictures. He worries that Sydney's mom would be terribly upset if she found out that her daughter Sydney knew about her secret sexcapades, and he begs her not to say anything. Well sneaky Sydney wants something in return"to see his huge uncut cock in real life. But if you give a hefty, horny girl an inch, she's going to take a mile, and before Rodney knows it, she's stroking it with both hands and licking the head. Soon, she's choking on his huge meat stick, and you can hear it hit the back of her throat. Stepdad Rodney can hardly believe what he's about to do next"bend her over, slip down her thong panties and take his step daughter from behind. He spanks her for being such a bad little girl and letting her daddy fuck her, then he flips her on her back so he can squeeze and shake her belly fat as he continues to penetrate her tight, pink pussy. After giving his little princess her first face fucking, Rodney bangs her chubby slit a little more before shooting a huge gob of glue all over her jiggling tummy.

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