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Babsy Sheridan

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"Still Hungry For Cock"

Big girl Babsy Sheridan just finished a blow bang scene with a gang of guys, and Rodney was directing. She's still riding the monkey rocker, and her face and gigantic boobs are covered with five guys' jizz. Rodney quickly gets to work editing the scene, but Babsy still hasn't gotten enough dick for the day! When is she going to get to try Rodney's cock out?! The horny heavy girl begs to suck him off, and when she offers to eat his ass out too, he finally gives in. So he bends over the desk, and she spreads his cheeks wide. Still riding the rocking dildo, she sticks her tongue deep inside his man cave. He likes it too, because he grabs her head and pulls it even closer. Then, he turns around and lets her have a heaping helping of his thick cock. He holds her hair back while she chokes on his man meat. He pinches and smacks her huge nipples, causing her to moan. All the while, she is still riding the toy cock. Next, she licks and sucks his balls while jerking him off. She fits his entire sack in her juicy mouth at once! Then, she shakes her humongous knockers and rubs them against his balls. After lots of playful roughhousing and fucking her mouth upside down, he shoots a huge load into the submissive slut's mouth. She spits it back all over her gigantic titties.

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