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Lila Lovely

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"The Janitor Always Cums Thrice"

Curvy Lila Lovely is one sexy VP but she's pretty mean too, always bossing around poor Rodney, the janitor. She's also got a dirty little secret, she has another job as an erotic masseuse. And what do you know, one day Rodney stumbles upon Lila at this other job. Lila shoos him away and threatens not to tell anyone at the company or else he'll lose his job. But soon he figures out how to turn the tables on her. He wants his massage or he'll tell everyone in the office about her other profession. Lila has no choice but do satisfy Rodney's every need including calling him "Sir." She rubs down his body and strokes his cock. She even agrees to lick his ass. Before long she's on her knees, taking his dick deep down her throat. She even starts begging Rodney to bang her. They fuck and suck each other hot and heavy. Rodney buries his face between her massive highs as he licks her pussy. Then he grabs her big fat ass while he pounds her hard doggy style. He deposits a huge load inside her pretty pink pussy. The next day at the office, when Rodney comes in to clean, he whips out his cock and shoves it in her face. She sucks him off again until he spews a huge wad of goo all over her face and glasses.

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