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Julie Rocket

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"Step Dad's Big Bad Girl"

Rockabilly babe Julie Rocket is joining step dad Rodney and her mom on their honeymoon. While Mom's away, Julie catches Rodney passed out with his pants around his ankles. Looks like he fell asleep after jerking off to porn while she was in the other room. His big, long, and uncut cock intrigues Julie. She's never played with an uncut cock before, so she starts touching it and sucking it. Rodney wakes up thinking it is his new bride, but when he realizes it is his stepdaughter, he can't stop her because it feels so good. Besides, she's so much better than her mom at it! So he grabs Julie by her ponytail and let's her go to work on his huge schlong. Unlike her mom, Julie is eager to lick his balls and even his asshole! And even though she is a natural born sucker, Rodney playfully spanks her on the butt for being a bad girl and slobbering on her step dad’s knob. Her big butt cheeks get nice and red, and still with his dick in her mouth, he grabs and spanks her soft titties. Then, he sits on her face so she can lick his balls and eat his man cave out at the same time. After Julie gives Rodney a nice, warm sponge bath with her tongue, she's ready for him to shoot a huge load of white stuff all over her pretty red lips.

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