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Alexxxis Allure

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"Hot & Steamy Cream Pie"

BBWcon’s 2016 BBW of the Year Alexxxis Allure returns to Scale Bustin Babes with her hottest scene yet! The blue haired babe has cum along with stepdaddy Rodney and her mom, his new wife, on their honeymoon. She's staying in the adjacent room, and she just loves using the steam shower between them. In fact, she's super horny right now and could go for a hot mist. Uh oh! Rodney is already in the shower steaming. And naughty Alexxxis just can't help herself and grabs an eyeful. Then, to daddy's disbelief, she strips completely and jumps right in with him. She whispers in his ear, "We don't have to tell anyone…plus it's good for the environment!" That’s enough to convince the dirty stepdad, so Rodney starts shoves his thick dick into her squishy belly button, right then and there. Next, his stepdaughter drops her knees and starts sucking his big cock and playing with his balls. Both of the kinky cheaters notice how good the steam feels on their assholes…almost as good as each other’s tongues. Rodney squeezes her huge titties and belly as he sucks on her sensitive nipples. At last, he sticks his cock in her wet box and bangs her on the outdoor couch. Only moments later, he punishes her with a spanking for being such a slut. He even gets her back into the shower, so she can wash and shake all the shame off of her big belly. But once she’s clean, he just soils her pierced pussy again with a messy cream pie.

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