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Miss Ling Ling

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"A Lesson in Discipline"

Miss Ling Ling is upset with new employee Rodney because he has ruined a whole batch of dildos at the sex toy factory by secretly changing a chemical component. So she calls him in to teach him a lesson in discipline and humiliation. She begins by making him take off his pants and jerk off for her--something he doesn't even do for his wife! As he strokes, Miss Ling Ling starts lightly rubbing his balls, confusing and exciting chemist Rodney! And when she swallows his throbbing member, it becomes apparent that the two have some chemistry of their own. Her messy blowjob no longer feels like punishment, and when she reveals her humongous knockers, it definitely starts to feel like a reward. In fact, Rodney makes out like a bandit when she bends him over and eats his asshole. Moaning with every lick, Miss Ling Ling cannot get enough of his butt. Next, she takes his feet in her hands and sucks on each toe. But then Rodney gets his turn to suck her nipples and fuck her titties, all the while sitting in her executive chair. A glutton for "punishment," Rodney gets his ass licked and his cock sucked by his boss until he shoots a huge load of his very own scientific concoction all over her panting tongue.

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