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Angel DeLuca

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"Let Me Entertain Goo"

Big and beautiful businesswoman Angel DeLuca is pissed off that the internet in her hotel room isn't working. She complains to the front desk, and they send up poor schmuck Rodney to tell her it won't be back on for another 2 to 3 hours. Well, what's a busy woman like Angel supposed to do in the meantime? Rodney suggests that she watches TV or tries out the pool, but she's got something else in mind. She wants Rodney to entertain her instead. The dominant debbie throws lanky Rodney on the bed and sits on his face. She scolds him for his poor service, and she can hardly even understand what he mumbles back because his face is smushed below her fat pussy. She sits upon her throne like a queen. Her beautiful brown hair and humongous boobies are a sight to see, but Rodney's still stuck underneath, gasping for breath. She turns around and shakes her huge ass cheeks in his face, causing his head to bobble around. She tells him to lick harder, and then she pulls out his dick to see if it is worthy enough to fuck her. She's not impressed, but Rodney thinks it's pretty big. She starts sucking on his cock, and she drools all over her enormous titties. She makes a huge mess all over herself, and she orders Rodney to clean it up. On his knees, he licks her massive knockers clean. Next, she commands him to clean her feet, pussy, and ass with his mouth. She jiggles her butt cheeks around his face, and, at last, she lets him fuck her. He sucks her matronly nipples, but right before he is going to cum, Angel stops. She keeps tormenting him with edging after edging, until she finally jerks him to completion. Rodney explodes with a whopping cum shot all over her plump lips.

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