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Aleah Paris

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"Big Swingin Dick"

Cute BBW Aleah Paris is working for Rodney at his investment-advising firm. It's a pretty hot day at the office, so he's relaxed the dress code. No dresses, no bras, no underwear. Just high heels! Rodney's also got some strange tasks for his big girl employee. Dick sucking! When he walks up to her glass desk, she knows exactly what to do. The pretty girl with dimple piercings smiles as she begins to devour Rodney's huge cock. "It can hardly fit in my mouth," she exclaims excitedly. Then, Rodney lays her back on the couch so he can get a good look at her fat, shaved pussy. Of course he's gonna do much more than just look at it! He pounds her wet box so hard that her thick thighs jiggle around him. She squeezes her breast together, and her eyes grow wide as he gives her everything he's got. Then, he flips her over and punishes her from behind. He spanks her big ass while fucking her doggystyle. She pushes back into him as he scratches her pale ass cheeks, leaving red nail marks behind. Their chemistry and rhythm is incredible. It's as if Aleah is having one humongous orgasm the entire time! After taking a ride in Rodney's lap, she kneels before him. At last, he paints her freckled face with a ton of yummy man goo!

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