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Alice Doe

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"Fear Of Flying"

Cute and curvy Alice Doe cums to Dr. Rodney for help with her fear of flying. He suggests that they use a focusing technique to help her overcome her anxiety. He tells her to visualize that she is giving a guy head so that she can calm down. He even suggests that she strip down to her bra and panties so that the exercise will be as life-like as possible. On her knees, she starts sucking her thumb, but it just won't work. She needs the real thing. So the Doc whips out his huge cock, and the wide-eyed big girl starts blowing him. Her mascara runs down her cheeks while she chokes on his long shaft. Then, Rodney tries another remedy for her flying phobia--fucking her doggystyle. He spanks her big ass cheeks while he pounds her, leaving red marks on her pale bottom. Finally, he attempts one last trick to calm her psyche. If the others haven't worked, this one surely will. Ass eating. The freckled flirt gets nose deep in his ass before he shoots a huge load of spunk all over her smiling face.

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