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Devilyn & Piggy

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"Twice the Big Girls, Twice the Fun"

BBW babes Devilyn Redd and Piggy Stardust are stuck at home because their car won't start. Piggy calls step daddy Rodney, hoping he can cum to the rescue for these stranded sex kittens. Turns out, it's just a dead battery, and Rodney gets them up and running in no time. But the car engine isn't the only thing purring around here. Devilyn has a devilish idea about how to thank their knight in shining armor properly. Wearing only matching red hot bra and panties, she straddles her friend's dad and won't let him leave. Poor Rodney has no choice but to let the voluptuous girl slide down his pants and start slobbering on his huge meat stick in gratitude. Devilyn even convinces step daughter Piggy to take off her top, which causes Rodney to grow even bigger in her mouth. As he starts playing with his daughter's humongous titties, Piggy whispers to Devilyn, "This is the last time I tell you one of my fantasies." Turns out Piggy has been wanting to fuck daddy Rodney the whole time too. Twice the big girl means twice the fun, Rodney realizes, as he gets his dick sucked by Piggy and his ass eaten by Devilyn at the same time! Looks like Rodney has died and gone to BBW heaven! Next, he lines the girls up on the couch with their asses up so he can lick their butt holes side by side. Devilyn shoves Rodney's face into Piggy's huge butt cheeks, when he shows the slightest hesitation about fucking his step daughter's ass with his tongue. After the girls worship his balls and cock on their knees together, Rodney fucks Devilyn's pussy from behind while making intense eye contact with daughter Piggy. After a little rough housing, he shoots a huge daddy load all over her friend's butt crack. Piggy licks up every last drop before swapping cum with bestie Devilyn.

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