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Vennomous One

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"Big Dream-Big Cream"

The voluptuous Vennomous One spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, working behind a computer. What her officemates don't know is that she spends most of this time fantasizing about being dancer at a BBW strip club. She imagines the way the men would look at her as she dances in front of them. The way they would stroke their cocks in excitement as she licked her gigantic nipples. Seated behind her desk, she slips down her top and begins rubbing and sucking on her gargantuan knockers. Now, completely lost in a dream state, she visualizes a man smacking her massive mammaries and jiggling her huge belly. She also thinks about how much she loves sucking cock, how she loves feeling it get hard in her mouth. She envisions him grabbing her ponytail as she licks his balls and swallows his shaft. This buxom babe also buries her face in his asshole, before rubbing her boobs on his nuts and titty fucking him. In reality, she has her legs spread wide on her desk, fingering her sweet pussy and picturing swallowing a hot, sticky load of cum. But this hungry harlot isn't satisfied until she sucks out every last drop, and she even goes back to work with jizz all over pretty face.

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