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Paige London

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"Paige Gets A Big Fat Raise"

Pretty and plump Paige London just got a big raise at her sales firm and can't wait to celebrate with her husband! Just as she is wrapping up her day, janitor Rodney cums in to clean her desk. Tomorrow will be his last day on the job, and he figures this is final chance to hit on Ms. London before he retires for good. He surprises the seemingly shy (if you ignore her plunging neckline!) business woman by asking if he might see her incredible breasts. She flat out rejects him, but after he leaves, she can't stop imagining him manhandling her huge knockers. She gets really turned on and starts to wonder what it would be like for her--an executive with a six figure salary--to get down on her knees and suck the janitor's cock. She sucks and nuzzles his heavy balls until they are flushed with redness, and then attempts to put his gigantic dick inside her mouth. Her gorgeous blue eyes gaze up at Rodney as she kisses his swollen head and he beats off on her face. "How did you get that raise," Rodney asks, "Did you fuck your boss too?" For 10 years he has seen her climb the company ladder, and for 10 years he has fantasized about her humongous tatas. Now, he's fucking her fat pussy hard while squeezing and spanking them. Then, he shoves his schlong back down Paige's throat and spanks her jiggly butt with the broom. He even convinces her to lick his ass--something she never does with her husband or boss. Finally, Rodney makes Paige put her clothes back on before he shoots a huge load of hot, white cum all over her beautiful face.

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